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Kids' & children's designer wallpaper | Unique artist-made range

Our funky Children’s designer wallpapers will stir the imagination of kids of all ages. Elle Décor calls it their “new favorite wallpaper”. 

Crafted by artists, curated by us, shipped direct to you.  From only £89, including FREE shipping to the EU & USA.



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Kids and children’s wallpaper. For your inner child.

When we started making kids and children’s wallpaper, we decided to do one very important thing. 

And that was not to make kids and children’s wallpaper.

Because here’s the funny thing about children.  They’re thinking way, way ahead of you, and you’re thinking several decades behind them.  Kids are like one those computers that keeps beating the Grand Poobah of Chess by calculating what’s going to happen 3 billion moves in the future.  They.  Just.  Know.

So when you ask an adult to design kids and children’s wallpaper, they think back to their childhood.  Ponies! Monsters! Ginger pop! But when children are choosing wallpaper, they’re looking right to the future (or what counts as a future to children, i.e. their mate Dave coming around next week).

This is why most kids and children’s wallpaper is so predictable and, to borrow a term that we once heard someone young say, sucky.

So we don’t create kids and children’s wallpaper.  We ask our artists to create wallpaper that moves them.  Some of it turns out to strike a particular chord with children.  And that’s the work that goes into our ‘Modern Kids and Children’s’ wallpaper collection.

So that’s it.  FEATHR kids and children’s wallpaper made specifically not for kids and children, but as it turns out, that makes kids and children like it more.  It’s not much of a tagline, but it’ll do.

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