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Cottagecore wallpaper // 5 great ideas to cottagecore your walls

20 May 2021


Style your home with a Cottagecore wallpaper and join 2021’s hottest interior design trend !  This fabulous new design look reflects our growing desire to return to our roots, get back to nature and take pleasure from the simple things. Our need to rediscover the good life transcends into the home as the aptly named Cottagecore aesthetic – an eclectic mix of floral patterns and prints designed to evoke a countryside vibe, and bought together with a modern Grannychic styling.  Move away from minimalism and choose a Cottagecore wallpaper with bold floral patterns to transform your home into a rural sanctuary.

A patterned wallpaper is quintessential to the Cottagecore aesthetic, so here’s a selection of our favourite Cottagecore wallpaper designs. Which will take you away to a rural idyll? 



Go Flower Power With Cottagecore wallpaper  

The essence of Cottagecore is to escape the urban environment and bring the charm of the countryside into your home.  What better way to do that than with flowers, and thus floral wallpaper is essential to the Cottagecore aesthetic. But get creative!  Choose a Cottagecore wallpaper with an oversize abstract flower design to add impact to a space.  

Could this English Rose wallpaper design be the perfect Cottagecore wallpaper design for your interior? This stunning floral wallpaper features abstract flowers created with bold painterly strokes which adds depth to the scene. The audacious flowers are calmed by the modern pastel colour palette – the soft grey background showcases the pastel pink and yellow blooms. Bring this modern Cottagecore wallpaper look into a bedroom or dining space and tie the décor together with harmonious soft furnishings


Pastel Beautiful Abstract Flower Wallpaper
Image credit: Shutterstock/Rakic

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Bringing the pattern to Cottagecore wallpaper

Playing with pattern is key when choosing a Cottagecore wallpaper – you can choose from oversize floral prints all the way through to small scale ditsy flower designs. So why not dial down the scale with this vintage inspired Albion wall mural design?  Here, the colours are earth toned allowing the intricate repeat pattern to be the focal point. The retro flower motif features a series of frond and floral blossoms highlighted with a metallic burnish to create a touch of luxury. Yes, the Cottagecore aesthetic is all about simplicity but choosing a Cottagecore wallpaper that has a stunning metallic element such as this design will add a touch of luxe to your interior décor. 

This highly detailed floral wallpaper pattern can be either mimicked or contrasted on other soft furnishings such as the curtains to create a mix and match of patterns. Style this Cottagecore wallpaper with reclaimed furniture to complete the rustic feel to your space.


Grey & Silver Vintage Pattern Wall Mural
Image credit: Shutterstock/Jafara

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Choose a Cottagecore wallpaper with a vibrant pop of colour

Although a Cottagecore wallpaper can look fabulous in a muted colour palette, it is not all about neutral tones. Don’t be afraid to be bold and playful by adding a pop of vibrant colour to your space. Does this floral wallpaper create a vibrant Cottagecore look in your home? The rich floral repeat pattern unfurls across the wallpaper creating a trellis of vintage rose blooms. But what makes this a true Cottagecore wallpaper is the contemporary striking yellow background punctuated with contrasting pop art spots. The mix of retro flowers and vivid colour takes this pattern from conventional to eye-catching. 

So why not incorporate this Cottagecore wallpaper into your bedroom,  accent with furniture in coordinating yellow colours and wake up feeling truly energized!


Yellow & Pink Contemporary Floral Design Wallpaper
Image credit: Shutterstock/Jafara

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Get the drama with oversize floral Cottagecore wallpaper

Could this be any more fabulously floral?  When we think of Cottagecore wallpaper, we think of feminine florals, vintage prints and shabby chic designs.  But there is another way to get the Cottagecore look. Why not take the traditional florals and update it with an abstract twist? Our Dahlia Blossom wallpaper mural embraces the floral look to the max with stunning outlines of oversize flowers that seem to nearly pop out from the wall. 

Scale is important here, the flowers command your attention, yet they are softened by the abstract cloud effect in the background. Repeat this floral pattern on select soft furnishings and colour tone your furniture with your Cottagecore wallpaper for a modern twist.



Pastel Floral Cloud Wall Mural
Image credit: Photographee

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Set the scene with Cottagecore wallpaper

When we think of a Cottagecore wallpaper, we might assume only floral design can get us that traditional look.  But why not be literal and get the look with Cottagecore wallpaper featuring a traditional bucolic countryside scene? Paint a tranquil picture in your living room by fusing the romantic melancholy of the English countryside with the vintage glory of the Toile de Jouy style. 

Our Swan wallpaper mural epitomizes rural idyll of the traditional Cottagecore aesthetic.  The trees reflect in the lake as a swan drifts elegantly across our gaze,  gliding from one side of the mere to the other.  How wonderful that something as simple as a Cottagecore wallpaper can transport us to this delightful idyll. Let your eyes meander the scene then gaze off into the distance..


Brown Toile De Jouy Wallpaper Mural
Image credit: Ume Illustration

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Modernising tradition with a Cottagecore wallpaper  

Thus we see how Cottagecore wallpapers, in their varied guises, can help us achieve the perfect rural look. Large abstract floral wallpapers, smaller floral prints, or even a bucolic country scene can have the desired effect and transport us from the realities of the day to day and take us to a rural idyll. 

Embrace the Cottagecore aesthetic and escape to the country with us…


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