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Tropical Wallpaper // Celebrating World Rainforest Day With Our Favourite Forest Wallpapers

Head to the forest and get inspired by our favourite tropical wallpaper designs!   

We are rooting for World Rainforest Day which is celebrated globally on June 22nd. This annual event highlights the hugely important role the rainforest plays in maintaining our ecosystem, our animal life and us.  

Few will get to experience the lush tropical wonders of the rainforest, so have a little taste of the tropics with this selection of our favorite tropical wallpaper designs.


Birds Birds tropical wallpaper

If you’re a lover of exotic tropical birds then this is the perfect forest wallpaper design. Amongst the winding jungle foliage, you’ll find hornbills, cockatoos and parakeets set amongst beautifully detailed floral illustrations.

Filled with rich detail and vibrant colours, this tropical wallpaper takes us straight into the rainforest. The on trend grey mist background in our Birds Birds tropical wallpaper design adds an touch of style and luxury to any room, try it for a powder room or a living room.


Grey & Green Exotic Tropical Bird Wallpaper
Image credit: Shutterstock/Jafara

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Paradise Lost vintage jungle wall mural

Paradise Lost wall mural is a rich and verdant tropical jungle scene featuring exotic flora and fauna. The wallpaper design is based on a vintage drawing of tropical forest plants, created for a botanical encyclopaedia. We are planted straight into the rainforest, surrounded by the knotted tree roots and lush oversize leaves. What better wallpaper to take us to to the jungle on World Rainforest Day?

Paradise Lost also features the botanical indices numbering from the encyclopaedia which adds a cool vintage dimension to the rainforest mural.


Green Vintage Jungle Wall Mural hero image

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Persian Leopard jungle wallpaper

Bring a touch of exotic jungle life into your home with our Persian Leopard wallpaper. We connect directly with the animal kingdom as we catch the piercing gaze of the stunning leopard.

This forest wallpaper design showcases lush palm fronds and a highly detailed hand-drawn leopard, coordinated into a motif reminiscent of art deco wallpapers. The rich dark blue colours of the background of Persian Leopard provide the perfect backdrop to this exotic rainforest wallpaper.


Blue Dark Jungle Wallpaper

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Tropical Shore pastel tropical wallpaper

Enjoy a touch of the exotic on World Rainforest Day with this wallpaper design featuring watercolour painted flamingos nestled amongst hibiscus flowers and tropical leaves. Immersed in the beautiful oversize floral print, we can almost feel the humidity of the rainforest.

Tropical Shore wallpaper takes us totally tropical by combining a contemporary design with a vintage feel.


Pastel Tropical Flamingo Bathroom Wallpaper
Image credit: Shutterstock/ImageFlow

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Jungle Kingdom exotic jungle wall mural

Welcome to the Jungle Kingdom!  This wonderfully exotic world features beautifully detailed illustrations of elephants, pangolins, lemurs and much more besides. 

Look at the fine detail – an exotic bird perched on the elephant’s ear – jungle life cohabiting together in harmony in the rainforest. Jungle Kingdom is a mural that will spark joy, discovery and imagination – get lost in it!


Cream & Green Tropical Elephant Wallpaper Mural hero image

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Amazonia rainforest wallpaper mural

Experience the rainforest – in monochrome. Our beautiful black & white tropical wallpaper mural is set deep in the Amazon jungle. Palm fronds, foliage and trees feature in this palm leaf wallpaper mural, creating a design perfect for an accent wall in a bedroom or living room.

Amazonia wall mural features a tropical waterfall cascading in the background, close your eyes and imagine the sound of the water and the call of the animal life…


Black & White Beautiful Wallpaper Mural hero image

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Monkeys With Birds green tropical wall mural

Brimming with imagination and inspiration, our Monkeys with Birds wall mural is the perfect touch for a child’s bedroom. A rainforest mural that features a variety of vibrant colour illustrations of tropical plants and the many animals that live in that habitat.

Monkeys with Birds truly honours our animal kingdom on World Rainforest Day – can you spot the monkey with his banana, the exotic flamingo and the curious snail?


Green Exotic Bird Monkey Jungle Mural hero image

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