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Modern Art Deco Interior Design Ideas

Bold, nostalgic and dramatic, Art Deco design sits neatly between past and present, with its roots firmly in the Roaring Twenties, but its opulent colours, geometric shapes and patterns making it wonderfully timeless and enduringly popular. If you’re intrigued by the Art Deco design movement, and you have your own designs on paying homage to it, read on as we share our favourite Art Deco interior design ideas.

What is Art Deco design?

As the major style of the 1920s, thirties and forties, Art Deco design is characterised by simple shapes, a good pinch of decadent glamour and a fair dash of geometric detail, as well as the use of metallics and jewel-inspired tones, such as jade, silver and chrome. It’s by no means a look for the faint-hearted.

Art Deco, short for Arts Décoratifs, dominated all areas of the decorative arts during the 1920s, 1930s and 1940s, extending from interior design right through to car design.

Originating in France, it was a stark contrast to the more minimalist Art Nouveau movement that came before it, taking elements from the past and giving them a more modern twist. Having survived the extravagance of the 1920s, the Depression of the thirties, and the global conflict of the 1940s, Art Deco design finally fell from favour during the 1950s, when the mid-century modern style came into vogue.

What are the features of Art Deco design?

Typical characteristics of Art Deco interior design include angular forms, and outright, unreserved show-offy boldness. The popularity of safari holidays at the time inspired the use of exotic materials, with furniture crafted from rare timbers, inlaid with mother-of-pearl or tortoiseshell proving appealing.

Art Deco Patterns

Common patterns of the Art Deco design style include zigzags, sweeping curves, chevrons, triangular shapes and stylised wildlife. It’s all about making a statement, avoiding fine detail and fussiness and embracing the spirit of the bold.

Get the look…

The bold, abstract patterns and subtle sand shades of this Art Deco inspired wallpaper make it the perfect backdrop for a statement furniture piece in one of the key colours of the era.

Art Deco inspired wallpaper

Super Abstract – Sand by Supermundane

Art Deco design ideas don’t come much more decadent than this mural wallpaper, with its swoop of stylised herons taking flight against a moody background. Perfect for a feature wall in a cosy snug or study.

Art Deco design ideas

The Swoop – Blue by Feathr

This funky wallpaper is the epitome of Art Deco design, with its bold colours and striking patterns. Navy and silver foil combine beautifully to honour the era’s rulebook.

Art deco design movement

Drip The Scales – Navy by Aino Huhtaniemi

Feeling brave? Rouse your daring side and go all-out bold with this tastefully garish Art Deco wallpaper. Because confidence really is the order of the day when it comes to Art Deco interior design.

Art deco design movement

Match – Original by Peter Judson

Art Deco Materials

Art Deco materials hone in on velvet, marble, inlaid woods, lacquered finishes, rare timbers, exotic skins, chrome, stainless steel, glass and mirrors.

Art Deco Colours

Colour wise, Art Deco design tends to be shaped around anything bold, with contrast the name of the game. Deep blues, pinks, yellows and reds mixed with chrome and black are distinctive of the movement.

Get the look…

Pretty in pink, this Art Deco wallpaper allows colour to do the talking as it creates a luxurious design that echoes the Art Deco design movement beautifully. Combine with furniture or accessories in contrasting shades and you’ll have the look firmly under your belt.

Art Deco wallpaper

Orchid Scales – Flamingo by Michiko Design

Sumptuous, mysterious and typical of the modern Art Deco interior design movement with its safari-inspired print, this contemporary wallpaper with its shadowy background and metallic highlights makes a fantastic choice for lounges, bedrooms and home offices.

modern Art Deco interior design

Zambezi – Night by Feathr

The contrast of colours and the stylised peacocks in this Art Deco wallpaper bring the whole era into focus. If you’re looking to make a statement of elegance, this wallpaper could provide the perfect backdrop.

Art Deco wallpaper

Arcadia – Cream by La Feature Wall Murals

Art Deco Furniture

The bold Art Deco design look extends to furniture, with oversized, striking pieces such as armoires, sideboards and generously sized chairs dominating Art Deco interior design ideas. Choose items crafted from exotic timbers such as zebrawood and ebony, mirrored pieces or anything featuring chrome, and you’ll be on the road to nailing the look. As long as you stick to strong, streamlined, unfussy shapes, you’ll be on the right lines.

Art Deco Flooring

Wood flooring in parquet or herringbone patterns are emblematic of the Art Deco design movement, especially if there’s an inlaid shape involved, such as a glorious sunburst. Black and white chequered linoleum or tiles, or cube patterned flooring with optical illusion designs, are also typical of the era, as are large, statement rugs sporting big geometric patterns.

Art Deco Lighting

Art Deco lighting is renowned for its symmetrical and geometric patterns. Perhaps one of the more detailed aspects of the Art Deco design movement, you’ll often find lighting with shades made from etched glass or chrome, or with fanned-out shapes that obscure the bulbs. Opal glass, also known as milk glass for its translucent white finish, was widely used to make shades for light fittings during the Art Deco era.

Art Deco Fireplace Designs

Art Deco fireplace designs were no exception to the rules of the era. Luxurious with spectacular flourishes, they were pieces that well and truly stole the limelight as statement features. During the 1930s, interior designers started to explore the use of new materials, such as stainless steel and chrome, and this was reflected in the emerging Art Deco fireplace designs of the time, combining them with highly lacquered wood to wondrous effect.

Achieving the modern Art Deco interior design look with wallpaper

One of the key advantages of Art Deco wallpaper is that it seamlessly bridges the gap between the old and the new. And because there is such an eclectic variety, you’ll never fail to create just the look you have in your mind’s eye.

Looking for Art Deco interior design inspiration? Why not use our visualizer to see how you could create the perfect look in your own home.

Ready to buy wallpaper for your Art Deco interior? With our customer promise of excellent free design services, fast worldwide delivery, high-quality materials and top-rated customer service, and a commitment to protecting our environment, you are guaranteed to be over the moon with your Feathr experience.

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