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The City of Love

by La Feature Wall Murals

Published in 1910, the original map featured in this wall mural of Central Paris...


Map Wallpaper & Wall Murals

When you need help planning your next trip or remembering a journey from the past, map wallpaper can be both functional and undeniably beautiful. This detailed luxury wallpaper lets you look out at the entire world or recreate the streets of your favourite city so you can look upon it at any time of day. Look out on the streets of the United States, take in the beaches of Jamaica, or enjoy the sun beating down in Australia. With a map wallpaper, you can show off the locations that lie in your heart and share them with anyone who steps into your home. Choose from a political map, a vintage map, or a topographic map to get the style you want to fill a feature wall.

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Modern map wallpaper by Feathr™

Map wallpaper offers a host of benefits for a romantic, an adventurer, or someone who wants to remember exciting moments from their past. This unique wallpaper can help you remember a trip you took to an exciting location for your honeymoon or offer a reminder of a journey that you want to take at some point in your life. This is a functional wallpaper with intricate details, gorgeous images, and undeniably beautiful colours. With map wallpaper, you can enjoy a luxurious backdrop that lets you look at the streets of a favourite city or broaden your horizons with an image of a whole country. Regardless of the time of day, you can look at the beaches in Jamaica, the streets of London, or the boroughs of New York City. Some maps are overly technical while others incorporate details that add whimsey to a room.

When you add map wallpaper to your home, you get the chance to share details about your favourite locations with anyone who steps inside your doors. Show off the places that matter to you and have turned you into the person that you are today. Map wallpaper comes in many varieties and doesn’t have to be simple street maps with labelled locations. Consider a vintage map from another era, a topographic map that shows off the valleys and mountains of a tropical area, or a political map that speaks to your values. It’s up to you whether you want to add a unique wallpaper map to four walls or an office or simply create a sentimental feature wall in a living room or den.

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