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Designer Wallpaper & Wall Murals

Designer wallpaper takes a typical wall covering and turns it into art that could be equally at home in an art gallery. This modern wallpaper has a uniqueness not found in other interior styles with high-quality design methods and hands-on techniques such as pin-sharp photography, watercolour painting, and marble textures. The wallpaper can vary from creating a statement wall mural to building a repeated pattern across a bedroom that evokes a sense of calming relaxation or inspiring excitement. Designer wallpaper has a variety of uses from using abstract designs in a kitchen to creating a black and white interior style for a bedroom or blending contemporary and minimalist wallpaper ideas into a living room. Try something from a world-renowned artist to build a space around designer wallpaper that ignites your passion.

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Designer wallpaper by Feathr™

It’s a funny word, designer.  People like to stick in front of all sorts of things.  You see it so often, it can become a little meaningless. But we think it’s important – and here’s why.  For us folk here at FEATHR , ‘designer’ means something.  It means that there’s evidence of a maker in the wallpaper ideas.  That there’s creativity and vision.  That our designer wallpaper for walls hasn’t been produced, but crafted.  That behind it all sits a person, not a machine.

That’s why we fill homes with so many modern and unique designs.  It’s the artist’s talent that puts the designer into our wallpaper.   Each of our artists has a cool story worth spending time with, but here are a few of our favorites. There’s enfant terrible photographer, Luke Evans, who became known for his project using self-digested camera film.  He created the abstract Neural marble wallpaper, using cow brain and a hi-res microscope.

Then there’s Liam Sparkes, legendary tattoo artist.  For the first time, his  cool tattoos are available for your bedroom.  He’s created two tattoo wallpapers for FEATHR. Or how about the graphic genius of Supermundane? His signature style of pure line and color is recognized all over the world.   For FEATHR, he created a unique geometric wallpaper, Super Abstract, perfect for living rooms and kitchens.

Good design is for everyone.  We created Feathr to put contemporary art into everyone’s hands via the medium of designer wallpaper and fabrics.  We’re inspired by the likes of Morris and Eames who wanted modern interior design to be for everyone.   Craft and luxurious materials matter to us when it comes to both wallpaper and fabrics.  We manufacture in England and France, using the highest quality materials – whether our luxurious 150g non-woven wallpaper, our glamorous metallic wallpaper range or our decadent velvet fabrics.

But by working smart, we can offer luxury wallpaper and fabrics at high street prices: we ship direct from the makers and cut out the middlemen.  Why make it difficult to have beautiful, original home?  Our wallpapers are easy-hang, so they go up as easy as one-two-done.  We offer a range of free services to help you create a contemporary home full of statements: free room mock-ups, complementary styling advice, free and fast custom design.  And did we mention the free worldwide shipping: straight to your door in 5-10 days?  That’s the Feathr way: the better way to discover and buy unique luxury wallpaper and fabrics.

So when you see the word designer wallpaper at FEATHR, you know what you’re getting.  Not just a design.  But a beautiful piece created for your walls by artist with an independent creative vision. Designer wallpaper.  When you next see those words, have a think what’s behind them.   We have.

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