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Gold wallpaper – 20 Glam Wallpaper Ideas For The Luxury Look

Are you looking for your perfect gold wallpaper? Do you desire something luxurious to wow your guests and make you feel special whenever you walk into that space?

We live in a world where we have so many interior design ideas to choose from, we can soon feel overwhelmed and unsure of what to pick. However, if you’re searching for something to help you make a real splash, you ought to think about some gold wallpaper designs. We’ll guide you through the reasons why this luxury wallpaper is making strong inroads into this market.


Why choose gold wallpaper for your home?

When you think about all the kinds of wallpaper you could have for your home, gold may not be at the top of the list. It may not even feature in your mind as you consider the many available options you can choose from. Surely gold would be too much… wouldn’t it?

You may be surprised. Gold wallpaper does indeed have a few surprises to share. If you’re thinking of garish, overwhelming, and lurid wallpaper designs, think again. In some cases, the gold elements are the supporting act rather than the star. They can be the lesser-used colour within the luxury wallpaper design. When used in this manner, they can add some pep and vigour to a design that might otherwise fail to catch the eye. With a little gold involved, you can be sure people will notice.


Gold Cherry Blossom Wallpaper Hero Image

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Yet even when gold is the star, perhaps used as the background to other colours, it can showcase a boldness that might just suit your character. You might have a room you’d like to try something different in, for example. Fancy wallpaper would certainly be ideal for a bedroom, whether that is your bedroom or a guest room. Glam wallpaper is an excellent choice for a bedroom, although it could also be used to superb effect in communal areas. Gold doesn’t need to be garish or too strong either – there are many gold wallpapers available that use a subtle shade rather than going in for something way too heavy. In short, there is something for every mood and desire when you’re looking at gold as the star.


Choosing the perfect metallic wallpaper design

Then we have some mixed wallpaper designs to think about. What do we mean by this? Well, there are gold wallpaper designs that have some metallic elements to them. Now, you might think that an entire roll of metallic wallpaper would be too much, and yes, in some rooms this could be true. Yet when used sensibly and with care, it is possible to have metallic gold elements included on a backdrop that is more subtle and calmer to look at.


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You can also choose from many gold wallpaper designs that reach into both modern and traditional areas. For example, you could search for a more formal and floral design, perhaps repeating a smaller pattern with plenty of detail in it. Alternatively, a much bigger and bolder design would give a modern feel. You can find gold wallpaper with modern geometric shapes or a flock of tiny birds flitting from branch to flower and back again. Who knows which direction your favourite luxury wallpaper might take you in?


Luxury wallpaper for a luxe look. 

Gold is also the perfect foil for almost every other colour. Lights and darks, vibrant shades and ones that are far paler… everything works well with it. So, whatever colour scheme you are thinking about, you can be sure a splash of gold is going to give you the glam wallpaper look you’re after.


yellow chinoiserie wallpaper customer photo
Image credit: @thediaryofadad, interior by @decor_by_enass, image @annastathakiphoto

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Techniques also play a strong role when comparing different gold wallpaper designs. Repeating patterns are popular and look wonderful in many rooms. They’re also ideal if you would rather decorate a feature wall instead of papering the entire room. Then, of course, we have wallpapers that were inspired by original artwork. If you’re struggling to find an appealing piece of art to hang in your room once you have decorated it, why not choose a gold wallpaper that was taken from artwork to start with? Go for the feature wall idea or be bold and hang it around the room. Abstract designs certainly keep the mind busy as you look for recognisable shapes among the design.


Up the wow factor with glam wallpaper

We’ve seen how various techniques, presentations, designs, and other elements all factor into your glam wallpaper choice. At first glance, metallic wallpaper may not seem to fit with any room in your home. Yet it is certainly a statement piece, especially when you involve some glorious gold, too.

Many people want to add some glamour to their home but may feel unsure as to how they can do so. In many ways, gold is the perfect choice in this situation. if you think about gold, you imagine jewellery and other riches. It does lend an automatic richness to any design, whether modern or traditional.

Brown & Gold Beautiful Abstract Wallpaper hero image

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However, when we’re talking about wallpaper, we can see that the richness could be anything from bold to muted. And that means you only need to find the perfect gold wallpaper design for the room you soon intend to decorate. How are you going to make a splash in your room? Look at your surroundings and decide just how bold you want to go. Read on to find the perfect wallpaper for your needs…..


