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Love Rustic Décor? You’ll Love These Shabby Chic Wallpaper Ideas!

Shabby chic is a term that rolls off the tongue in conversations about interior design. But what exactly is this style all about, and more to the point, how can you master it to get your own living space echoing this young and fashionable interior trend? Sit tight as we explore the concept of shabby chic, and share a few insider tips on the subject of shabby chic wallpaper and how to use it to nail the look.

Often referred to as French country, country chic or vintage chic, shabby chic is a bohemian movement that’s become the jam of the hip, young and trendy set. More than just a decorative choice, it’s an expression of lifestyle and values, representing a sense of freedom and dreaminess and an easy going approach.

Possibly one of the most popular trends in the interior design world, shabby chic holds a light and refreshing appeal. It’s an eclectic look that’s soft and down to earth, and tinged with a charmingly rustic edge.

The secret to nailing shabby chic lies in mixing together various elements, such as pastel colours, feminine florals, shiny highlights and antique accents, and all of this can be achieved by bringing in a spot of shabby chic wall art. Let’s take a closer look.

Natural ambience

The French country and farmhouse roots of the shabby chic movement evoke images of babbling brooks, flourishing meadows and verdant hillsides. With this in mind, it stands to reason that nature is going to play a pivotal role in capturing the essence of shabby chic.

Shabby chic ideas for netting that natural ambience could be anything from adding plants, to choosing natural accessories, such as a jute rug, seagrass storage baskets, a bamboo lantern or a strategically placed willow bundle or two.

Another clever way of bringing the spirit of nature into the home is through shabby chic wall art that depicts natural scenes.

This woodland wall mural pictures an idyllic scene, perfect for creating a sense of calm in your sleeping quarters, or in any other room of the home for that matter. As shabby chic wall art goes, this design certainly has that welcoming air to it, something that’s such an important element of this look.

This misty rolling farmland scene is classic shabby chic through and through and forms a picture-perfect backdrop for the rustic country-inspired interior.

Floral elements

Staying on the natural theme, one of the most important elements of the shabby chic look has to be florals. Beautiful bouquets are for sure a shabby chic must-have if you’re going to do justice to its intrinsic essence of femininity. Shabby chic floral wallpaper can be used to great effect here, and in a number of ways.

Use it to craft a neutral, serene backdrop for focus furniture pieces. Or go all-out and create a wow-factor feature wall with floral shabby chic wall art that tells a story.

Whatever you do, florals simply have to be on the agenda. A shabby chic interior just wouldn’t be right without them. Whether they’re on the walls, engrained into distressed country antique style furniture, peeking through rustic accessories or knitted into chunky blankets, it’s all about finding ways to bring the essence of nature inside.

Delicate blooms meet butterflies and birds in this country-inspired shabby chic floral wallpaper that looks like it was designed especially for the rustic look interior.

Shabby chic floral wallpaper doesn’t come much more romantic than this. Bright blooms burst out from a neutral background, creating an intriguing scene where natural elements converge into a kaleidoscope of colour.

Pastel palette

Shabby chic ideas are centred on a light and airy theme, so it’s no surprise that the shabby chic living space is built around a neutral colour palette. Whites, creams, ivories, beiges and greys are the way to go when it comes to your walls, flooring and upholstery. But never hold back when it comes to introducing a splash of colour.

Pastels such as sky blues, natural greens and dusky pinks are just the ticket. Bring them in on rugs, accessories, cushions and throws, or choose shabby chic wallpapers with coloured highlights to create that sense of playfulness that’s the epitome of the spirited shabby chic look.

Fitting the brief spot-on, this chinoiserie shabby chic wallpaper presents a neutral background, brought into bloom by beautiful red cherry blossoms and nut brown branches.

Shiny highlights

Weather-worn the shabby chic look might be, but this is an aesthetic that revels in hints of shimmer and glints of gold. This is precisely what polishes the look and gives it the aristocratic appeal it’s known and loved for.

Gilded accents on furniture. Shiny metal figurines on the fireplace. Gold leaf dusted onto picture frames. Mother of pearl inlaid accessories. You get the picture. And you can also use shabby chic wallpaper to your advantage here too.

This luxury wallpaper is shabby chic perfection in motion, with a swoop of intricately detailed metallic paisley-patterned herons taking flight against a lightly distressed backdrop.

Shabby chic wallpaper from Feathr, the wallpaper specialists

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Why not use our visualizer to discover how one of our shabby chic wall murals could look on your very own walls?

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