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What Colour Goes with Gold Wallpaper?

For thousands of years, gold has been considered a symbol of luxury, glamour, wealth and success. The significance of this colour through the ages is embodied within historic buildings worldwide. In feng shui, gold represents the sun and is thought of as a tool to attract prosperity. Extravagant on the outside, gold conceals warmth and vitality at its core.

The beauty of gold lies within its ability to uplift a look or a mood. But when it comes to interior design, gold can sometimes prove to be a tricky customer. Used in the right way, it can be beautifully elegant, but it is all too easy to misjudge and end up with an overdone look.

This is where the maxim, less is more, comes into its own. Accessorising with gold rather than leading with it is often wise advice. Gold highlights rather than blocks of colour work well, especially in nature-inspired or rustic chic decorative schemes.

Blending gold with complementary colours is another way to introduce this shimmering shade into your home décor whilst keeping it tasteful. This approach works particularly well with wallcoverings.

So, if you are tempted to use gold within your decorative scheme, it will be useful to know what colour goes with gold wallpaper. With this in mind, here are our top choices to help you make the ultimate colour pairing, with gold at the heart of it all.

What’s the best colour pairing for gold designer wallpaper?

Gold is quite a flexible colour to work with in terms of matching with other hues.

As a natural element, it pairs well with organic shades such as browns, greens, reds and oranges. Nothing says romance more than pink and gold, whilst there’s something timelessly elegant about cream and gold, and a certain richness when blended with a night time blue.

Blue and gold wall mural

This exquisite metallic gold wall mural has a real energy about it. As the swoop of herons takes flight, the scene captures the imagination, and the inky blue background does a superb job of bringing out the luxury of the paisley gold.

Blue and gold stripe wallpaper

At the opposite end of the blue scale, this shimmer stripe designer wallpaper brings a splash of shabby chic into the home. The weathered gold stripes and distressed textured background give a charmingly rustic feel, making this a great gold wallpaper for living room, dining space or bedroom use.

Teal and gold designer wallpaper

When it comes to what colour goes with gold wallpaper, teal makes a perfect pairing. This intriguing watercolour designer wallpaper is dramatic, yet at the same time calming. The metallic gold highlights create a natural bridge between light and dark, forming a sophisticated finish that won’t fail to impress in any setting. Also, see how the pink accessories add a touch of romance, introducing a warm balance to the cool tones of the wallpaper.

Vintage gold wall mural

This wall mural demonstrates just how well gold as a colour can blend into a vintage decorative scheme. Elegant without being overstated, it’s a work of art that brings the glamour of the peacock into a living space, echoing messages of strength, power and rebirth.

Abstract gold designer wallpaper

For those with a penchant for original interior design themes, a touch of the abstract is the order of the day. This stunning grey and gold wall mural sees a swirl of watercolours take centre stage, with fine gold detailing bringing an exciting tinge of luxury. The gold cushions and table stack build on the shimmering highlights.

Green and gold wallpaper for living room luxury

With gold being a natural element, it tends to work well with natural features. This green and gold wall mural brings the beauty of nature into the home, with its intricate detailing and vibrant colours that whisper of the rebirth of spring. Supported by rich upholstery textures and playful accessories, this wallpaper makes the perfect backdrop for classically styled interiors.

Black and gold designer wallpaper

Looking to go all-out luxurious? Let the wallpaper do the talking with this black and gold marble feature wallpaper mural. Against the charcoal greys and lighter shades, the torrents of glimmering gold add a vibrant spark of pure excitement. If you are all for adding a sense of drama into your decorative scheme, then you won’t put a foot wrong with this grand statement gold designer wallpaper that will give your living space the Midas touch. 

Cream and gold wallpaper

Kintsugi, meaning ‘to join with gold’, is a 15th century practice with a dual meaning. On the one hand, it is a reminder to remain optimistic when things fall apart and to celebrate the flaws of life. On the other, it is the Japanese art of repairing broken pottery with golden lacquer. And it is this very art that has been embodied into this metallic gold wallpaper with striking effect, set against a marble look background that echoes the charming villas found scattered across the island of Capri.

Gold wall mural ideas from Feathr, the designer wallpaper specialists

At Feathr, we’re on a mission to get more art into people’s homes courtesy of unique, designer wallpapers, modern wall murals and fabrics created by independent artists from across the world. So if you’re looking for gold designer wallpaper to bring a touch of elegance and sophistication into your home, look no further than Feathr.

Why not use our visualizer to discover how a gold wall mural could look in your own interior space?

Ready to buy gold wallpaper for bedroom or living room luxury? With our customer promise of excellent free design services, fast worldwide delivery, high-quality materials and top-rated customer service, and a commitment to protecting our environment, you are guaranteed to be delighted with a wallpaper from Feathr, the designer wallpaper specialists.

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