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Geometric Wallpaper // Modern Triangle Wallpaper Ideas You’ll Love

Embrace the lines and angles of a geometric wallpaper and create stunning modern interior.  Why not hang triangles on your walls! Not the musical kind but the wallpaper kind… a design that demands your attention and comes in many designs and appearances.

We’re not merely talking about basic triangles here either. Geometric wallpaper can take your interior décor in many directions. It’s up to you to decide which approach to take, and how this might influence your choice of décor in other ways. If you are eager to do something different in your home, keep reading. We explain why geometric wallpaper works so well as a design, and why you ought to consider it for your home.


Why does geometric wallpaper demand our attention?

Geometric wallpaper can be anything from simple to complex in nature. For example, you could choose a design with a plain background that introduces a basic geometric design in a single color on top of it. Alternatively, there are geometric designs that choose several bright colors to make a real statement.

Another possibility is to find a wallpaper that mixes triangles and other geometric elements with something totally different. Consider a geometric wallpaper that mixes these elements with nature, for example. Others simply make the most of scale, shrinking the geometric designs down to a much smaller size and repeating them across the paper.

Green & Gold Honeycomb Geometric Wall Mural Hero Image
Image credit: Shutterstock/New Africa
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Choose a triangle wallpaper and go max on the pattern

Why not choose larger and bolder designs, where triangular wallpaper and angles are maxed out to make a striking appearance on the wall. Our geometric wallpapers can even introduce a 3D effect,  which makes both a focal point within your space and a talking point!

The geometric wallpaper style you choose is really down to preference. You may be surprised at the range and variety of triangle wallpapers including those with other geometric elements. Some people might assume geometric designs are formulaic and dull, yet that is simply not the case. The variety, the color mixes, the subtle to the striking… there is far more variety here than you’d believe.

It’s clear there are lots of ways you can approach the geometric wallpaper angle. This is a trend that looks set to stick around for a while, but if you’re keen to follow it, you should still choose a design you know you’ll enjoy for a time. The one you go for could depend on whether you’re hanging it on one wall, a chimney breast or feature wall, or whether you intend to hang it around the room. Bolder designs can work better in smaller spaces, where they’re not used on every wall.

White Minimalist Modern Geometric Wallpaper hero image

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Which space in your home needs a geometric wallpaper? 

It’s also worth thinking about the room you want to redecorate. Finding the best triangular wallpaper design for a kitchen could well be different to the approach you’d take to redecorating a bedroom, for example. There are bright rooms and those that do not receive a lot of sun and light. Are you eager to make a statement with your geometric wallpaper or would you rather pick something a little more muted?

Another smart idea is to think about whether you’re going to be working with a blank canvas in terms of the room you want to decorate. For example, if you’re redecorating a kitchen, you may keep the existing cabinets and other major items. This means you’ll need a geometric wallpaper that will fit with the cabinet colors and finishes. If you’re ripping everything out to begin again, you’ve got more freedom to work with a bolder wallpaper if you wish.

The same applies if you are working in another room. If you’re keeping all the existing furnishings, there could be limitations in which geometric wallpaper designs are going to work. If you do want to make a change though, look at the soft furnishings first. See if you can tie some new ones into your preferred triangular wallpaper designs. That’s a smart and more affordable way to make some major changes in your home in quick time. It also opens the way to pick some geometric wallpaper you wouldn’t otherwise be able to go for. If you want more options, consider whether this is the best path to take. It certainly gives you more freedom for new soft furnishings to spruce things up nicely

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Think geometric wallpaper that combines colour and pattern 

You should also think about whether you want the triangular wallpaper design to be muted or a standout feature. For instance, would you prefer the triangles to use the bolder color against a paler background or would you rather the opposite was true?

You might have way more colors to choose from than you think, too. From dark and rich emerald backdrops to light white or cream shades, there is a lot to consider. How bold are you going to be? Boldness doesn’t merely come from the triangles themselves. Indeed, the design could bring you a more subtle take on triangular wallpaper. They might even form part of the background rather than being front and center the whole way.

Of course, you may still think triangular wallpaper is too bold for you. Yet as you are no doubt beginning to understand as you read this article, triangles and other geometric shapes don’t need to be as clear as you saw them in math class. There is a lot of room for versatility and innovation here, as you begin to compare different geometric wallpapers.

Green & Black Elegant Geometric Designer Wallpaper hero image

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So it is clear that introducing a geometric wallpaper instantly creates a stylish and contemporary living space. Read on to find the perfect triangular wallpaper design to suit your home.


Keziah Night grey geometric wallpaper 

Artist Florent Bodart created the Keziah Night triangle wallpaper, which has been inspired by vintage tiles and reimagined in a modern style. The grey modern geometric designer wallpaper has a light grey background with darker grey geometric shapes playing on top. It has a sleek feel that fits a variety of rooms, adding a contemporary angular element to an interior. 