Hirosaki gold wallpaper mural

The exotic is now truly luxurious with this gold chinoiserie wallpaper mural, which features classic chinoiserie styling of peacocks, cranes and songbirds set against winding branches of flowers and cherry blossoms.

The shabby chic gold background adds to the exotic luxury of this Japanese style gold wall mural.


Gold Chinoiserie Wallpaper Mural

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Shimmer Chevron rose gold wallpaper 

The Shimmer Chevron rose gold wallpaper brings a modern luxe touch to a classic pattern wallpaper. Weathered gold chevrons dash across the distressed texture background: the perfect rose gold wallpaper to add luxury to a living room, or drama to a hallway.


Gold & Grey Shabby Pattern Wallpaper hero image

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Mystic luxury wallpaper mural

Mystic is a fancy wallpaper mural in an abstract style designed by painter Jen Merli. The glam wallpaper mural incorporates intricate detailing in gold that flashes across the watercolour background. The colours press against each other to create a backdrop that could be seen while standing on the beaches of the sea. 


Teal & Grey Abstract Wallpaper Mural
Image credit: Stutterstock/Jafara

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Cherry Blossom gold wallpaper 

Surrender to the calm and serenity of Sakura blooms with the Cherry Blossom metallic wallpaper by contemporary artist Joanna Charlotte. This Sakura glam wallpaper is perfect as a bedroom wallpaper, or to create a romantic hallway. In this stunning colour, the Cherry Blossom gold wallpaper has a dappled metallic background with dramatic cerise pink blooms.


Gold Cherry Blossom Wallpaper Hero Image
Image credit: Stutterstock/Jafara

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Archipelago rose gold wallpaper

This  beautiful abstract rose gold wallpaper creates an ethereal feel to a room with its finish using gold metallic materials. Archipelago Gold was created by Teija Vartiainen and has touches of crystalline textures to evoke the feeling of the Finnish archipelago and the landscapes upon it.


Pink & Gold Beautiful Abstract Wallpaper hero image

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Boudoir fancy wallpaper mural

Designed for powder rooms and bedrooms, Boudoir metallic wallpaper can transform an ordinary room into a Victorian woman’s dressing room. This black & gold glam wallpaper mural is adorned with tassels and hanging chains against a dark backdrop for a luxurious setting.



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Casterbridge rose gold wallpaper mural

A vibrant background holds the beauty of flowers and other foliage with trees resting on branches in the rose gold Casterbridge wall mural. This luxury wallpaper mural draws inspiration from the Arts and Crafts movement while incorporating gold metallic touches to stand out in the modern world.


Pink & Gold Floral Pattern Wallpaper Mural

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Takeda glam metallic wall mural

Luxury is truly unleashed with this metallic gold cherry blossom wallpaper mural. The gold metallic background is lightly distressed creating a charming shabby chic effect, whilst the beautiful detailing of the red cherry blossoms and branches adds to the exotic, luxurious feel of this  Chinoiserie style gold wall mural.


Gold Cherry Blossom Wallpaper Mural

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Safari luxury wallpaper

Kiki Slaughter is an American abstract artist whose process often involves mixing different types of paint through laying, pouring, and scraping techniques. Safari gold wallpaper is an excellent example of that and come inspired by the original artwork. The gold & white beautiful shabby chic wallpaper merges the old with the new in a delightful metallic wall covering.


Gold & White Beautiful Shabby Chic Wallpaper hero image

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Wentworth rose gold wallpaper mural

The Wentworth teal & bronze distressed metallic wallpaper mural features a damask style that merges the art of today and that of years past. This Victorian style rose gold wallpaper mural has a linear brocade pattern with rich decorative patterns that mimic the look of an embossed wallpaper.


Teal & Bronze Distressed Damask Wall Mural

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Hermitage luxury gold wall mural

The classic Art Deco styling of the Hermitage luxury gold wallpaper mural, creates the ideal backdrop for a little corner of luxury. Its minimalist geometric gold circle patterns are restrained and elegant, whilst the earthy greens of the wall mural provide warmth and depth. A perfect glam wallpaper mural with which to create the luxury boutique hotel feel.


