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by La Feature Wall Murals

Luxury is truly unleashed with this metallic gold cherry blossom wallpaper mural....


Metallic Wallpaper & Wall Murals

Contemporary wallpaper has come a long way from its roots and metallic wallpaper shows that in a shimmering and sparkling style. Perfect for adding a touch of chic to any space, it offers a minimalist style that works well with a textured monochrome design or a dark metallic hue with extra texture. Many types of metallic wallpaper are ideal for creating focal walls or enhancing the illusion of depth in a small space. Metallic patterned wallpaper works well for a traditional feel that imparts a touch of drama onto a room. On the other hand, metallic wallpaper with decals or art can create a space that will never be replicated. This wallpaper is great for adults but also appeals to teenagers who want to add a shimmering touch of fun to their bedrooms.

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Luxury metallic wallpaper by Feathr™

Contemporary wallpaper is a fixture of modern homes and has been for a long time, but metallic wallpaper truly takes things to a new level with a sparkling and shimmering design made to naturally light up any room. This stunning wallpaper is ideal for adding a chic feeling to any space. It has a minimalist style that can work with a timeless black and white monochrome style or as a brighter hue like red, yellow, or green to add additional texture and personality to a room. Patterned metallic wallpaper can create a conventional feel that adds a bit of drama and intensity to a room. Or go in the other direction and choose wallpaper covered in metallic art with lots of detail to build a room that nobody else can possibly replicate.

With so many types of metallic wallpaper available, you can choose something edgy and create a focal point against a single wall or apply it to all of the walls in a room to create an illusion of extra space in a smaller room. With a variety of designs and colour schemes to choose from, metallic wallpaper can appeal to adults, kids, and teenagers who want to add a bit of sparkle and glamour to a bedroom with white or wooden furniture. Consider a futuristic and funky design for a child’s bedroom or go with a simple metallic landscape for a bathroom or dining room wallpaper. This wallpaper can be as simple as a sparkling silver or as nuanced as an assortment of glittery colours coming together with a damask pattern.

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