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Feature Wall Ideas /// Over 50 Stunning Wallpapers for Statement & Accent Walls

Your walls are a blank canvas, waiting to tell a story, set a mood, and create a stunning focal point in your living space. Whether you call them feature walls, accent walls or statement walls, they’re a great place to let your creative vision fly free.  It’s space to impress, challenge, experiment and bring energy and beauty into the room.  

We’ve pulled together our pick of the OVER 40 ideas to really make that statement wall make a statement – all from our exclusive range of feature wallpapers. See how they can breathe life into any room.


>> See more Oh La La shabby chic feature wall mural images

Based on an original artwork by renowned American abstact artist Kiki Slaughter, Oh La La makes for a truly beautiful feature wall.  Painted by Slaughter with her trademark technique of pouring, layering and scraping paint across a canvas to create the organic texture of her artworks.  Winner of Surface of the Year 2017 at the World Interior News Awards.

Blue Distressed Shabby Chic Wall Mural hero image


>> See more Kubla Khan beautiful chinoiserie wallpaper images

A beautiful Chinoiserie wallpaper, featuring exotic animals and cherry flower blossoms climbing a subtly distressed wall.

Available in 6 different shades, the delicate shabby chic colours create the perfect backdrop for the delicate floral pattern. A stunning choice for a living room, hallway or bedroom floral accent wall.

Yellow Beautiful Chinoiserie Wallpaper hero image


>> See more Persian Leopard dark blue leopard wallpaper images

Bring a touch of exotic jungle life into your home with this dark blue Persian Leopard wallpaper. Featuring lush oversize palm fronds and a stunningly detailed hand-drawn leopard, coordinated into a motif reminiscent of art deco wallpapers. The rich dark blue colours of the background provide the perfect backdrop to this exotic animal wallpaper. A fabulous tropical jungle statement wall mural.

dark blue leopard wallpaper


>> See more Mystic teal abstract feature wall mural images

A stunning abstract wallpaper mural by painter Jen Merli, with intricate detailing shown in the gold colour that flashes across the teal and grey watercolour background.  Use this on a feature wall for a real wow factor.

teal abstract feature wall mural


>> See more Monkey with Birds exotic bird monkey jungle mural images

This luscious tropical wallpaper mural was created by artist Karina Eibatova. Amongst the palm fronds and exotic flowers you’ll find delightfully detailed illustrations of hornbill birds, monkeys, flamingos and all manner of exotic flora and fauna. Create an exotic tropical feeling in your home with this gorgeous jungle statement wallpaper.

exotic bird monkey jungle mural


>> See more Lustrous Rose romantic silver floral wall mural images

In this dramatic silver metallic floral wallpaper mural, blooms are set against an abstract background that moves from hints of bronze through to soft greys and mute greens.

Romantic silver floral wall mural


>> See more Waiting to Surface contemporary blue ocean wallpaper mural images

Shades of deep indigo and shimmering blue inks are layered together in this contemporary sea wallpaper mural. Hints of iridescent violet peak through the water’s white foamy waves near the shore. Bring a feel of the deep blue ocean to your home with this modern seascape wall mural..

contemporary blue ocean wallpaper mural


>> See more Windermere Bloom green floral wallpaper mural images

Soft sages and light lilacs capture the autumn blooms around the shores of Lake Windermere. With warm, welcoming colours this floral wallpaper mural is suited to any room in the house, from bathroom to bedroom.

Green floral wallpaper mural


>> See more Warm Jungle World fun jungle animal wallpaper mural images

This jungle wallpaper mural, with its rich tropical world full of exotic flora and fauna was created using mixed media techniques to create a lush landscape featuring exotic birds, animals and flowers. If you are looking for a fun exotic animal theme feature wall this wallpaper mural has that exuberant jungle feel.

fun jungle animal wallpaper mural


>> See more Shadows of the Deep deep blue sea wallpaper mural images

The original artwork for this deep blue sea wallpaper mural was painted by artist Melissa Renee. This mural features navy blue ink along with soft iridescent mica powder and white frothy pigment which capture perfectly the energy of the sea.  This multi-layered, multi-dimensional sea wallpaper mural would make a breathtaking accent wall in a bedroom or living room.

deep blue sea wallpaper mural


>> See more Worsley Woodland silver woodland wallpaper mural images

In Worsley Woodland wallpaper mural a silvery lake shimmers with the reflection of the woodlands set in the rolling Lancashire countryside.  With its luxurious metallic detailing, soft shades and gentle transition from lake to land, this forest wall mural is perfectly suited to calming spaces.

