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Enjoy the exotic delight of this stunning cream cherry blossom wallpaper mural. This...


Unique Wallpaper & Wall Murals

Unique wallpaper is all about taking a new process or style and making it fit into a modern home’s living room, office, or bedroom. With many styles to choose from. This modern wallpaper can range from featuring geometric patterns to focusing on a hobby like music or travel. Add designer flair to a home with a psychedelic design or go with something a bit more understated using abstract hand-painted unique wallpaper. Some wallpaper has a twist on stripes or florals to bring it into the current time, while others use new shapes and designs that push the boundaries of interior design. Available in pastels, monochromatic colours, or bold hues that stand out, unique wallpaper can let you show your personality in any home space.

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Luxury unique wallpaper by Feathr™

What is unique wallpaper all about? The idea behind this modern wallpaper is to use a new style or an innovative process to create a wall covering that fits in perfectly with a modern home’s bedroom, living room, or dining room. When we talk about unique wallpaper, we’re referring to any design that is the first of its kind. Rather than building off of a vintage style and adding modern elements, this luxury wallpaper ignores traditional concepts in favour of creating something completely new. Because this wallpaper is different from other options, there are endless styles to choose from. It takes someone’s creativity and inspiration to cover the walls of your home with the unexpected. These are the kinds of wallpaper that guests will always want to take a second look at.

When you select unique wallpaper, the sky is the limit in terms of options. Some of the modern wallpapers will focus on abstract themes and unconventional artistic processes. Other unique wallpaper might have a focus on a specific theme, like a type of music or travel to a fantasy land. Some wallpaper will have a psychedelic look that truly stands out from furnishings, while other wallpaper might use something like florals and morph it to the point where it becomes something utterly new. Choose something new in all aspects or a twist on a classic that pushes the boundaries of what you expect in a kitchen or dining room. You can choose from monochromatic colours, vibrant hues that light up a room, and everything in between to add style to your home.

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