Terrazzo Wallpaper & Wall Murals

Available in both small and large scale designs, terrazzo wallpaper is the ideal way to add beauty and depth to a room while retaining your own unique style. Each contemporary wallpaper design is created using a material filled with bits of quartz, marble, granite, or other stones to add a great deal of texture and beauty to your surroundings. Terrazzo wallpaper comes in simple hues and designs as well as multi-coloured combinations like pastel and rainbow that offer more of a modern touch. Try bright and bold colours to make a statement in your room or use neutral hues to add a touch of visual appeal to your favourite rooms. With terrazzo wallpaper, you can build a unique space with marble textures and earthy colours that are on-trend and sure to please.

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  • Terrazzo Amour Stone

    Cream Terrazzo Wallpaper

    $159.96 / Roll
  • Terrazzo Amour Blush

    Pink & Cream Terrazzo Wallpaper

    $159.96 / Roll
  • Grey Modern Terrazzo Wallpaper hero image

    Terrazzo Noir Grey

    Grey Modern Terrazzo Wallpaper

    $159.96 / Roll
  • Black & White White Terrazzo Wallpaper hero image

    Terrazzo Noir White

    Black & White White Terrazzo Wallpaper

    $159.96 / Roll
  • Terrazzo Amour Grey

    Grey Terrazzo Wallpaper

    $159.96 / Roll
  • Cream Terrazzo Wallpaper hero image

    Terrazzo Noir Oat

    Cream Terrazzo Wallpaper

    $159.96 / Roll
  • Brown Terracotta Terazzo Wallpaper hero image

    Terrazzo Noir Terracotta

    Brown Terracotta Terazzo Wallpaper

    $159.96 / Roll
  • Purple Lilac Diamond Wallpaper hero image

    Stones Lilac

    Purple Lilac Diamond Wallpaper

    $159.96 / Roll
  • Grey Romantic Diamond Wallpaper hero image

    Stones Concrete

    Grey Romantic Diamond Wallpaper

    $159.96 / Roll

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Unique terrazzo wallpaper by Feathr™

Whether you want a huge design or something a bit more understated, terrazzo wallpaper can add depth and beauty to any room in a modern home without making you lose sight of your personal style. This modern wallpaper style is based on original terrazzo walls that made use of pieces of granite, quartz, marble, and other types of stones to offer an elegant texture to fit in with the rest of the surroundings. Many of these wallpapers have a design that puts those textures at the forefront in a variety of stunning colours. Choose a traditional terrazzo wallpaper or something with a modern twist that fits well with contemporary furnishings and décor. The earthy colours and marble textures provided in this wallpaper look great; they’re super trendy, and they promise to be pleasing to the eye.

The beauty of terrazzo wallpaper is that it comes in simplistic designs and colours, ideal for those who want to focus on other items in a room. However, there are also modern wallpaper options that have hues of rainbow or pastels to create a timelier design. While terrazzo design is far from new, that doesn’t mean your wallpaper can’t stand out. If you want something relaxing and calm, try using cream colours, combinations of white and black, or other neutral hues. But those who want to make an impact can use brighter, bolder colours that add visual appeal and really bring together a space. It’s up to you. Our terrazzo designer wallpaper comes in a variety of styles to meet your needs.