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Japanese Wallpaper // Honoring The Tokyo Summer Olympics With Our Favorite Cherry Blossom Wallpaper

Get into the spirit of the Olympics with our stunning Japanese wallpaper collection ! 

Few of us will be lucky enough to experience the immense spectacle of the Tokyo Olympics and enjoy the beauty of the local surroundings, so why not immerse yourself in Japanese elegance at home with a delicate cherry blossom wallpaper design? 

Take yourself to Tokyo and replicate the graceful Japanese aesthetic with one of our stunning Sakura wallpapers.


Kubla Khan Japanese floral wallpaper

A gorgeous Chinoiserie wallpaper, featuring exotic animals and cherry blossoms climbing a subtly distressed wall. Welcome the luxury of this beautiful cherry blossom wallpaper into your home, choose from 6 delicate shades to make your dream Japanese inspired interior.   Perfect for creating a vintage feel statement wall in your living room, bedroom or bathroom.


yellow cherry blossom wallpaper

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Japanese Anemone flower wall mural

Japanese Anemone is more than just a wall mural. It has a distinct design that has a photo-realistic vision of detailed flowers opening up to the morning sun. It fills a room with a sense of serenity. This grey & pastel Japanese flower wall mural is the kind of mural that you can look at time and time again and always discover something new to look at. It fits into any contemporary room that needs a touch of realism. If you are looking for a unique interpretation of the Japanese aesthetic, is this the perfect design?


Grey & Pastel Japanese Flower Wall Mural Hero Image
Image credit: Shutterstock/Jafara
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Takeda cherry blossom wallpaper mural

Embrace the warm depths of this teal cherry blossom wallpaper mural. The deep green teal background is lightly distressed to create a shabby chic effect, perfectly offsetting the deep rich reds of the cherry blossoms that hang from the branches. This classic chinoiserie wallpaper colour scheme will bring a touch of the exotic into your home.

Choose from the 9 stunning colour choices to find the perfect match to your kitchen, bedroom or even bathroom interior décor.


green cherry blossom wallpaper for walls

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Matsumoto pink Japanese wallpaper 

The Matsumoto Japanese wallpaper draws inspiration from the exotic with images of stunning foliage and wildlife flitting among the branches and leaves. This pink romantic Chinoiserie wallpaper incorporates gorgeous detailing against a distressed texture that brings together vintage style and a touch of modern artistry.

In the living room, powder room or bedroom, this design can either be used to create a stunning accent wall but works equally as well as a wallpaper throughout the room.


Pink Romantic Chinoiserie Wallpaper hero image

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Eastern Secret blue cherry blossom wallpaper 

This striking cherry blossom wallpaper – Sakura in Japanese – weaves across the wall creating a dramatic and beautiful aesthetic. Created in a vintage etched style, the Japanese floral tree wallpaper mixes romantic motifs with classic colours for a truly special bedroom wallpaper.

Seen here in a delicate Duck Egg blue colour,  the floral design also comes in 5 other stunning colours.  Which Eastern Secret will you choose for your home?


Blue & Grey Japanese Floral Tree Wallpaper hero image

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Cherry Blossom Japanese sakura wallpaper

Surrender to the calm and serenity of Sakura blooms with the Cherry Blossom wallpaper by contemporary artist Joanna Charlotte. This beautiful Sakura wallpaper is perfect as a bedroom wallpaper, or to create a romantic dining room. This stunning floral design comes in 14 beautiful colour choices to complement perfectly with any interior design scheme.

Here we see the Cherry Blossom wallpaper design in Moonlight, where the white Sakura motif is infused with a subtle soft grey backdrop. Let the branches of this unique Japanese wallpaper adorn your bedroom wall. 


Grey Cherry Blossom Wallpaper Hero Image
Image credit: Shutterstock/Jafara
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Ink Blossoms Japanese wall mural

This Japanese tree wall mural was originally hand-painted using an eastern ink brush style. The branches of the tree are covered with the first touch of the spring’s blossoms. The large scale design is calmed by the sepia toned colour palette that results in a wonderful vintage feel.

Such an aesthetic works perfectly as a dining room feature wall  – the delicate Japanese mural becomes the focal point without overpowering the space.


Brown & Cream Japanese Tree Wall Mural hero image

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Sakura in Bloom floral wallpaper mural

The Sakura in Bloom (Japanese Floral) wall mural has an etched vintage style that matches light colours with amorous themes to create something special. This wallpaper design will introduce a delicate cherry blossom elegance into any space, especially when creating a romantic bedroom.

The cream Japanese floral wall mural design moves across the wall creating a vision of cherry blossoms for an intense and beautiful aesthetic.


Cream Japanese Floral Wall Mural hero image

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Hirosaki silver Japanese wall mural

Bring a dash of drama into the home with this metallic silver chinoiserie wall mural. Featuring songbirds, cranes and peacocks set amongst beautifully detailed branches of cherry blossoms and flowers, it’s a truly stunning design that can grace any room in the house.

The metallic silver background highlights the delicate features of both the birds and Sakura blooms, emphasising the delicateness and light touch that is ever present in the Japanese aesthetic. 


Silver Chinoiserie Wall Mural

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Ocean Spray grey Japanese wallpaper

And finally, a different viewpoint from the traditional Sakura blossom wallpaper design.  None the less emblematic, and just as stunning is the classic Japanese wave motif. Here, watch the ocean waves roll across the wallpaper featuring in vintage-style soft pastel colours. This Japanese wallpaper creates a stunning welcome home in a hallway with its gentle Japanese seascape scene. 


Grey & White Japanese Wave Wallpaper pattern image

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Which Japanese wallpaper suits your home?

It’s clear that a Japanese wallpaper is the perfect way to introduce calm and serenity into your interior.  Whether you prefer oversize Sakura blooms or delicate cherry blossom fronds, each of our wallpaper designs honour the Japanese aesthetic.  Whilst the drama and emotion of the Tokyo Summer Olympics unfolds, surround yourself with a soothing Cherry Blossom wallpaper. 

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