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Create a Unique Space with These Bedroom Wallpaper Ideas

Looking to transport your bedroom from uninspired to spectacular without too much effort? If so, modern bedroom wallpaper could become your new best friend. Wallpaper, especially mural wallpaper for bedroom décor, is a fantastic way to tell a story, and to imprint your personality into your sleeping quarters.

Whether you’re looking to create a peaceful haven surrounded by elegant subtlety, or you’re more for dramatic décor and inspirational, wow-factor interior design, wallpaper provides the versatility to let you achieve precisely what you desire.

Your bedroom, your space

Your bedroom is your own personal space. A place where you can allow yourself to truly express your personality. Whether it’s through colours, patterns or scenic backdrops that tell your story, think of your bedroom as your stage, and your bedroom wallpaper as your own, personally crafted set.

From bold, bright colourful walls that signify fun and frolics, to nature-inspired backdrops that take you on a mindful journey, there will always be a bedroom wallpaper that will align with your unique style. All revved up and ready for more? Read on for our top bedroom wallpaper ideas to rouse your inner design spirit.

Create a feature wall

A feature wall is a great way to create a focal point within your sleep space.

If your bedroom is blessed with architectural features, such as a fireplace, a chimney breast, an alcove, a picture window or a Juliet balcony, you can use wallpaper to create an accent around them, showcasing their intrinsic beauty in the process. Here, the cherry blossom wallpaper in peach creates a romantic atmosphere and complements the rustic beams on the ceiling.

romantic cherry blossom wallpaper for bedroom
Showcase features such as wooden beams by creating a bedroom wallpaper accent wall.

Feature walls are also an excellent way to define zones. So for example in a bedroom, you may have a dressing area, an open walk-in wardrobe, or perhaps a study space. Choose a wallpaper that contrasts with the rest of your bedroom décor to help define that space. Here, the dark tropical animal wallpaper creates a dramatic backdrop to the bed.

tropical bedroom wallpaper
Define a backdrop for the bed by using a bedroom wallpaper feature wall.

Mural wallpaper for bedroom walls makes an ideal choice for feature wall projects. One thing is certain when creating accent walls… they need to be positively eye-catching. This is one of those occasions when subtlety just won’t do. But with mural bedroom wallpaper, you’ll always achieve dramatic effect.

mural wallpaper for bedroom
Create a sense of drama with mural wallpaper for bedroom walls, such as this tranquil forest that captures beautifully the essence of a late autumn day.

Zephyr – Day by La Feature Wall Murals

bedroom wallpaper ideas
Soft abstract wall murals create a relaxing atmosphere in a bedroom.

Mystic Teal Metallic – Teal by Jen Merli

One of the most natural places to create a feature wall in a bedroom has to be behind the bedhead. Accentuate a grand headboard, match or complement bedding, or showcase a statement bed with an accent wall. This is one of those bedroom wallpaper ideas where you can go as bold or fussy as you like, because those big patterns will all be behind you as you relax in your bed. The dark peacock wallpaper creates a majestic background for a simple bed.

dark peacock wallpaper bedroom
Make a feature of your bed, bedding or bedstead with an eye-catching bedroom wallpaper design.

Be at one with nature

Nature is widely proven to positively impact well-being. Even viewing scenes of nature can reduce anger, fear and stress, and induce feelings of calm.

Exposure to natural scenes not only enhances your emotional mood, it is also said to contribute to your physical well-being, easing muscle tension, reducing the production of stress hormones and bringing down blood pressure.

So when it comes to wallpaper ideas for bedroom walls, why not think about introducing a spot of nature into the room? From butterflies, birds and blooms to full forest murals, there is plenty to choose from in the realms of modern bedroom wallpaper for nature lovers.

wallpaper ideas for bedroom nature inspired
Adorn your bedroom walls with a soothing scene of butterflies, birds and blooms.

Hedgerow – Saffron by Feathr

Bedroom wallpaper ideas nature
Bring the essence of Lake Windermere into your bedroom with these warm, welcoming colours.

Windermere Bloom – Original by Jessica Wilde

Bedroom wallpaper ideas
Capture the breaking of the winter silence with this thought-provoking scene from a Nordic forest.

Ornament – Sky Blue by Tamara Piiola

tiger wallpaper bedroom feature wall
Bring the exotic in as you lose yourself in this beautiful panther mural wallpaper for bedroom walls.

Panther wall mural for bedroom accent walls

Get all loved up with romantic bedroom wallpaper

Romantic interior design is popular because it has the power to make a room feel elegant, warm, cosy and comfortable.

If you are looking to channel some soft, feminine energy into your bedroom, then romantic bedroom wallpaper is just what you’re going to need. But what exactly defines romantic design wallpaper?

Think floral prints and anything bursting with blossom, and you’ll be close to instilling that sense of romanticism into your sleeping quarters.

romantic bedroom wallpaper
The romantic floral feel created by gradually building blooms will bring a calming presence into any bedroom.

Lost Garden – Sandstone by La Feature Wall Murals

Japanese Sakura bedroom wallpaper
These Japanese Sakura blooms, ever so pretty in pink, are perfect for introducing a feminine colour palette into your bedroom.

Cherry Blossom – Pink by Joanna Charlotte

romantic bedroom wallpaper floral design
Relax and admire the pretty birds perched atop the meandering flower stems as this romantic bedroom wallpaper creates a truly elegant feature wall.

Dacha – Cream by Feathr

Nothing says romance more than soft pampas grass bedroom wallpaper, especially when the look is completed by soft linen bedding.

Pampas Grass wall mural creates a feature wall in a bedroom

Thinking bedroom wallpaper ideas? Think Feathr.

Here at Feathr, our aim is to get more art into people’s homes courtesy of unique, luxury modern wallpapers, wall murals and fabrics created by independent artists from across the world.

Looking to be inspired by modern bedroom wallpaper? Our excellent free design services, fast worldwide delivery, high-quality materials and top-rated customer service and commitment to protecting our environment mean you are guaranteed to be delighted by any bedroom wallpaper from Feathr.

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