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Shabby Chic Wallpaper

Discover our selection of shabby chic wallpaper and wall murals.




Vintage shabby chic wallpaper & wall murals

Traditional shabby chic wallpaper styles get the vintage treatment

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Shabby chic wallpapers featuring lush florals

These floral shabby chic wallpapers and wall murals are blooming beautiful

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Vintage and shabby chic wallpapers are two design styles that never seem to go out of fashion. A rustic home is the perfect place for a textural wallpaper with a worn finish effect, and a vintage floral wall mural gives a feminine bedroom a little laid back elegance. Here at FEATHR we celebrate any wallpaper that can make a house feel like a home, and shabby chic wallpapers do just that.

Choose your design to complement your interior - we have delicate floral wallpapers in neutral tones for shared rooms in the house, or eye-catching summer garden scenes with soft textural effects, perfect for adding personality to a private bedroom.

Discover designer shabby chic wallpapers from a diverse range of artists all over the world - from creative otherworldly landscapes featuring magical Austrian wildlife, to beautiful hand-painted flora and fauna designs from France.

The quality of artwork demands a substrate to match, so we've sourced a luxurious 150gsm, non-woven backed substrate to enhance the detail in the designs. Shabby chic wallpapers and wall murals, whether watercolour paintings or high detail photography, are each printed as made to order rolls on the velvety matt surface.

Indulge your love of nostalgia with our range of shabby chic wallpapers. Baroque motifs, soft colours, weathered textures and whimsical impressions of nature all feature in our hand-picked selection of romantic designs by talented artists. There's no minimum order and no limits to your theme - this beautiful collection of designer wallpapers has something for everyone.

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