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Dining Room Wallpaper – The Ultimate Guide

How can you introduce a dining room wallpaper into your décor to elevate your room? The dining room offers a space for the family to gather and eat together, sharing news of their day and how it went. It can also be the venue for a romantic candlelit meal or a simple breakfast of cereal and toast before work.

With so many culinary possibilities to bear, it’s no wonder some people are stumped by the challenge of how to decorate that room. Fortunately, we can lend our expertise on this topic. With plenty of designer wallpaper options to choose from, it’s far easier than you’d believe to create a relaxing, romantic, and refined space everyone can enjoy.


Exploring the many possibilities with dining room wallpaper.

It might help to begin by thinking about the dining room space you’re decorating. If you can strip off the existing wallpaper and empty the room before you begin, so much the better. You may have an idea of the look you’re going for – anything from modern and quirky to traditional or more formal. However, it is always much easier to visualise alternative designs when standing in an empty room.

However, regardless of how you begin this decorative journey, you need to consider various elements:

  • Room dimensions
  • Room layout
  • Available space
  • The table and chairs you’re going to use

These are the most basic elements, yet each one lends itself to suggest certain types of luxury wallpaper. We can see this most clearly with a dining room table and chairs. A modern glass and metal set would work beautifully with modern wallpaper. Meanwhile, a traditional polished wooden dining table would suit a more refined and classical look.

A lot depends on whether you’re keeping your existing table and chairs. If not, you’ve automatically got more types of luxury wallpaper that would work in your space. Now is the time to be bold! If you feel it’s time to get rid of the traditional dining table and choose something strikingly modern, you could do the same with your dining room wallpaper too. Or, of course, the other way around.


Brown Cherry Blossom Wallpaper Hero Image
Image credit: Shutterstock/Jafara

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Choose a luxury wallpaper to suit your space

Another talking point should be the level of detail you’ll see in the wallpaper. Do you want something abstract? These designer wallpaper options let the mind go free to imagine what’s there. They supply an incredible backdrop to any meal, regardless of colour scheme, company, or other details in the room.

Conversely, you could go up close to see far more detail in larger images that make something far bigger than it would be in life. Imagine flowers and branches reaching out across your dining room walls, for example. It would surely be difficult to resist examining the detail there, albeit on a much bigger scale than you’re familiar with. And the scale does make for an alternative appearance, no matter the colour, the shade, or the design.

Consider other elements of the room too. If the dining room has large windows and always receives plenty of light, you can be bolder with a darker design. If there is less light during the day, a lighter design would be better, even if there are darker elements entwined within it too. Think about when you use the room, whether it is just in the evening or throughout the day.


Pink & Blue Meadow Flower Dining room Wall Mural
Image credit: Shutterstock/FollowTheFlow

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Create a dining room wallpaper feature wall

Another aspect we’ve yet to cover is whether your dining room has a feature wall. Is there a fireplace or a chimney breast? Does one wall naturally lend itself to a wall mural, for example? This makes an even bigger statement, especially if you go for a striking luxury wallpaper design. Bolder designs tend to suit these walls well. However, many dining room wallpaper designs look superb when covering all the walls of the room. Only you know how your room looks and how it might look with ether approach in play.

Speaking of bold, you should also think about whether you’d like your dining room wallpaper to be bold or subtle. There are many shades and colours to consider, of course – but colours don’t need to be bold to work in this scenario. You could easily choose a bold design that uses pastel shades, for example. You might spot a wall mural using giant flowers in pastel shades to give a striking look without making the room too dark.


Pastel Beautiful Cloud Dinning Room Wall Mural
Image credit: Shutterstock/Lilsagh

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Which dining room wallpaper is ‘you’ ?

One of our favourite approaches to dining room décor is to choose something quite light for the walls. This means we can choose the soft furnishings and trimmings to suit the occasion. Even if there are darker shades involved in the dining room wallpaper, they can be kept to a small percentage of the overall design. Even the most abstract designs are perfect for mixing light and medium shades, while lending support to any colour scheme you may choose.

Don’t be fooled, though – there are many ways to approach this most unique of spaces. You may find it easier to add your creative stamp on this room above all others. Think about whether to go large or small with the images in the design. Think about your favourite colours and shades. Consider whether abstract and subtle is more ‘you’ or whether this is the time to make a splash. This is the room to become bolder with, even if you wouldn’t take that approach in any other room of your home.

Read on to see our top picks for the perfect dining room wallpaper….


Keziah Night dining room wallpaper 

Artist Florent Bodart created the Keziah Night dining wallpaper, which has been inspired by vintage tiles and reimagined in a modern style. The grey modern geometric designer wallpaper has a light grey background with darker grey geometric shapes playing on top. It has a sleek feel that fits a variety of rooms, but works perfectly as a modern dining room wallpaper design.


Grey Modern Geometric Designer Wallpaper
Image credit: Shutterstock/FollowTheFlow

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Albus III luxury pink wall mural

Unashamedly romantic, the Albus III wall mural features the signature florals from artist Claire Luxton’s new Botanica collection. The original artwork was created using photography, mounted on aluminium and acrylic, hand finished with overlying resin. This luxury wall mural is a great choice for a dining room wallpaper as it brings a soft, romantic overtone to an eating area. Choose pink soft furnishings to match this dining room wallpaper and bring the room together in floral fusion.       


