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Venice Beach

by La Feature Wall Murals

A relaxing beach wall mural, using watercolours to evoke the famous stretch of beach...


Sea Wallpaper & Wall Murals

Anyone who enjoys gazing out at the sea or sitting in a boat as the waves roll by will enjoy sea wallpaper, which brings that outdoor experience right into your home. This luxury wallpaper lets you stare at the sea while you plan your next vacation to a pier or beach. Offering beautiful views of seas from around the globe, sea wallpaper creates a calming and relaxing effect that works well in rooms where you want to take a load off and simply exist. Many of the wallpapers come in hues of turquoise and aquamarine with underwater patterns that make you feel as if you’re vacationing on the water. Sea wallpaper fits well into rooms with white or light wood furnishings to create a cohesive nautical look.

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Luxury sea wallpaper by Feathr™

Sea wallpaper is designed specifically for anyone who pines for moments sitting on a shore and staring out at the water. It can also add relaxation and inspiration to a room for someone who likes to head out and go fishing or spend time on the beach with a group of friends. This luxury wallpaper takes a beloved outdoor experience and places it on interior walls, so you never have to be away from an enjoyable location. In addition to traditional sea wallpaper, there are also versions with underwater scenes and patterns that take you underneath the water with colourful sea creatures. Many of the unique wallpaper options come in calming colours like aquamarine or turquoise that can calm down an environment that has a lot going on.

When you gaze out at your sea wallpaper, you get a glimpse of the sea that may inspire you to take a vacation on your favourite beach or pier. There is a huge range of options with this modern wallpaper including views of seas from around the world. This type of wallpaper has a relaxing and calming effect and makes an excellent choice in any environment where you want to forget all the stress of a day and focus on enjoying life. If you can’t vacation on the water as often as you’d like, sea wallpaper can take you there without leaving the house. For those who are renovating or redecorating a room, sea wallpaper fits well with light wood or white furnishings and aquatic décor to build a cohesive nautical look.

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