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Scandinavian wallpaper, fabrics, cushions & chairs | Made by artists

Cool, crisp and oh-so-stylish – that's our exclusive range of Scandinavian designer home furnishings.

Choose from award-winning wallpapers, luxurious fabrics, scatter cushions and Nordic seating.

Crafted by artists. Curated by us. Shipped direct to you.



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Scandinavian wallpaper, fabrics, cushions & chairs

Scandinavian Wallpaper Ideas

From stripped wooden rooms, to modernist cottages - this moodboard contains all the inspiration you'll need for a Scandinavian lifestyle.

Scandinavian wallpaper, fabrics, cushions & chairs

Scandinavian Homes & Wallpaper

Scandinavian architecture is revered throughout the world for it style and liveability. We've picked 5 of the best homes.

Scandinavian wallpaper. Created in Finland, shipped direct from the makers.

Here are some things the Scandinavians are known for.  Design, cold winters, Northern lights, cinnamon buns, design again, blonde hair, blue eyes, straight talking and fast driving.

And these are all things that help get us over at FEATHR towers through the day.  We’re a Scandinavian company through and through.  We were founded in Helsinki in 2015 by Anne (a Finn) and Tom (a Brit) Puukko.  And we bring together the best of Scandinavian wallpaper design with the best of global artistic talent.

That’s why when you browse our designer wallpapers, you’ll find stunning Scandinavian wallpapers such as Baltic Sea or NYE, sitting alongside work from the Japan, UK, France, USA and more.  We also print on a luxurious Scandinavian 150g non-woven wallpaper - produced by Finnish company Ahlstrom (and if there's one thing the Finns know, it's forests and paper).

But there’s something else the Scandinavians are known for.  And that’s innovating.  Because when it’s -20c outside, that tends to focus the mind about making sure that things work in the smartest possible way.

So when we started FEATHR, we tore up the wallpaper playbook and re-wrote it, Scandinavian style.   Out when middle of the road designs.  Out when large print runs.  Out when warehousing and high street mark ups.  In came adventurous artist-made wallpaper.  In came made-to-order rolls.  In came direct delivery and great prices.

So when you order from FEATHR, you can be sure of this.  You’re buying Scandinavian wallpaper from a Scandinavian company - and it comes with added Scandinavian smarts.

Oh, there’s one more thing the Scandinavians are famed for.  Drinking.  So, raise your glasses.  Skål! Kippis!

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