Green & Gold Circle Geometric Wall Mural Hero Image
Image credit: Shutterstock/Followtheflow

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Whisper glam wall mural

In this dramatic coral luxury wallpaper mural, a bloom of watercolours swirls around gold detailing. Beautiful, striking and original – if that describes your home, then this is the perfect abstract gold wall mural for you.


Orange & Gold Abstract Wall Mural hero image

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Arcadia rose gold wallpaper mural

The Arcadia rose gold wallpaper mural adds a dose of elegance to the room through an elaborate style with a variety of metallic accents. This rose gold vintage peacock wallpaper mural was influenced by the art styles of 19th century Japan and offers luxury without going overboard with images of the peacock to speak to rebirth and beauty.


Pink & Gold Vintage Peacock Wall Mural hero image

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Oh La La gold wall mural

This distressed shabby chic gold wallpaper mural is adapted from experimental artwork created by abstract artist Kiki Slaughter. The Oh La La fancy wallpaper mural incorporates a triptych of canvases where paints where manipulating through pouring, scraping, and layering to offer an abundance of texture and colours.


Yellow Distressed Shabby Chic Wall Mural hero image

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Shimmer Circle rose gold wallpaper

Stunning rose gold circles run across a distressed grey concrete background in the Shimmer Circle luxury wallpaper. The copper & grey concrete circle wallpaper offers a subtle but fun way to incorporate a shabby chic rose gold glam design into any room of the home.


Gold & Grey Concrete Circle Wallpaper

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Persepolis luxury gold wallpaper

The geometric honeycombs of the Persepolis gold wallpaper mural, here in its Pistachio colourway are perfect when balanced against the simple lines of the Scandinavian furniture. Bring a touch of geometric glam to your home with this fancy wallpaper.


Green & Gold Honeycomb Geometric Wall Mural Hero Image
Image credit: Shutterstock/NewAfrica

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Mansfield gold metallic wall mural

The Mansfield gold metallic wallpaper mural takes vintage Victorian lattice work and builds on it with modern techniques to create a luxury wall covering. The cream & gold vintage trellis wallpaper mural has an elegant background with lacing and cordage across the front to bring the fancy wallpaper look together.


cream nautical rope bathroom wallpaper Lo
Image credit: Shutterstock/Tr1sha

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You Don’t Find The Light by Avoiding the Darkness glam wallpaper

A special edition of the Magnus Gjoen design, featuring luxurious gold metallic detailing. ‘You Don’t Find Light utiltizes Gjoen’s trademark juxtaposition of classical painting with masculine motifs. The centrepiece motif of this dog wallpaper is formed of two alert Dobermann Pinschers facing each other, linked by a metallic gold chain and key. Oil painted florals soften the profiles of the Dobermanns, whilst the linear structure of this glam wallpaper design brings continuity and restraint to their poised power.


Blue & Gold Gold Metallic Dog Stripe Wallpaper hero image

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Elemental gold metallic wallpaper

The Elemental metallic wallpaper mural goes back to nature: its inspiration comes from the marks that nature leaves on the planet, whether rocks striated by being dragged over each other, the force of a waterfall, or the drag of a receding wave on a shingle beach. Each line of Elemental has been distressed by hand, creating a shimmering effect when set against the gold metallic wallpaper background.


green gold metallic stripe wallpaper with white table

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Kubla Khan luxury gold wallpaper

Dialling up the luxury with Kubla Khan gold wallpaper. Vintage look, yet glam, this stunning Chinoiserie wallpaper features exotic animals and cherry blossoms climbing a subtly distressed wall. Transform a room for fine to fancy with a stunning feature wall starring our luxury gold wallpaper. 


yellow chinoiserie wallpaper customer photo

Image credit: @thediaryofadad, interior by @decor_by_enass, image @annastathakiphoto

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Choose gold wallpaper to get your glamorous interior

Who would turn down a gold wallpaper to add a touch of glamour in their home? Returning from a long day and sinking into that sense of luxury… it’s no wonder more people are choosing gold wallpaper and other luxury wallpaper designs. Gold wallpaper is a gorgeous choice for any room in the home, try it for a powder room or a hallway to elevate your décor.

We hope our suggestions have shown how diverse this seam of gold can be. If you mine it for yourself, you could give your home a new look you’re going to love. Be brave and bold and see what you might achieve. Which room are you going to transform today… and which fancy wallpaper is going to help you achieve that aim?


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