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by Jen Merli

A stunning abstract wallpaper mural by painter Jen Merli, with intricate detailing...


Living Room Wallpaper & Wall Murals

The right choice of living room wallpaper will ensure this much used space is somewhere the whole family wants to spend tons of time in. As a modern wallpaper option, you can select a design with the colours you love and designs that resonate with the personalities of those who live in the home. This living room wallpaper can add brightness and light with floral designs that span the room or landscapes that take you to another location every time you step into the room. Choose from bright wallpapers to pastel hues and monochromatic colour themes to fit the feel of your family and build a space to spend free time in. When you choose living room wallpaper that matches your style and space, it can transform your home.

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Living room wallpaper by Feathr™

The living room. What an evocative name that is. Every other room in the house (the bathroom, the bedroom, the kitchen, the study) gets named after a piece of furniture or a functional activity. But the living room? That gets the whole of life in its glorious richness: love, tears, laughter, parties, relaxation, chilling, dancing, drinking, eating, alone, with friends, quiet days, noisy evenings. I.e. LIVING.

So that’s quite breadth of moods that one room has to capture. Which is why styling and designing your living room is such an important part of creating a home that you love. Over at FEATHR Towers we spend a lot of time thinking about how we can create beautiful living room wallpaper that will make your living space a special place to be.

That’s why we work with contemporary artist from all over the world to create original living room wallpaper. Our artist roster includes tattooists, fine artists, graffiti artist and even experimental photographers. Which means our collection of designer wallpapers is as diverse as the styles of audience. So whatever style you want for your living room, we have the wallpaper for it.

Individuality matters too. Who wants their main living space to be generic? We say replace your decoration with art. But that means finding a wallpaper brand whose collections are stuffed full of incredible original design by contemporary artists. Guess what? You’re in the right place. Not only have Elle Décor called us their “new favorite wallpaper” but we’ve also picked up awards at the Wallpaper of the Year Awards. So for original living room wallpaper, for unique living rooms, do not adjust your sets.

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