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Tropical Wallpaper Ideas – Over 30 Stunning Statement Jungle Wall Murals

Bringing the jungle indoors is the ideal way to make your home feel lush and exotic.  You can do just that if you pick one of our recommendations for tropical wallpaper for your home.


These jungle wall murals and wallpapers are perfect when you want to make a bold statement, finish a feature wall, or simply do something different.


We’ve selected over 30 incredible designs, making it easier for you to make a statement somewhere in your home. Which of these animals, birds, or plants are you going to let into your home? And where might these designs take you?





>> See more Monkey with Birds exotic bird monkey jungle mural images

Let’s begin with an exotic bird monkey jungle mural. Spot the monkeys among the giant leaves and the flamingos adding a touch of pink finery to the proceedings. Set against a striking light background, this shows the calmer side of the tropics.

Available in several colors to suit your home.exotic bird monkey jungle mural





>> See more Bird of Paradise tropical leaf wallpaper images

This charming tropical leaf wallpaper is packed with detail. The large print looks superb on any size wall. Monstera leaves permeate the design, with the occasional Bird of Paradise gracing the beautiful tropical wallpaper.

Create a real talking point with everyone who comes into your home.


Blue & Green Tropical Leaf Wallpaper hero image




>> See more Animal Kingdom vintage animal wall mural images

Not sure which animals to choose for your jungle wall mural? How about all of them? The longer you look at this vintage animal wall mural, the more you see. Tigers, elephants, crocodiles… oh my, everything graces this stunning and detailed backdrop.

Perfect for any room where you want to make an impression.vintage animal wall mural





>> See more Warm Jungle World fun jungle animal wallpaper mural images

From the dramatic to the amusing… this fun jungle animal wallpaper mural is light and detailed, offering the chance to view creatures at home in their habitat. Look out for exotic birds… and is that a koala bear we see?

Size is everything in this giant jungle wall mural

fun jungle animal wallpaper mural





>> See more A New Ornate Wallpaper colourful distressed flower wallpaper images

There can be no better name for this colorful distressed flower wallpaper. While it features many flowers, it does give a sense of the exotic, of animals hiding within its reaches. With bold strokes of paint and lush green shades everywhere, this is one that sticks in the mind.

Green & White Colourful Distressed Flower Wallpaper hero image




>> See more Winter Palm  concrete palm leaf wallpaper images

Would you rather choose a closeup of leaves in a repeating design? No need for creatures in this concrete palm leaf wallpaper. Ideal wherever you want to add some bold artwork, this paper turns your whole wall into a piece of art.concrete palm leaf wallpaper





>> See more Flamingo Conga funky modern flamingo wallpaper images

Join in an unusual conga with this funky modern flamingo wallpaper. You cannot find tropical wallpaper any further into the tropics than this.

Using a repeating design filled with flamingoes, it goes for more subtle shades than you might expect. Amuse your guests with this choice of paper if you dare!funky modern flamingo wallpaper

Cream Funky Modern Flamingo Wallpaper hero image




>> See more Jungle Kingdom  tropical elephant wallpaper mural images

Turn your home into a jungle kingdom with this impressive choice. The elephant featured in the design is near to life size. Other animals also feature in this jungle wall mural, giving it more depth than many alternative designs

Cream & Green Tropical Elephant Wallpaper Mural hero image




>> See more Paradise Lost  vintage jungle wall mural images

If you are hunting for a vintage jungle wall mural to hang in your home, this one holds many secrets. It does indeed show paradise, showing the tropical setting and suggesting mountains beyond.

Can you spot anything living among the trees and plants or is it just your imagination?

vintage jungle wall mural





>> See more Amazonia Monochrome beautiful black & white tropical wallpaper mural images

Not all tropical wall murals need to be in full color. This beautiful black and white tropical wallpaper mural stuns with the amount of detail included. Offering depth and detail in equal measure, the monochrome design takes you into the heart of the Amazon jungle.

Imagine retiring into a room decorated with this mural each night…

beautiful black and white tropical wallpaper mural





>> See more Birds Birds exotic tropical bird wallpaper images

If only an exotic tropical bird wallpaper will do, consider this option from artist Karina Eibatova. The design packs in endless detail across a palette of unusual tones and shades.