Silver woodland wallpaper mural


>> See more Roma Lacio vintage damask stone wallpaper mural images

A stunning vintage damask stone wall mural that captures the magic that is so unique to Rome – the mix of glorious classical architecture with emotive ruins and decay. With its vintage damask motifs and artfully distressed urban textures, the Roma Lacio wall mural will bring a touch of la dolce vita to an accent wall in your home.

classic luxury wallpaper for walls


>> See more Island Life ocean beach wallpaper mural images

This ocean and beach inspired seascape wallpaper mural is layered with soft hues of aqua and white pigments. A cool-toned color palette was used to create this serene, modern, multi-dimensional painting. To add to the drama hints of sparkle can be found in the soft washes of white foamy waves near the shore. Choose this ombre ocean beach wall mural to bring soft calming vibes to an accent wall.

ocean beach wallpaper mural


>> See more Calm Waters silver forest wallpaper mural images

The Calm Waters metallic wallpaper mural imagines branches and leaves draped across the edge of lake, all bathed in a soft light that accentuates the soft metallic silver and sage that form this beautiful wallpaper mural.

 Silver forest wallpaper mural


>> See more Zarafa cream black floral wallpaper mural images

The romantic cream blooms of the Zarafa floral wallpaper mural are set against a moody dark background, creating a beautiful flower mood wall mural.  Created by Jessica Wilde, an artist and surface pattern designer with a passion for ‘biophilia’, the concept that as humans we have an innate need to connect with nature.

 Cream black floral wallpaper mural


>> See more Catch me in the Caymans abstract sea wallpaper mural images

Caribbean blue, and silver metallic pigments along with turquoise and Aruba blue mica powders come together to create soft washes of translucent waves in this stunning sea wallpaper mural.  Hints of sparkle can be found in the white foamy mist near the shore of this serene seascape giving depth to this abstract wall mural . The gentle ombre effect wall art will create a calming accent feature wall.

abstract sea wallpaper mural


>> See more Botanical Storm green floral abstract wallpaper mural images

A dreamy floral abstract wall mural, featuring a warm wash of jade green texture set against metallic silver botanics, whose leaves drape down across the mural. A wonderful dramatic mood wall mural.

Green floral abstract wallpaper mural


>> See more Tender Oil  shabby chic Americana wall mural images

With a nod to classic Americana style, the Tender Oil vintage wall mural captures the look of the kind of ad you might see on a road trip on Route 66. The shabby chic retro writing and distressed paint effect would bring a touch of vintage America to a feature wall.

Brown & Red Shabby Chic Americana Wall Mural hero image


>> See more Sparkling Sea sparkling blue sea wallpaper mural images

A  love for the deep inspired this beautiful blue sea wallpaper mural.  Once, when swimming in the ocean, artist Karina Eibatova  was so inspired by the blue and turquoise colours and the sparkles on the waves that she decided to capture this sensation in the painting.

Originally created with watercolours, this sparkling sea wallpaper mural reminds us of the magic when the sunlight meets the ocean. This sea wall mural creates a mellow accent wall feature.

sparkling blue sea wallpaper mural


>> See more Morning Dew abstract forest accent wall mural images

A subtle mood piece, the Morning Dew wall mural adds the misty hues of a forest to your home.  Choose this as a feature wall if you want a subtle and soft look, whether in the calm blues and greens of the Day colour variant or the impressive hues of the Sunrise variant.

abstract forest accent wall mural


>> See more Birds Birds exotic tropical bird wallpaper images

If you’re a lover of exotic tropical birds then this is the wallpaper mural for you. Amongst the winding jungle foliage, you’ll find hornbills, cockatoos and parakeets set amongst beautifully detailed floral illustrations. The large tropical leaves in shades of green and purple add to the tropical feel of this statement wall mural.  The on trend grey mist background adds an additional touch of style and luxury.


