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Marble Dream

by Wallpaper + Folk

An abstract marble texture captured in stunning detail, the Marble Dream wallpaper...


Marble Wallpaper & Wall Murals

Elegance, luxury, and decadence are just a few of the themes that come through when using marble wallpaper. As a modern wallpaper design, many of them feature gorgeous colours like white, purple, pink, black, blue, and rose gold to complement whatever décor is found in a room. It has the same look and feel as traditional marble but without the expensive price tag attached to it. Marble wallpaper looks exactly like the original material and works well for renovations for less money and a shorter installation process. As one of the trendiest wallpapers in existence right now, marble wallpaper has a classy aesthetic that is sure to keep guests marvelling at your feature walls. It comes in all sorts of colours and designs for the discerning home decorator.

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Luxury marble wallpaper by Feathr™

What does marble wallpaper bring to a contemporary home? Decadence. Elegance. Luxury. These are just a few of the themes that this type of wallpaper can incorporate into your home to complement all the other design elements you’ve put time and work into. This modern wallpaper design is inspired by vintage features and often comes in sensational colours like white, cream, pink, purple, rose gold, blue, and black, so it can easily fit with any of the décor you want to bring attention to in a room. Marble wallpaper evokes the same feelings as traditional marble walls but is much easier to install and far less expensive to add to a room or suite in a home. Many of these wallpapers have an interesting texture that makes them stand out against other design elements.

Those who enjoy the look and emotions evoked by standard marble will appreciate the ability to add it to the walls of a bedroom, bathroom, or dining room. The look can be traditional or incorporate more modern elements, depending on what kind of feel you want to provide in a specific space. The sheer elegance of marble wallpaper makes it a trendy yet classy option that has an aesthetic that guests will marvel at when visiting your home. Consider incorporating a luxury wallpaper design as a feature wall in the room or try something a bit understated to outfit an entire room. With a plethora of colour and designs to choose from, any discerning home decorator will find the right wallpaper for their needs.

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