Exotic birds sit among the fronds and leaves, with a few golden touches offered as well.


Grey & Green Exotic Tropical Bird Wallpaper hero image





>> See more Persian Leopard dark blue leopard wallpaper images

Dare you invite a Persian leopard into your home? You can make it happen today if you order this dark blue leopard wallpaper. The dark backdrop is the perfect companion to the lighter tones of the great cat.

Suggestive of Art Deco yet forging a path of its own, can you resist?


Blue Dark Jungle Wallpaper




>> See more Lost In Goa Vintage bold tropical wallpaper mural images

Get lost inside this bold tropical wallpaper mural by Aster. Taking inspiration from India, this jungle wallpaper takes us into the rainforest.

Filled with jungle plants, you may also spot the occasional creature in this stunning setting.

bold tropical wallpaper mural





>> See more Peikonlehti  beautiful forest lake wall mural images

Would a watercolor tropical leaf wallpaper fit the bill in your home? Watercolor allows for subtler effects to take shape, as they do here in this tropical wallpaper option.

Smaller leaves entwine and repeat throughout the design, making it suitable for any backdrop or room.


Blue Watercolour Tropical Leaf Wallpaper hero image



>> See more Delta (The Great Reflection)  beautiful forest lake wall mural images

A bold title for a bold and beautiful forest lake wall mural. A touch of magic is imbued within this bold jungle wall mural, offering a different take on color and reflection.

Eye-catching for sure and undoubtedly a feature piece, you won’t need any other art hanging in the room that features this paper.beautiful forest lake wall mural





>> See more Raindrops Wall  beautiful tropical forest wall mural images

Who could say no to this beautiful tropical forest wall mural, supplying a backdrop to a calming and relaxing bedroom space?

Bold lines in pale shades divide areas yet bring a cohesive whole to the piece. Up close, you can see all the brush strokes that combine to create the stunning forest setting.

beautiful tropical forest wall mural





>> See more Palm Springs  funky flamingo tropical wallpaper images

No flamingo design could be funkier than this entertaining and truly funky flamingo tropical wallpaper. The pale pink backdrop plays host to a repeating design filled with circles.

Some hold exotic fruits while others include the famous flamingo in various poses. The stripes forming each circle give a 3D effect too.

funky flamingo tropical wallpaper





>> See more Kirungu Blue blue tropical wallpaper mural images

Go large in a massive way with this blue tropical wallpaper mural. Banana leaves are tropical indeed, but when you display them at this size, they take on a new meaning.

The size of the leaves makes the tropical wallpaper choice more appealing for relaxed spaces around the home – not just for the bedroom but for social spaces too.

blue tropical wallpaper mural





>> See more Monochrome Jungle modern tropical leaf wallpaper images

Back to monochrome again now with this modern tropical leaf wallpaper design. The mix of leaves become clear first, followed by the butterflies and frogs making their homes among them.

This paper supplies a twist to the usual busy jungle wallpaper setting you might have become familiar with.

modern tropical leaf wallpaper





>> See more Humble Green concrete palm wallpaper mural images

An alternative to the similar design we featured above, this concrete palm wallpaper mural is simple, plain, yet striking. The concrete background plays host to simple palm leaves, perhaps one of the most familiar leaves seen within a jungle setting.

Now, you can introduce those leaves into your home too.

concrete palm wallpaper mural





>> See more Windermere Bloom green floral wallpaper mural images

This beautiful green floral wallpaper mural was inspired by Lake Windermere in England’s Lake District. However, it can easily suggest an exotic setting too. If you want something calming and filled with soft colors, your imagination can fill in any gaps with this one.

Be transported to wherever you wish in any room of your home.

Feathr Green Floral Wallpaper Mural design image





>> See more Midnight Gathering jungle bird wallpaper images

For an alternative take on some jungle bird wallpaper, how about this darker paper dotted with peacocks in their finery? Speckled with pink flowers, the tropical wallpaper includes rich detail and impressive shades throughout.