>> See more Blue Lagoon contemporary blue sea wallpaper mural  images

This modern seascape wallpaper mural is layered with soft blue hues and light silver metallic pigments. Shimmering iridescent mica powder adds a hint of sparkle in the foamy white waves. The cool toned color palette creates a beautifully serene, multi-dimensional seascape, a perfect contemporary ocean ambience.

contemporary blue sea wallpaper mural


>> See more Lost in Goa Grey vintage jungle feature wall mural images

A stunning vintage jungle scene of palms and verdant undergrowth.  A wild beast approaches a babbling stream to drink, before hiding back in the foliage – all captured in an on trend vintage illustration style.  A fantastic choice as a feature wall.

vintage jungle feature wall mural
feathr wallpaper seen as in


>> See more Americana vintage americana wall mural images

Get a slice of vintage america with this Americana wall mural. Industrial textures and shabby chic detailing mix with vintage text to create a wall mural evocative of period American history. Perfect to create a retro feel statement wall

vintage americana wall mural


>> See more Sea View ombre sea beach wallpaper images

Calming seaside vibes are probably your first reaction to this ombre sea wallpaper by artist Karina Eibatova. But dive deeper in and you’ll find warm teals, sea foam blues and ochre sand shades. Create a statement bedroom wall with this relaxing tonal wallpaper  – go from the beach, to the sea, to the sky and beyond.

ombre sea beach wallpaper


>> See more Summer Fields floral statement wall mural images

An achingly romantic vintage floral wall mural, with hazy summer flowers set against a vintage photographic paper.  With its subtle marks and distressed textures, this is a fantastic choice as a feature wall mural.

floral statement wall mural


>> See more Blue Hawaiian modern ocean wallpaper mural images

This modern, glossy, ocean inspired wallpaper mural is layered with turquoise mica, jewel toned inks, and deep green pigments. White foamy waves glisten as they splash against the shore. A cool toned color palette was used to create this multi-layered dimensional seascape. These dramatic ocean waves are so eye-catching  – create drama in your home with this statement wallpaper mural.

modern ocean wallpaper mural


>> See more Oslo vintage forest feature wallpaper images

Featuring a panorama across a Nordic forest, the Oslo wall mural is subtle and stunning choice for a feature wall.  In the soft pinks of the Original colourway it adds a romantic touch, whilst the crisp blues of Ice give a fresher look.  Or try the warm greys of the Smoke colourway for ultimate hygge.

vintage forest feature wallpaper


>> See more Zephyr watercolour forest feature wall mural images

A stunning feature wall mural with a forest theme.  Originally handpainted in watercolours, it captures a forest in early fall, with a soft wind blowing the leaves down from the trees.  The Zephyr wall mural is available in three colours: original Day, moody Night or subtle Monochrome.

watercolour forest feature wall mural


>> See more Downtown Zocalo distressed concrete wallpaper mural images

Zocalo is the name of the central square in Mexico City so this concrete style Downtown Zocalo wall mural brings a touch of Latin American urban style into your home. The artfully distressed shabby chic mural comes in three stunning colours, including a rich Copper, stylish Monochrome and soft Stone so this statement wallpaper mural will blend perfectly into any interior design project.distressed concrete wallpaper mural


>> See more Venice Beach abstract statement wall mural images

On the far western side of California sits the legendary Venice Beach.  This charming abstact wall mural evokes the soft warm sunshine that drenches the beach, with a palette of sea greens, teals, blues and honey sands.  A beautiful choice for a feature wall that’ll bring the summer into the home all year round.

abstract statement wall mural


>> See more Serengeti Sunset watercolour feature wall mural images

A beautiful abstract watercolour wall mural, inspired by the varying tones of a sunset across the Serengeti savannah.  Whether in warm Honey or rich Terracotta, this is subtle wall mural that’s ideal for brining texture and warmth into the home on a feature wall.

watercolour feature wall mural


>> See more Flower Obsession romantic pink flower wallpaper images

Dive into the exotic, lush world of artist Karina Eibatova with this luscious large scale floral wallpaper. The oversize flowers create a dramatic, heady energy to the design, perfectly countering its romantic colours and theme. Delicate flower tones of pink and blush add to the allure of this stunning floral wall mural. Create a romantic bedroom feel with this floral feature wallpaper mural.

romantic pink flower wallpaper


>> See more Love Train graffiti accent wallpaper mural images

Based in Los Angeles, graffiti artist Amber Goldhammer has built a reputation for creating vibrant artworks featuring positive messages of love and hope.  The Love Train wall mural is a great choice for a feature wall if you want some pop and energy in your room.

