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Modern Designer Cushions | Made by Artists

Explore our exclusive range of designer cushions.  Made with luxuriously weighty and soft 100% cotton.

Crafted by contemporary artists.  Curated by us.  Shipped FREE, direct to you.

That's designer cushions done the FEATHR way.

No wonder Elle Décor calls FEATHR their “new favorite”. 



Design By Artists

Designer comfort
made by modern

Unique Cushions

Bold & beautiful
designs on irresistible
100% soft cotton

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Art that should be cushions

Here's our pick of 10 modern artworks and artists that'd make amazing pillows. From abstract to ethnic, these artworks would look stunning on your sofa.


11 sofas your cushions need

If you need a sofa with added wow, then check out these 11 beauties. Choose one of these and match with pillows for a guaranteed centrepiece design statement.


10 on trend scatter cushions

Scatter pillows are the easy way to bring some vivid colours and different styles into a room. Delve into our pick of 10 on trend designs for inspiration.


Stylish homes with cushions

These 12 rooms will have you salivating. Fresh designs, classic pieces and a few scatter pillows to boot.

Designer cushions. Crafted by artists, curated by us, shipped direct to you.

Sofa, meet modern art.

FEATHR started with a simple thought.  Let’s fill people’s homes with more art, and less decoration.  Scatter cushions are such a great way to do that.  They’re like canvases - just ones you put on your sofa, rather than hang on the wall.  So with our new range you can turn your sofa into an art gallery.  Our cushions are made of the finest heavyweight 100% soft cotton and luxurious velvets - so you get comfort as well as unique designs.   So grab a few FEATHR scatter pillows, arrange on your sofa, and prepare for the opening night of Gallery Chez Vous.

The FEATHR cushion secret sauce.

We don't actually use secret sauce when creating our designer cushions - that could get awfully messy.  But we do have a few tricks up our sleeves.  First of all, we source (not sauce) the most inspiring contemporary modern artists and collaborate with them to create unique, modern designs.  Then we create our pillows with the finest materials, carefully sourced - 100% soft cotton and sumptuous velvets.  Finally, we sell direct and ship from the makers: meaning that we can keep prices down.  That’s how we get unique artist-made design into your hands - at a price at which the pillows can be enjoyed, not revered.

Mix and match.

FEATHR started with designer wallpaper - and now we’ve expanded our product range to include fabrics and cushions.  So now when you find your favourite design - whether it’s a floral wallpaper or designer fabric - you can now match it, or mix it, with a FEATHR pillow.  We’ll be constantly adding to the range - and we’re able to work bespoke.  So if you see a design, or a colour, that you just have to have it on your sofa - holler and we’ll see what we can do.   

Unique cushions.  Made with smarts. 

Why spend so much time creating original designs – the deliver them in an old-fashioned, unoriginal way?  We’ve made sure that every step of the journey of getting our artists’ work into your hands is filled with smarts.  We work with artists in over 30 countries, we make many of our products to order and we ship direct.  Which means we can get stunning and original designer pillows into your homes at a fair price.  And as we’ve gone large and luxurious with our range - they’re sized at 50cm x 50cm, with hidden zips - there’s nothing to get in the way of the 100% cotton comfort.

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