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Living Rooms (with wallpaper & more): How to Style Them

16. June 2017

It’s the space where you’re going to spend most of your time.  Relaxing.  Reading.  Talking.  Maybe even a little Netflix and chill.  The living room is the heart of the home, which means getting this space working for all takes time and imagination.  So we’ve pulled together our top tips on how to style your space, with living room wallpaper and more.  Click for more.


Zone it

Living room with zoned spaces

The first rule of creating a liveable, loveable space is to create a different zones.  It doesn’t matter on the room size you’re working with, the different spaces will give you different moods to match yours.  Use different styles and sizes of furniture, focused lighting, rugs and plants to do this.  So whether you’re in a bookish mood and want to recline in peace, or party with friends, you’ll have the space to do this.  Wallpaper can help define the zone as well.   In this open plan home, a change in ceiling colour zones the dining space from the main room, whilst art and a small table creates a reading area to the right.


Get creative with wallpaper

Living room wallpaper in a frame

Wallpaper can define a space, or complement it.  It depends on the mood you want to create.  For a truly dramatic space, you can use a wallpaper as the feature on one wall or more.  Or try framing wallpaper to create a conversation between the walls and the rest of your room.  This is a beautiful and clever use of a Timorous Beasties wallpaper in a frame, coordinated with a chair.


To coordinate or not to coordinate

This is the biggy.  And guess what? There’s no right answer: it’s all about what works for you and your style.  So here are five ways you can look at using wallpaper in your living room


1. Pattern Drench

Living room with toile wallpaper

If you’re feeling bold, then a great way to do your living room is to Pattern Drench.  This is coordination on steroids: leave no surface untouched.


2. Go minimalist

Modern living room with wallpaper

For a classic look, using a living room wallpaper as a subtle backdrop to a calm and cohesive interior.


3. Make a feature of it

Living room wallpaper with feature wall

According to the trends, feature walls and wallpaper are in. Or out.  Or in.  So if you love this look, go for it, whatever the mags and blogs say.  A feature wallpaper is a classic way to make a design statement in your home.


4. Maximalise

Living room wallpaper maximalist style

The on trend look for rich, luxe, maximalist interiors gives you a great excuse to experiment with wallpapers.  If you choose this style for your living room, think about how to create a conversation in the colours or styles of what will inevitably be a varied range of products.


5. Clash it up

Living room wallpaper clashing

Sometimes, juxtaposition is what a room needs.  So don’t be afraid of using colours that clash as well as complement, or designs that bring together a wide variety of different styles.


Keep it open

The lines of living room work horizontally as well as vertically.  So ensure that sight lines are open by mixing larger feature furniture, like a sofa or wingback chair, with low rise tables and low back chairs.  This will improve the flow of both large and small living rooms, and keep the line of sight open to your new living room wallpaper.  This mid century living room uses a low coffee table, stool and rocking chair to keep the room uncluttered.


Layer the lighting

Living room lighting

Use lighting to accent the zones in your living room.  This will make the spaces more distinct and create variation around the room.  Layered lighting also allows you to more carefully control the mood in your living room.  You can also use lighting to highlight features on your walls, whether it be art or wallpaper.  The layered levels in this room are created by a central bulb, reading light and candles.


Deploy your art

Living room wallpaper with art

A large canvas is a great way to create a feature and focal point of your living room.  But have wallpaper in your living room doesn’t mean that you can’t also hang art.  A well chosen canvas and wallpaper can complement each other and create a very individual look.  Here, bold royal blues hold the wallpaper and art together.


Think outside the box (and the room)

scandinavian living room with wallpaper

A living room isn’t just a place to look into.   It’s a place to look out of.  So as your design your living room, think about how you frame the views from your favourite seat.  We love the way to the doorway has been used to frame an artfully constructed dining room table in the classic Scandinavian living room and wallpaper ensemble.


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