graffiti accent wallpaper mural


>> See more Arctic Adventure beautiful blue arctic wallpaper mural images

This richly pigmented seascape blue wallpaper mural is layered with hues of indigo and aquamarine pigments. Depth and movement were created to draw the viewer into the waves. A layer of arctic mist hovers above the water creating a sense of chill in the air. A cool toned color palette was used to create this modern ombre design. The perfect blue themed statement wall to create drama in a bedroom or living room.

beautiful blue arctic wallpaper mural


>> See more Glowing Shards graffiti statement wall mural images

Created by British graffiti artist Lee Herring, the Glowing Shards wall mural features his trademark mix of florals and graffiti gestural marks.  With its two colour choices of deep blue or Nordic grey, it’s a stunning choice for a feature wall in a modern apartment.

graffiti statement wall mural
free wallpaper mural shipping


>> See more Sakura in Bloom japanese floral feature wallpaper images

This striking cherry blossom wall mural – Sakura in Japanese – weaves across the wall creating a dramatic and beatiful aestheic.  Created in a vintage etched style, the Sakura in Bloom wall mural mixes romantic motifs with classic colours for a truly special wall mural: ideal for a bold feature wall.

japanese floral feature wallpaper


>> See more The City of Love Paris map feature wallpaper images

From the city of love…comes the City of Love wall mural.  A stunning vintage map of the centre of Paris, capturing the famed streets of the central arrondisement, the Seine and the Ile de la Cité.  Lose yourself in the dreaminess of the vintage pinks and blues.

Paris map feature wallpaper


>> See more Renaissance shabby chic damask wallpaper mural images

Our vintage Renaissance wall mural reflects the energy of the renaissance period, by mixing together classical damask motifs with distressed industrial textures. The marriage of the two reminds that great things happen when opposites are brought together – whether in the home or elsewhere. Available in two beautiful muted tones,  monochrome and stone, this gorgeous statement wallpaper mural will create a stunning backdrop feature wall.

shabby chic damask wallpaper mural


>> See more Indigo blue watercolour feature wall mural images

From painter Jen Merli comes the impressive Indigo wall mural: created using watercolours on soft paper.  With its subtle washes and varying moods, this is an stunning design to use as a feature wall.

blue watercolour feature wall mural


>> See more Jungle Kingdom tropical elephant wallpaper mural images

Welcome to the tropical  jungle world with this wallpaper mural created by artist Karina Eibatova. Featuring beautifully detailed illustrations of elephants, pangolins, lemurs hiding amongst large tropical leaves, this statement wall mural could be perfect for a kids bedroom to spark joy, discovery and imagination.

tropical elephant wallpaper mural


>> See more Dreamy blue abstract statement wallpaper images

A bold and beautiful blue feature wall from the studio of Los Angleses-based artist Clara Berta.  In her trademark expressive style, she’s created this riot of energy that works best on a feature wall as a way to frame a piece of furniture, be it a sofa in a living room or bed in a bedroom.

blue abstract statement wallpaper


>> See more Inner Vision abstract feature wall mural images

Go bold with this incredible feature wall, based on the original artwork by Los Angeles-based painter Clara Berta.    Using oils, acrylics and mixed media, she created the decadent Inner Vision wall mural: full of organic movement, detail and textures.

abstract feature wall mural
our new favorite wallpaper


>> See more Paradise Lost tropical statement wall mural images

Get lost in the jungle in the richly detailed Paradise Lost wall mural.  If you’re looking to bring the on-trend vintage botanical look into your home on a feature wall, then this is a truly special wall mural to consider.  Get lost in the incredible detail of the jungle, brought to life in a vintage illustration style.

tropical statement wall mural


>> See more Animal Kingdom vintage jungle feature wallpaper images

Go wild with your feature wall with this incredible illustrated vintage tropical wall mural.   Based on an original botanical illustration from the 19th century, it features animals native to from South East Asia – an elephant, tiger, crocodile and more – in an on-trend vintage style.

