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by La Feature Wall Murals

Shimmering through the mist hanging above the Carpathian mountains, a row of pine...


Mountain Wallpaper & Wall Murals

Make a statement with stunning views of nature when using mountain wallpaper. Whether you want to showcase the peaks of Mount Everest or enjoy the view of Mount Fuji, the contemporary wallpaper will create a vision of the outdoors inside of any interior room. Enjoy the awe-inspiring effects of nature on a feature wall to remind yourself of past journeys or adventures still to come. Mountain wallpaper features everything from snowy peaks to bubbling rivers and green plains under the sun or moon. Inspire yourself to go farther and achieve your goals every time you take a look at a gorgeous mountain wallpaper. It fits well with nurseries, bedrooms, and offices to make a statement and create a feeling of inspiration every time it is looked at.

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  • Carpathia Monochrome
    $49 / m2

    Grey Misty Forest Wall Mural

  • Carpathia Vintage
    $49 / m2

    Brown Misty Forest Wall Mural

  • Carpathia Original
    $239 / m2

    Blue & White Misty Forest Wall Mural

  • Mount Song Monochrome
    $49 / m2

    Grey & White Abstract Mountain Wall Mural

  • Mount Song Blue
    $49 / m2

    Blue & White Abstract Mountain Wall Mural

  • Mount Song Sand
    $49 / m2

    Cream & White Abstract Mountain Wall Mural

  • Dreamscape Night
    $129 / Roll

    Blue & Purple Quirky Scandinavian Kids Wallpaper

  • Dreamscape Sunset
    $129 / Roll

    Black & Orange Quirky Scandinavian Kids Wallpaper

  • Dreamscape Green Forest
    $129 / Roll

    Green Quirky Scandinavian Kids Wallpaper

  • Dreamscape Aqua Mist
    $129 / Roll

    Green & Teal Quirky Scandinavian Kids Wallpaper

Viewing all 10 results

Modern mountain wallpaper by Feathr™

When you want to enjoy your favourite locations even while staying inside, mountain wallpaper offers that option. You can make a statement about the kind of environments that energize and excite you by showing a view of Mount Fuji or displaying the snow-covered peaks of Mount Everest in your living room, dining room, or office. This stunning contemporary wallpaper takes a vision of outdoor adventure and makes it something you can take in even when sitting in an interior room of your home. Share jaw-dropping visions of nature on a feature wall in the living room to offer reminders of trips you’ve made in the past or journeys you want to take in the future. Mountain wallpaper can be as simple or intricate as you like with a selection of colours, textures, and extra design elements.

Our many versions of mountain wallpaper focus on everything from snowy peaks to the green plains and aquamarine rivers that coexist with them. Add a touch of brightness by choosing a designer wallpaper that has a sunset or sunrise with touches of pink, blue, orange, or purple. If you need a spark of creativity or inspiration, mountain wallpaper can push you to work hard and succeed at your goals every time you look at the wallpaper filled with awe-inspiring mountains. Try a pastel scene with cartoon animals or other design elements to create a backdrop perfect for a nursery or a child’s bedroom. Add nature to your personal space by recreating your favourite mountain scene.

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