Grey Modern Geometric Designer Wallpaper hero image

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Modern Fair Isle triangle wallpaper 

Modern Fair Isle geometric wallpaper in Fitzroy takes inspiration from fair isle knitting, which uses a variety of intricate repeating patterns. It offers a dark backdrop with designs lifted from the home of an explorer who wants nothing more than a chair by a roaring fire. The intense blue and yellow triangle and diamond pattern is accentuated by the rich blue background.  A geometric wallpaper to envelop a room in a warm atmosphere. 


Blue & Yellow Trendy Scandinavian Designer Wallpaper hero image

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Paradise pink & blue geometric wallpaper 

When looking at Paradise geometric wallpaper, we see that renowned printmaker Peter Judson is paying homage to Formalism, Modernism and the Memphis movement. The bright, bold and rhythmic geometric patterns in an eye catching contemporary colour mix of pink and blue creates a striking contemporary look.  An uplifting triangle wallpaper design that is perfect for a feature wall or a statement room.


Pink & Blue Bright Graphic Deco Wallpaper hero image

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Solar unique triangular wall mural 

A unique cream striped wallpaper mural, with subtle brown shades contrasted with a single flash of pink. This geometric design works particularly well in modern Scandinavian spaces. Created by Argentinian artist Elo, the form of this modern triangular wall mural was created by photographing handcut woodshapes. The result is a fresh and modern geometric dining room wall covering, both minimalist yet impactful. 


Cream Unique Cream Stripe Wallpaper Mural hero image

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Fishes in Geometrics modern grey wallpaper 

Designed by French illustrator Florent Bodart, the Fishes in Geometrics wallpaper takes traditional illustrations of fish and adds a modern touch with geometric shapes around the water dwellers. This cream & red trendy vintage fish wallpaper has a striking design that speaks to a love of the water. Ideal for an interior space such as a kitchen or bathroom, this modern geometric design will upscale any interior!


Cream & Red Trendy Vintage Fish Wallpaper hero image

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Casablanca grey triangle wallpaper 

The Casablanca triangular wallpaper mixes modern chevron patterns with traditional patterns found in the souk. The depth of the grey-green colours in the geometric wallpaper juxtapose against the lighter creams creating a conversation between the chevrons. Perfect to create a contemporary office space, install this geometric wallpaper as an accent wall and blend with grey furnishings to coordinate the look. 


Blue & Grey Chevron Pattern Wallpaper Hero Image
Image credit: Shutterstock/Rakic
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Web pink geometric wallpaper 

Featuring a variety of geometric shapes, Web pink triangular wallpaper was designed by Scandinavian designer Elisa. This pink & white minimalist geometric wallpaper took inspiration from a crumpled sheet of paper but has added visual flair thanks to the judicious use of gorgeous colours. The intricate web is formed with a series of contemporary prism shapes including abstract triangles linked together. Add a touch of unique style to your room with this modern geometric wallpaper.


Purple & White Minimalist Geometric Wallpaper hero image

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Crystallise blue & grey geometric wallpaper 

Designed by artist Glenn Todd, Crystallise triangular wallpaper is inspired by crystallisation and the unique design of honeycomb. The blue & grey elegant geometric designer wallpaper takes typical geometrics and pulls them apart to offer wallpaper with movement, energy, and a dose of mystery. The soft grey colour palette soothes the overall feel, resulting in an impactful yet modern geometric feel. 


Blue & Grey Elegant Geometric Designer Wallpaper hero image

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Utpoia blue modern triangular wallpaper 

A fresh and funky modern geometric wallpaper, inspired by the Memphis movement. An intriguing selection of geometric shapes are set against a deep blue wallpaper. Created by Argentinian artist Elo, the form of this unusual wallpaper mural was created by photographing handcut woodshapes. With an almost 3D relief effect created by the triangular shapes, this geometric wallpaper makes a statement.  


Blue Modern Geometric Wallpaper hero image

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Super Abstract pink & blue geometric wallpaper 

The work of renowned illustrator Supermundane has been exhibited around the world. Super Abstract geometric wallpaper features his signature mesmeric style of pure line and colour, available for the first time as wallpaper. Whilst both vibrant and playful in both its colours and design, Super Abstract geometric wallpaper also has a refreshing retro twist. Make a statement in an entry hallway or powder room with this lively geometric wallpaper design. 


Pink & Yellow Contemporary Graphic Abstract Wallpaper hero image

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Keziah Day modern geometric wallpaper 

A modern minimalist geometric wallpaper design, inspired by vintage tiles. The geometric cubes form an intricate weave across the wallpaper, their form highlighted by splashes of blue and pink.  Transform a room that is bland and uninspiring with this playful geometric wallpaper and bring your space to life. 


White & Blue Geometric Minimalist Wallpaper hero image

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Finding the best triangular wallpaper for your home

When you are ready to select your geometric wallpaper, look at your chosen room and review the design choices. Remember there are lots of ways to use triangle wallpaper to change the look of your home. From a bright design to keep things light in your hallway to something featuring many incredible colors for a playroom, there are always designs you can count on.

If you tend to go for floral designs or something far more muted, you might still find something along those lines that also has geometric features built in. There is a world of angles and lines out there, going way beyond triangles. How far will you go?


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