Pink Elegant Nature Floral Wall Mural
Image credit: Shutterstock/PhotographeeEU

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Misty Beach 2 dining room wallpaper

The Misty Beach II dining room wallpaper by artist Reeta Ek is designed to create the feel of standing along the beach watching the waves roll in off the sea. Be taken straight to autumn on the Baltic coast with the sound of waves breaking on shingles through a thick fog. The warm brown & white abstract designer wallpaper has asymmetrical stripes of paint that range from dark honey hues into shades closer to white. Why not replicate or contrast the abstract stripes in this dining room wallpaper throughout your space? 


Cream & White Abstract Minimalist Stripe Wallpaper
Image credit: Shutterstock/Jafara

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Tempestas designer wallpaper mural

If you’ve ever dreamed of floating up into the clouds, Tempestas dining room wallpaper mural can make that closer to reality than you ever imagined. This pastel beautiful cloud wallpaper mural is more than a caricature of the sky. It blends dozens of whites, blues, and pinks to truly make you feel as if you’re existing in the air. It’s a fantastic choice for spaces such as a dining room where people enjoy can spending time together in a relaxed environment.


Pastel Beautiful Cloud Dinning Room Wall Mural
Image credit: Shutterstock/Lilsagh

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Floral Meadow dining room wall mural

Created to offer a glimpse of a forest indoors, Floral Meadow dining room wallpaper brings together light hues to create a relaxing aesthetic in any modern home. The cream floral meadow wall mural features tall trees with detailed leaves that add a sense of calm relaxation to a dining room. Anyone who enjoys nature and wants to experience it even when working, socializing or eating in their dining space will appreciate the design of this wallpaper mural.


Cream Floral Meadow Dining room Wall Mural
Image credit: Shutterstock/Yuri-U

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Cherry Blossom luxury wallpaper

Surrender to the calm and serenity of Sakura blooms with the Cherry Blossom dining room wallpaper by contemporary artist Joanna Charlotte. This beautiful Sakura wallpaper is perfect as a bedroom wallpaper, but also creates a gorgeous romantic dining room. In its Vintage White colour, the Cherry Blossom wallpaper has a warm white background with grey and teal floral highlights.


White Cherry Blossom Dining Room Wallpaper
Image credit: Shutterstock/Yuri_U

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Meadow Geranium designer wallpaper mural

Flowers cross in front of each other in hues of blue and pink when gazing upon Meadow Geranium wallpaper mural. This is a pink & blue meadow flower dining room mural that takes a traditional style and adds a touch of the abstract to bring it into the modern world. The flower leaves add lightness to the space while the background complements contemporary furniture.


Pink & Blue Meadow Flower Dining room Wall Mural
Image credit: Shutterstock/FollowTheFlow

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Verbena luxury wallpaper mural

Verbena dining room wallpaper mural features gorgeous flowers that seem to be enveloped in the early morning fog. This mural blends white, greys, and blacks together to create detailed flowers in a fanciful fantasy forest. The grey & white abstract floral wall mural almost seems overlaid with smoke but manages to show the majesty of the flowers underneath. This stunning wallpaper mural offers a glimpse of the world outside without ever leaving your dining room.


Grey & White Abstract Floral Wall Mural Hero Image
Image credit: Shutterstock/Jafara

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Sand luxury dining room wall mural

A dreamy sage watercolour dining room wallpaper, with fine detailing in the abstract ombre wash that drifts across the top of the mural. With its subtle and relaxing colours, this is the perfect ombre wall mural for a dining room as its subtle colour palette can sit gently behind bold statement furniture.  Could this be the best choice dining room wallpaper giving us a modern yet tempered backdrop? 


Green Ombre Dining Room Wallpaper Mural
Image credit: Shutterstock/CreativeWonder

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Cherry Blossom designer dining room wallpaper

Bring the delicate and calming influence of the Sakura bloom into your home with this designer dining room wallpaper. The cherry blossom fronds fall delicately from the ceiling allowing the eye the space to appreciate statement dining room furniture below.  This stunning dining room wallpaper creates a subtle balance within a room through both its composition and gentle colour palette. This dining room wallpaper makes a statement without needing to command the space. 


Brown Cherry Blossom Wallpaper Hero Image
Image credit: Shutterstock/Jafara

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Creating the right atmosphere with luxurious dining room wallpaper

It’s possible to be a little bolder when choosing a dining room wallpaper – bolder than you might be if decorating a lounge or less formal space. The trick is to find the luxury wallpaper that allows you to realise that boldness in whichever way you desire.

Whether welcoming friends or eating with family any day of the week, your dining room is a space to enjoy and relax in. There are numerous designer wallpaper options to think about when it comes time to revamp your dining room. It’s possible to make sure it becomes a talking point for all the best reasons, so why not think about how you can do that in your dining room today?


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