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Wallpaper Murals to Bring Nature into Your Living Space

There is plenty of evidence suggesting that spending time in nature can benefit mental health, reduce stress and boost motivation. Being surrounded by plants, water, mountains and other natural elements is known to improve the mood and increase feelings of connectedness. So wouldn’t it be good if we could weave nature into our everyday lives? The great news is that, thanks to nature mural wallpaper, we can do just that.

Nature wallpaper for walls is a fantastic way to bring the outside in and create an inspiring feature through stunning artistic designs, realistic enough to be the next best thing to the real thing.

The wonderful thing about a natural wall mural is that you get to choose what impassions you on a personal level. Whether it’s a forest or woodland, a misty mountain top, a seascape, calming clouds, a flower garden or a tropical scene, with nature mural wallpaper, it’s all about what transports you to your own special place.

Whether you have a desire to relax, or you want to feel invigorated by your home décor, there’s a nature wall mural for you. Join us as we explore something from every element of nature, from oceans and lakes to trees and flowers, and everything in between.

Forest and tree wall murals

Forest and tree wallpaper murals are always popular for the natural energy they bring into a room.

Fitting well with the rustic chic look, forest and tree nature wall murals are available in a range of styles and colours, and have a true knack of bringing a room to life. Whether it’s for a bedroom, a dining space, a bathroom or a snug or study, from full woodland scenes to solitary trees, these murals have something truly enchanting to offer.

This beautiful nature wall mural has been created from a hand-painted original. Perfect for creating an air of tranquillity in a bedroom or bathroom, but equally at home as a feature wall in a principal living space.

There is a real depth and sense of freedom connected with this nature wallpaper for walls. The reflection of the trees in the mirror-still lake, combined with the earthy tones, make it a gentle and meditative piece, ideal for an informal dining room or home study.

Beach wall murals

Whether you’re reminiscing over that holiday of a lifetime, or imagining dangling your feet in the sparkling waters of some far-flung ocean with a colourful cocktail in hand, a beach wall mural is certain to lift your mood.

One of the most popular genres of nature mural wallpaper, beach murals can be calming or energising. From tranquil waters that soothe the day’s stresses away, to sweeping waves that inspire creativity and motivation, you’ll find just the mood changer you need courtesy of a beach wallpaper design.

Relax and unwind as you transport yourself to your happy place. This peaceful scene makes a lovely feature wall in any room of the home. Simply add a few exotic plants and plump for rustic chic style furniture and flooring, and you’ll be right where you want to be.

This piece of modern art is versatile enough to work with any decorative scheme. Whether used as a backdrop, or a feature in its own right, the movement of the waves in the early evening light is naturally comforting.

Cloud wall murals

There’s little more pacifying than casting your gaze upwards and watching the clouds go by. Cloud wallpaper murals have the ability to set your daily stresses free, to spark imagination and to carry you off somewhere special.

The wonderful thing about cloudscapes in nature wallpaper designs is that they don’t have to be picture-postcard blue and white. From sunset pinks to shepherds’ delight fiery reds, and from moody monochromes to soft greys and greens, there is a cloud scene for everyone, and every home.

Soft green and blue watercolours blend beautifully to produce a subtle, restful scene. Introduce this nature wall mural to a sleeping space for a tranquil night’s repose, or deck out an entrance hall to set visitors up for a peaceful welcome.

Unwind and float away with the clouds courtesy of this calming nature wall mural. Taken from an original hand-painted watercolour artwork, this scene is just what you need after a full-on day. Try it in your bathroom to create a backdrop of serenity for your self-pamper evening, or adorn the walls of a nursery to instil a sense of calm for your children.

Flower wall murals

Floral wallpaper ticks so many boxes. It can be bright, light and flyaway, or dark, moody and sophisticated.

From chinoiserie cherry blossom tree wallpaper to spring meadows or even something a little more tropical, there are so many different styles, colours and tones in this nature mural wallpaper category. Maybe even something for every room!

Based on a cherry blossom design, this beautiful chinoiserie nature wall mural will never fail to charm with its misty background and intriguing exotic birds set amongst the climbing flowers.

Moody yet romantic, this floral wall mural epitomises contemporary art and makes the blooms centre of attention. Perfect for a cosy snug or a feature wall in a large space, this mural works well in rooms that are flooded with natural light.

Tropical wall murals

Tropical wall murals let you bring a touch of paradise into your home. Choose a modern take on jungle life, or go for something more traditional. Whatever your decorative preference, taking things tropical is sure to add a dash of wow-factor into your living space.

Lose yourself amongst the flora and fauna of this tropical scene, taken from a vintage drawing originally created for a botanical encyclopaedia. Textured furnishings in natural hues help bring the landscape to life, making a memorable impact.

As nature wallpaper designs go, this exotic wall mural has everything to delight, from exotic flowers and fruits to hungry monkeys and proud flamingos. It’s an intriguing piece, a wallpaper for those who like to capture the attention of their visitors, or for anyone who enjoys casting their thoughts away to faraway places.

Mountain wall murals

The changing landscape of a mountain vista is always something to admire, so why not bring it into your home courtesy of a mountain wallpaper mural?

Versatility reigns with mountain wallpaper. Make it simple, or go for something intricate or even quirky. True-to-life or symbolic. Snow-capped or sun-drenched. It’s all about injecting your personality into your space, and that’s something nature wallpaper designs do so well.

This grey line art nature wall mural literally sweeps you away into the mountains, taking you on a journey of tranquillity. Neutral enough to work with any decorative scheme, yet sufficiently powerful to turn heads and capture the imagination, this wallpaper is a nature lover’s favourite.

As a rising mist blankets the Carpathian mountains, so your gaze follows the stand of pine trees into the distance. This charming nature mural wallpaper evokes a calm and reflective mood, making it perfect for a bedroom, reading room or bathroom.

Nature mural wallpaper from Feathr, the designer wallpaper specialists

At Feathr, we’re on a mission to get more art into people’s homes courtesy of unique, designer wallpapers, modern wall murals and fabrics created by independent artists from across the world. So if you’re looking for nature wallpaper designs for your latest interior design project, look no further than Feathr.

Why not use our visualizer to discover how your chosen nature wall murals could look on your very own walls?

Ready to buy nature mural wallpaper? With our customer promise of excellent free design services, fast worldwide delivery, high-quality materials and top-rated customer service, and a commitment to protecting our environment, you are guaranteed to be delighted with a wallpaper from Feathr, the designer wallpaper specialists.

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