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How to wallpaper with FEATHR’s Paste-the-Wall wallpaper

7. June 2017

“Is it easy to hang?” We hear that question a lot. The answer is YES! It really is. Gone are the days of messy, stressy wallpaper hanging.  

Our non-woven designer wallpaper is an easy hang Paste-the-Wall product.  This means that the glue goes straight on the wall and the wallpaper follows.  No soaking, no stressing. Then match the pattern and place the wallpaper lengths edge to edge.  Then you have some wiggle room and time to get it right - it ain’t one bite of the cherry stuff. 

So all you'll need to hang one of unique designer wallpapers is:

- Roller or a brush for applying the paste on the wall

- Soft brush to smooth out the wallpaper

- Soft clean sponge for cleaning off any excess paste

- Sharp knife for trimming the edges

- Paste the Wall wallpaper paste (ready mixed or powder)

- A spirit level or plumb line (string + scissors) for marking a straight line on the wall with a pencil

- Some loud music

And don't forget to remind yourself by reading the wallpaper hanging tips included with your design.  

When it’s time to update your walls, FEATHR wallpapers are easy to remove. They are dry strippable - you can pull the lengths of wallpaper from the wall without having to soak the walls or use scrapers.

And it you want help with sizing, bespoke colours or even bespoke designs, or advice on anything related to designer wallpaper, then we can help.  We’ve even been known to offer the tie-break vote when couples can’t decide on which of our unique wallpapers to live with.  We’re nice people, like you are - you should totes email us – hello [at]

If you're still looking for a design, explore our exclusive range of designer wallpaper here.

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