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Kitchen Wallpaper Guide

6 May 2021


Are you looking for the perfect  kitchen wallpaper as the secret ingredient to your dream kitchen? When it comes to kitchen design, installing a kitchen wallpaper is an easy and practical way to transform your space.  Kitchens need to be functional but as the heart of the home, they also need to have personality and be a stylish space for the family to gather together.   

Wallpaper used to be relegated to the living room or bedroom,  but with our durable wallpaper materials, non-traditional areas such as the kitchen can now also benefit from the drama that a feature wallpaper brings.  You can be bold when choosing your kitchen wallpaper design – why not create a wallpaper backsplash in a topical print or even refresh your room with cabinet wallpaper ? 

Want to install a kitchen wallpaper?  Read on to find out how! 


Kitchen wallpaper? Yes, you can!

FEATHR wallpaper is perfectly adapted to the kitchen environment so installing a wallpaper can be a great addition to your kitchen. Our materials are durable and breathable making them perfect in a high usage area such as a kitchen. 

If you are looking to refresh your decor, decorating your space with a kitchen wallpaper is a quick and effective way of updating your room without the expense of replacing cabinets. Kitchen wallpaper can quickly and easily give your kitchen personality without taking up space.  You can choose a kitchen wallpaper design to blend seamlessly into your design scheme as a subtle backdrop or you can use a bold design to create a stunning accent wall that makes an impact.


Cream & White Cherry Blossom Wallpaper Mural

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What’s the best type of kitchen wallpaper?

Style and colour are important factors but knowing that you have a wipeable wallpaper is the most important! Kitchens are work spaces so any kitchen wallpaper needs to be both durable and practical to be the perfect wallcovering. 

FEATHR wallpapers are made with a durable non-woven material which is breathable yet strong so it is perfect for use in your  kitchen. Our non-woven wallpaper material is wipe clean – dirt or water stains can easily be removed with a damp cloth or sponge so it is adapted for use in your kitchen in areas away from direct water contact!


Cream & Brown Distressed Shabby Chic Wallpaper

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Do I need waterproof wallpaper in my kitchen?

Kitchens are potentially the messiest room in the house, with a mix of cooking stains and water splashes.  After installing your non-woven kitchen wallpaper, you can apply a clear acrylic decorators varnish in order to boost its resistance. Varnish not only does a great job for protecting kitchen wallpaper, but it also gives  extra protection against stains. 

For a wall covering with extra durability for areas with potential water splashes, such as a kitchen backsplash or around the cooker, choose a vinyl wallpaper finish which is sturdy, washable wallpaper.


Pink & Green Tropical Leaf Wallpaper hero image

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How to install your kitchen wallpaper

What you might be wondering next is whether a kitchen wallpaper is complicated to install and remove. Well, you do not need to worry about this either, since non-woven wallpaper makes this process easy. 

Unlike the wallpaper used in the past, non-woven wallpaper does not need to be wetted and glued. Now, the process is much easier! Apply a paste-the-wall glue directly to the wall and then hang your kitchen wallpaper directly on the wall. If needed, you have enough time to gently adjust the wallpaper before the wallpaper paste dries. This is an easy process for those who are into DIY projects, however, you can always choose to leave this task to professional installers and enjoy the results.

And when you want to redesign your kitchen again,  the paste-the-wall glue allows the wallpaper to be removed easily without leaving any residue


Green Beautiful Chinoiserie Wallpaper

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How do I choose a kitchen wallpaper design?

Now you have the peace of mind that you can choose a washable kitchen wallpaper that is practical in your kitchen environment,  the next decisions are on colour and pattern.  

Think about your kitchen space as a whole, whether it is large or small and choose a colour that suits. To make a small space appear larger, choose a kitchen wallpaper in lighter tones, even with a metallic sheen to help open up the space. For a larger kitchen, be bold with either your colour choice or pattern. 

Look at your existing kitchen decor when choosing your kitchen wallpaper pattern.  For a bold statement choose an oversize tropical print to create that wow moment. For a more subtle approach, introduce a delicate cherry blossom wallpaper for that indoor outdoor feel in your space. Or for a calming style that can blend seamlessly in, choose an abstract watercolour wallpaper design.


Cream & White Abstract Minimalist Stripe Wallpaper

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Where can I use kitchen wallpaper?

Be creative! A kitchen wallpaper can work beautifully on a large expanse of wall or be equally as effective as a small burst of colour or pattern tucked behind a set of open shelving. With washable wallpaper, you can even create a wallpaper backsplash! But kitchen wallpaper is longer just for walls –  think outside the box and make a statement!


Grey & Gold Abstract Wall Mural

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Create a wallpaper backsplash

This is usually a very visible area with your kitchen so choose a wallpaper backsplash that works with your overall kitchen design. This area works hard – splashes and stains are most likely in this part of the kitchen so choose a backsplash wallpaper material that is perfect for the job in hand! 

For heavy use areas in your kitchen such as around a kitchen backsplash or other cooking areas, our heavy duty textured vinyl washable wallpaper material is the perfect  choice as it is hard wearing and resistant. The vinyl wallpaper surface has a gorgeous embossed, canvas-like feel that is resistant to spills and stains. Combine that with the piece of mind that this is a washable wallpaper, and you have your perfect backsplash wallpaper.


Create a bold accent wall

Where better to put a feature wallpaper than in an area where you get to sit and admire it! Choose a kitchen wallpaper design that either blends with the decor of your actual kitchen or create that contrast and choose a statement wallpaper to become a focus.  Give your dinner guests a talking point!


Why not try cabinet wallpaper?

A cabinet wallpaper is a fantastic way to refresh a kitchen with the minimum of fuss and outlay. Rather than having to replace your kitchen cabinets at great expense, use a wallpaper to transform your kitchen units. There is no secret to cabinet wallpaper – it is applied in exactly the same way as a wallpaper on your walls. And while you are wallpapering your cabinets, why not introduce a wonderful element of surprise and line the inside of your draws with the same wallpaper design?


Install a kitchen wallpaper…on your ceiling

This is a modern and creative way to introduce a kitchen wallpaper! Brighten up a lacklustre room with this creative design idea.  Use a statement wallpaper that gets noticed – perhaps a geometric design – something to draw the eye upwards and make the room feel larger.


Are you ready for kitchen wallpaper?

So are you ready to get on trend and choose a kitchen wallpaper? With all the different ways to incorporate a kitchen wallpaper design – be it on a wall, as a wallpaper backsplash or even on your ceiling, surely any kitchen can benefit from a gorgeous wallpaper!

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