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How to Brighten up a Dark Room

Do you have a room in your home that could do with brightening up? Maybe you have a room without windows, or one that doesn’t let in much natural light. If this is all sounding familiar, fear not, because we’re here to share our top tips on how to brighten up a dark room. And none of them involve the need for a paintbrush. Music to your ears? Read on…

Use mirrors to maximise light

Mirrors really are such a great way to brighten a dark room. If your room has windows, try to place the mirrors opposite them, so that as much natural light as possible is reflected.

If you are looking at how to brighten up a dark room without windows, mirrors will still work. Over mantles in the dining room, above the sofa in the lounge, over a side table in a hall, on a shelf in the snug… mirrors act as mini windows that naturally open up spaces wherever you place them.

Slim down your furniture

Oversized furniture, especially if it is dark in colour, will always make a room feel darker than it really is. So swap out any offending pieces for lighter, smaller pieces that aren’t overly fussy.

If you have a thing for carved wood, by all means indulge, but try to stick to a single piece and make a feature of it, rather than over-stuffing the room with multiple items.

Be wise with your lighting

Whether you’re looking at how to brighten up a dark dining room, living room or bedroom, choosing the right lampshades will make all the difference.

Lampshades are important for diffusing light and can add a touch of decorative elegance to a living space. But you’ll need to make wise choices if you are dealing with a dark room.

Definitely strike opaque shades off your lampshade shopping list if you want to brighten up your room, even if the shades are light in colour. They just don’t let enough light out. Instead, go for clear shades, ensuring that the maximum amount of light possible will fill the room.

When it comes to light fixtures, try to avoid overly heavy options. When choosing an overhead hanging lighting feature, go for something that’s visually light. Small crystal chandeliers are a good choice, providing they are not overly ornate. Crystals do a great job of reflecting light, so they will help to brighten your room.

Take care with curtains

How to brighten up a dark room? Avoid heavy drapes and window embellishments. Instead, go for lighter alternatives such as voiles or Roman blinds.

Always make sure any curtains are just the right length. If they’re too long, they’ll crowd the room. Too short and they’ll just look downright odd.

Pay attention to flooring

It’s important not to ignore flooring when thinking of how to brighten up a dark room, because it has the power to set the tone for the entire space.

Lighter flooring will always give an overall airy feel to a room. If you are able to replace a darker floor with something a little paler, do so. If not, a rug is a good workaround. Go for something light and bright, and you’ll be amazed at the difference it makes.

How to warm up a room décor with wallpaper

We promised you no paint, and we meant it. But there’s something that will for sure make a huge difference when it comes to how to brighten up a dark room, and that’s wallpaper.

A light-hued wallpaper will work wonders when it comes to ditching the darkness. Florals, and anything nature inspired, will also make a space feel as well as look lighter. Here are some of our top wallpaper picks to help you shed light on your living space.

Distressed and shabby chic it may be, but this experimental wallpaper delivers a beautifully textured and wonderfully light background. Whether you use it to create a feature wall in the darkest zone of your room, or apply it to every wall for the ultimate explosion of colour and texture, really is down to you.

How to Brighten up a Dark Room

Oh La La – Sand by Kiki Slaughter

How to warm up a room décor? Introduce marble. This warm marble wallpaper centres on a smooth marble texture. The light cream background is punctuated by fluid copper running through in HD detail. Ideal for brightening up any living space, from a dark kitchen corner, to a lounge in need of light.

How to warm up a room décor

Parthenon – Original by Wallpaper + Folk

Welcome to the tropics. What better way to brighten up a dark room without painting than to adorn the walls with this lush tropical wallpaper? Light and bright, the cream and green vintage design features bird of paradise flowers and gorgeous palm leaves to create a calming, positive backdrop.

brighten up a dark room without painting

Aloha – Original by Wallpaper + Folk

The chinoiserie style is all about natural textures and creating a relaxing atmosphere. These jade green cherry blossoms do a wonderful job of achieving a light and airy feel, brightening any living space, from bathrooms and bedrooms to living rooms and kitchens.

chinoiserie style wallpaper

Takeda – Jade by La Feature Wall Murals

Thinking about how to brighten up a dark room, one of the neatest tricks is to introduce natural elements. This luxury wallpaper certainly does that, with its butterflies and birds setting off to explore the skies, creating the ultimate sense of freedom.

Light wallpaper to brighten a dark room

Hedgerow – Cream by Feathr

This wallpaper was designed as a modern way to evoke the feeling of antique porcelain, the ultimate ‘light and bright’ design feature. The rose detail summons an air of romanticism, whilst the white and cream hues make this the perfect way to lighten any living space.

brighten a dark room

Porcelain Roses – Pale by Emmi Pouta

How to brighten up a dark room without painting?

Looking for ways to brighten up a dark room? Wallpaper could prove the ideal solution.

Here at Feathr, we have a vision of getting more art into people’s homes courtesy of unique, luxury modern wallpapers, wall murals and fabrics created by independent artists from across the world.

Why not use our visualizer to see how you could use wallpaper to brighten a dark room in your home?

Ready to buy wallpaper? With our customer promise of excellent free design services, fast worldwide delivery, high-quality materials and top-rated customer service, and a commitment to protecting our environment, you are guaranteed to love the Feathr experience.

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