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Powder Room Wallpaper & Wall Murals

Serenity and relaxation are two themes that are commonly offered in powder room wallpaper, but that doesn’t mean that all designs are the same. Many of these types of contemporary wallpaper includes innovative designs and themes that show off your style while keeping you in a mood for rest and self-care. Choose an elegant and eye-catching powder room wallpaper to create visual appeal without pulling too much focus away from the other elements of the room. Go with a vintage design with muted colours and a rustic art technique or choose something with flowers and leaves to bring the natural world into a space. When choosing a powder room wallpaper, there are tons of choices, and something is sure to fit your unique home.

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Luxury powder room wallpaper by Feathr™

While a lot of powder room wallpaper focuses on themes of relaxation and serenity, that doesn’t mean that all the designs to choose from are composed of the same motifs and themes. Many of these types of contemporary wallpaper have exciting innovative elements that show off your style while ensuring the room evokes the perfect mood for self-care and respite. You could choose an eye-catching design with lots of bold and intense colours to match neutral furnishings and linens or go with something more elegant in colours like cream, blue, or yellow to create a more relaxing environment that doesn’t take attention away from other items in the space. Our powder room wallpaper lets you relax and let loose, so your home is always comfortable.

If you like vintage designs and muted colours, try something with flowers and leaves or bring some stripes into the space to keep things simple. Powder room wallpaper can just as easily have a rustic art technique, geometric shapes in pastel colours, or a beach theme that makes you feel as if you’re on a tropical vacation. If you have a fairly neutral room, bold colours in your powder room wallpaper will add energy. Already using lots of hues to draw the eyes? Try a monochrome theme or something a bit softer so that a unique wallpaper fits your home. There are endless options, and all you have to do is narrow them down. So consider what matters to you, and then find the wallpaper of your dreams.

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