Can you picture a room you could transform with this bold choice?

jungle bird wallpaper





>> See more Enchanted Garden jungle bird wallpaper images

Here is the original jungle bird wallpaper, created prior to the Midnight Gathering option above. Closely related yet providing a completely different take on peacocks, this one uses icy blues to offer a cooler tone.

Plenty of pink floral touches permeate through the design.

Black & Green Jungle Bird Wallpaper hero image





>> See more Persecution cool tropical jungle wallpaper​ images

We love this cool tropical jungle wallpaper. It uses much smaller leaves, creatures, and other elements, yet it brings everything together in one amazing piece.

The urban inspiration flooding through this piece makes it memorable in lots of ways. The ideal choice for busy communal areas in your home.


cool tropical jungle wallpaper





>> See more Where They Belong vintage tropical toile de jouy wallpaper images

Let’s revert to a classic design now, with this vintage tropical toile de jouy wallpaper. The etched design lays animals on top of settings, with various creatures wandering throughout the paper.

Giraffes, elephants, snakes… how many can you spot? Bright, funky, and offering something lighter, can you resist?vintage tropical toile de jouy wallpaper





>> See more Aloha vintage palm tropical wallpaper images

This is one of our favorite takes on a vintage palm tropical wallpaper design. It features large palm fronds mixing with the famous Bird of Paradise flowers. It will surely take you to paradise without leaving home.

Look at how the detail in those fronds pulls you into the design. It would certainly look at home with any décor, vintage or modern.vintage palm tropical wallpaper

Cream & Green Vintage Palm Tropical Wallpaper hero image




>> See more The Most Beautiful Things Hide trendy ivy nature wallpaper images

Are there beautiful things hiding within this trendy ivy nature wallpaper? Nothing is obvious… but are creatures watching us? The ivy design is a rarity, yet this modern spin on the plant gives us a different way to bring the outdoors inside.

Let this ivy climb up your walls and produce a natural backdrop to whatever furniture you choose to add to the room.

Blue Trendy Ivy Nature Wallpaper hero image





>> See more Palm Breeze  watercolour palm leaf wallpaper images

Bringing the jungle indoors need not bring dark shades into play, as we’ve seen.

This watercolor palm leaf wallpaper design is light and relaxing, perfect for a garden room or conservatory.

watercolour palm leaf wallpaper





>> See more Jungle Breeze  jungle leaf wallpaper images

Banana tree leaves play a part once again in this jungle leaf wallpaper. The tropical wallpaper design features blues and greens against a calming white background.

Light, simple, and effective in so many ways.

Green White Jungle Leaf Wallpaper





>> See more The Palm Grove bronze shabby chic tropical wallpaper images

This is the first bronze shabby chic tropical wallpaper in our list. The bronzed frames set within the jungle design give a mix of styles that works so well.

A change from the usual monochrome or colored designs seen elsewhere.

bronze shabby chic tropical wallpaper





>> See more La Cueillette  beautiful romantic French wallpaper images

Can you resist this beautiful romantic French wallpaper? You will soon see the watercolors flowing throughout this design.

They capture an exotic setting with grays, splashes of color, and a hint of flowers and perhaps the occasional bird here and there. And is that a butterfly we see?


Grey Beautiful Romantic French Wallpaper hero image





>> See more Spring Ice colourful & vibrant painted wallpaper images

Icy yet bold, this colorful & vibrant painted wallpaper is sure to grace any room you choose to hang it in. You can almost sense yourself sinking into the tropics and their waters as you gaze at this design.

Striking and yet suitable for large expanses of wall, this wallpaper is one you won’t soon forget.

Blue Colourful & Vibrant Painted Wallpaper hero image





Making your home memorable is easy when you’ve got this many stunning jungle wallpaper murals to choose from. Which one is going to make an impression in your home?

Consider the available space and how you use it. Once you’ve browsed our collection, you’ll have a shortlist of appealing designs to choose from. Change the way you view your home today with the support offered by some of our amazing artists. Go big, go bold, and head into the jungle with our exotic collection of fine tropical wallpapers and jungle wall murals. You’ll never view your home in the same way again.

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