vintage jungle feature wall mural


>> See more Solar geometric accent wall mural images

Created by Argentinean photographer and Instagram superstar Elo, this fresh and cool geometric wall mural is a fantastic choice for a statement wall in a modern apartment.  With its flash of pink against a cream background it recalls some of the colours and moods of the 80s, whilst remaining a very modern wallcovering.  This design works well in Scandinavian style settings.

geometric accent wall mural


>> See more Neon Bunting graffiti statement wall mural images

Neon Bunting is a playfully modern take on the British tradition of hanging bunting at summer parties. His use of spray paints is maximized here, with the neon graffiti bunting popping out from pastel backgrounds.

pink graffiti statement wall mural
blue graffiti statement wall mural


>> See more Polaire star map feature wallpaper images

A dark blue star constellation wallpaper mural with detailed vintage French text. A charming and original night sky wallpaper full of detail from the night sky – a great bedroom wallpaper idea that’ll intrigue young and old alike.

star map feature wallpaper
custom wallpaper murals free


>> See more The Visible Heavens star constellation feature wall mural images

This beige & tan star constellation wall mural shows the visible night sky, with star constellations and planets. A stunning vintage constellation wallpaper full of detail – a great bedroom idea that’ll intrigue kids and adults alike.

star constellation feature wall mural


>> See more Lost Garden floral feature wall mural images

An achingly romantic floral wall mural, with oversized floral blooms climbing across the wallpaper.  In its soft shabby chic Vintage Pink colour, the Lost Garden wall mural is a great design for a calm bedroom wallpaper or a romantic living room wall mural.

floral feature wall mural
pink floral feature wall mural


>> See more In the Glade forest feature wall mural images

Mysterious and beguiling, the In the Glade wall mural comes in a range of three colours – Autumn, Summer & Monochrome – that makes it ideal as  feature wall mural.  The watercolour trees disappear into a misty forest, with the whole artwork set in a canvas-style surround that cleverly frames the whole design.

forest feature wall mural
tree statement wallpaper


>> See more Pastoral Sunset forest feature wallpaper mural images

If you want to bring classical art into your home, then hanging a painting is one to do it.  But what about creating a feature wall out of a piece of art?  You can do that with the Pastoral Sunset wall mural, based on the original painting by Alexandre Calame.  It’s a truly stunning statement wall mural: with soft light landing on the river that cuts between the forest.

forest feature wall mural


>> See more Reflection tree feature wallpaper mural images

Along with our Pastoral Sunset wallmural, the Reflections wallpaper is another stunning way to create a feature wall with a piece of classical art.  Based on the original Monet artwork, Reflections is full of the shimmering energy of his impressionist style.  With its soft sage and taupe colours, this is a beautifully subtle mural to use in a feature wall.

monet feature wall mural


>> See more Ornament tree feature wallpaper mural images

Dial up the romance with this Scandinavian feature wall mural, painted by renowned Finnish artist Tamara Piilola: birds burst from a tree, as the silence of the Nordic winter is broken.  This wall mural works particularly well as feature or statement wall behind a bed or in a living room.

bird feature wall mural


If you’re looking for a totally original (and super cute) feature wallpaper for your children’s room, then look no further than the Stripe Animal Series – created by Finnish illustrator Outi Virtanen.  Her beautifully detailed illustrations are set against subtle stripe colours to create a charming statement wall mural range that all kids will love.  There are different of animals to choose from, so browsw and pick your fave.

>> See more Cockatoo Stripe kids feature wall mural images

kids bird statement wallpaper

>> See more Koala Stripe kids statement wallpaper mural images

kids bear feature wallpaper

>> See more Parakeet Stripe childrens feature wallpaper mural images

kids bird feature wall mural


>> See more Albus III floral feature wall mural images

Go from floral to wow-all with this incredible floral feature wall mural by Instagram superstar photographer Claire Luxton.  Perfect for a bedroom or a romantic living room, this is a statement wallpaper full of soft greys and pinks and stunning details.  Unashamedly romantic, the Albus III wall mural features the signature florals from artist Claire Luxton’s new Botanica collection.

floral feature wallpaper mural


>> See more Carpathia feature wall mural images

Drifting mists across the pines of the Carpathian mountains make this classic forest wall mural a beautiful and calming choice for a feature wall.  Choose the soft blues of the Original colourway to create a fresh feel in your home; or if you after a vintage feel, the sepia tones of the Vintage colourway will create a wonderful mood.

carpathia feature wall mural

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