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How To Wallpaper // Simple How-To Install Wall Mural Guide

Welcome your FEATHR wall mural! When you are ready to start hanging your wall mural, please read through our easy to follow How-To wallpaper guide. If you have any questions on how to wallpaper please get in touch with our customer support team at [email protected] who will be happy to help you! These hanging instructions are for wall murals in the non-woven material. For peel and stick material, please see our How To Install Peel and Stick Wallpaper guide.


Before installing your wall mural – prepare your walls for your wall covering.

Make sure your wall is clean, dry and smooth before installing your wall mural. Remove any traces of old wallpaper and any patches of dirt, grease, dust or mold that may affect the wallpaper glue. 

To easily prepare any wall surface for your wallpaper use a Wallpaper Lining Paper to create a more even surface. Wallpaper Lining Paper smooths out any rough textures and covers any marks on your wall, covering any imperfections. Lining wallpaper should be allowed to dry out completely before hanging your wallpaper mural.

Before you install your wall mural, if needed, paint your wall a light neutral colour as dark colours may show through. Allow freshly painted surfaces time to dry thoroughly before installing your wallpaper on top. Please look at the paint manufacturer’s instructions for guidelines before you starting wallpapering.

Hanging wallpaper on painted walls

Allow freshly painted surface time to dry thoroughly before installing your wallpaper mural on top.  Please read the paint manufacturer’s instructions for guidelines before you begin wallpapering. 

Do not hang your wall mural over glossy or non-porous areas. Painted walls should be rubbed down to remove grease or soiling and glossy paint should be rubbed down with sandpaper to prepare your walls for wallpapering.

Hanging wallpaper on plastered walls

Fill in any cracks and sand any rough patches to create a smooth surface before hanging your wall mural.  

Before wallpapering, remove any sanding dust or residual dirt using a sponge and a warm water/mild soap solution. Allow to dry. To stop the wall excessively absorbing the wallpaper paste during the wallpaper installation, apply wallpaper primer to seal the wall. Allow the wall to dry thoroughly.

Hanging wallpaper on plasterboard 

 Before wallpapering, fill in any holes. Sand any rough patches or uneven joints to create a smooth surface.  

Remove any sanding dust or residual dirt using a sponge and a warm water/mild soap solution. Allow to dry. To stop the wall excessively absorbing the wallpaper paste during the installation, apply wallpaper primer to seal the wall. Allow the wall to dry thoroughly.

How to apply wallpaper –   

Tool for installing wallpaper –

  • Step ladder
  • Paste-the-wall wallpaper paste. Bucket, pasting brush or roller
  • Craft knife/Stanley knife, scissors,
  • Tape measure, pencil, plumb line or spirit level
  • Straight edge long ruler / a straight cutting edge
  • Plastic wallpaper smoother, wallpaper brush.
  • Clean damp cloth or sponge.

How to put up wallpaper // simple How-To guide to installing a wallpaper mural

  1. When you are ready to starting installing your wall covering – Unroll your wall mural and lay it out –
  • Your wall mural comes in numbered drops. Separate the drops by unrolling your wallpaper and cutting between the dotted lines. Each wallpaper drop  is numbered in hanging order from left to right so make sure the numbers in the top left hand corner are laid out in the correct order.
  • Check that you have received the correct order and there are no viable defects or damage. If you have any concerns contact us at [email protected]  before you start installing your wallpaper mural. Under no circumstance can we compensate for any installation fees.

                                             >> Hanging a wallpaper mural – separate your wallpaper drops.

      2. Installing wallpaper –  Measure your wall –

  • Measure out 50cm/19.7” width from your starting point on the left hand side of the wall. This marks the width of the first wallpaper drop on the wall. Use your plumb line/spirit level to mark a vertical pencil line on the wall. You will line the right hand edge of your first drop up against this line to ensure it is hung straight.
  • Apply the paste-the-wall wallpaper paste to the wall, ensuring an even coverage. Apply paste to the whole first section, covering a few cm/inches beyond the pencil line. Please note that paste-the-paper or all-purpose glues are not suitable.

                                             >> Hanging a wall mural – measure up your wall and apply wallpaper paste

      3. Installing wallpaper – Hang your first wallpaper mural drop –

  • When you are ready to start installing wallpaper, lift your first wall mural drop up to the wall. Gently line the right hand edge up with the vertical pencil line. Press the wallpaper to the wall by using the smoother tool or brush, starting from the middle and working towards the top and bottom. Smooth any bubble or folds away using the smoother tool.
  • Make sure no wallpaper paste gets on top of the wall mural material. If this happens, gently wipe off the wallpaper paste immediately with a clean, soft damp sponge. Do not rub the surface.
  • Use the cutting edge to press the wallpaper firmly into top and bottom of the wall to create a seamless edge.

                                             >>  Hanging a wallpaper mural – installing your first wallpaper drop..

      4. Installing wallpaper – Matching the second patterned wallpaper drop –

  • Repeat the process with the second wallpaper drop. Measure across another 50cm / 19.7” inches for your next wallpaper drop then paste the wall. Include a couple of extra cm/inches of wallpaper paste coverage beyond your pencil line. Avoiding getting wallpaper paste onto the first drop. 
  • For the second wallpaper drop, line up the wallpaper pattern with the first drop then work from the top down and press onto the wall. Join the two drops seamlessly together with no overlap. Do not excessively pull the wallpaper into place. Smooth out any bubbles or folds and gently remove any excess wallpaper  with damp clean cloth.
  • When you get to the bottom, verify the wallpaper pattern matches with drop one.  If you need to readjust, gently pull the wallpaper back and brush it back into place.

                                             >> Hanging a wall mural – matching the second wallpaper drop.

      5. Installing wallpaper – Repeat until all the wallpaper panels are hung –

  • Carefully, smooth the wallpaper mural and remove any excess glue as you go.
  • When all the wall mural drops are hung, trim any excess wallpaper at the top/bottom with a sharp knife.

                                             >> Hanging a wall mural – Repeat until all the wallpaper drops are hung.

      6. Now you have followed our How To wallpaper guide, sit back and enjoy your designer wallpaper mural –   we hope you love your new interior decor!

  • Once your wallpaper  has been installed, allow the mural to dry at an ambient temperature. Ventilate your room well. Maintain a normal room temperature and avoid draughts.

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