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Indulge your inner space traveller or astronaut with our range of space wallpapers and star wall murals. Our collection will inspire you and relax you as you will get the opportunity to marvel at the night sky and sleep beneath the stars every night.


If you are looking for a vintage space wallpaper mural or a fun kids star wallpaper, we have it covered. At FEATHR we are always on the lookout for new and unique designs, and our diverse range of space wall murals and wallpapers is great for both young and old alike.


Discover space wallpapers inspired by astronomical maps and illustrated star constellation designs full of detail from the sky at night. All our designs are available in colours that complement the starry night wallpaper designs, from navy blue to classic cream colours.


Our star wall murals are all made to order exactly to your specifications, so you can choose the area of the mural you would like to feature on your wall. Simply enter the width and height of your wall on the product page, and using the mural crop selection tool you can choose your bespoke design. If you have any questions the FEATHR team are always happy to help!

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