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Dive into our beautiful range of blue designer home furnishings.

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Blue wallpaper, fabrics, cushions & chairs

5 Cool Blue Rooms

We’ve chosen 5 of our favourite blue rooms, with designer wallpapers to match.

Blue Wallpaper. Modern designs for original homes.

Blue.  It’s an easy word to say, huh?  And what would you do without it – there’s way to describe the sea, the sky, all the eyes of Scandinavia.

Well, here’s a funny thing.  Just a few thousand years back, people either couldn’t see blue or didn't have a name for it.  Homer, the Hebrew Bible, the Koran and ancient Chinese stories – all lack any mention of blue.

It was worda non grata – until the Egyptians invented blue dye and started to describe it on a regular basis.

So how would they have described our range of blue wallpaper?  Homer’s famous reference was to the ‘wine-dark’ sea in the Odyssey – but that’s not much good for describing Plato Wallpaper in Deep Blue.

The Japanese often describe blue and green together, as with green traffic lights: ‘ao’ – which used to mean ‘green and blue’.  That would work pretty well for the rich blues and green of La Cueillette wallpaper in Aqua.

And once the Russians incorporated ‘blue’ into their language, they became better at distinguishing it than speakers of other languages.  Their word for light blue, goluboy, would be ideal for Baltic Sea wallpaper in Ice; whilst their word for dark blue, siniy, nails Cutlery wallpaper in Blue.

Blue is here to stay, as wallpaper, sky, sea or eyes.  But maybe there’s some other colour we don’t quite yet perceive?  Meet our new wallpaper, now available in four colours of blue, white, red and ­­­____.

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