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Designer wallpaper | Luxury artist-made range

Discover our exclusive range of designer wallpapers.  Every design has been created by an independent artist.  No wonder Elle Décor calls the collection their “new favorite wallpaper”. 

Crafted by artists, curated by us, shipped direct to you. From only £89, including FREE shipping to the EU, UK & USA. 




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Designer Wallpaper

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Designer Wallpaper

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Designer Wallpaper

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Designer wallpaper. Artist-made wallcoverings for original homes.

It’s a funny word, ‘designer’.  People like to stick in front of all sorts of things.  Wallpaper.  Handbags.  Homes.  Bodies.  You see it so often, it can become a little meaningless.

But we think it’s important – and here’s why.

For us folk here at FEATHR Towers, ‘designer’ means something.  It means that there’s evidence of a maker in the work.  That there’s creativity and vision.  That our wallpaper hasn’t been produced, but crafted.  That behind it all sits a person, not a machine.

That’s why we fill our world with so many incredible and vibrant independent artists.  It’s their talent that puts the designer into our wallpaper.   Each of our artists has a story worth spending time with, but here are a few of our favorites.

There’s enfant terrible photographer, Luke Evans, who became known for his project using self-digested camera film.  He created the stunning Neural wallpaper, using cow brain and a hi-res microscope,

Then there’s Liam Sparkes, legendary tattoo artist.  For the first time, his brutal and absurd tattoos are available for you interiors (as well as your personal exteriors).  He’s created two pieces for FEATHR, Tattoo Flash 01 and Tattoo Flash 02.

Or how about the graphic genius of Supermundane? His signature style of pure line and color is recognized all over the world.   For FEATHR, he created an original piece, Super Abstract.

So when you see the word ‘designer’ in front of our wallpapers, you know what you’re getting.  Not just a design.  Not just an office-bound iMac-monkey churning out patterns.  But a piece created by artist with an independent creative vision, crafting original and inspiring work.

Designer wallpaper.  When you next see those words, have a think what’s behind them.   We have.

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