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Berlin, Germany

Martta-Kaisa transferred herself from the city to the peace and silence of the nature, where the origin of her inspiration lies. “My ears can’t hear, and my eyes can’t see, the multi-million insect city under my legs. And there is the most captivating thing from all – Things are repeating themselves from the biggest to the smallest and vice versa.”

I think its important to draw pictures by interpreting the world through perception, but often I just don’t want to present my work without adding things from my imagination.
The diversity and the spectrum of the nature play a role by detailed lines and vivid imagination in Ma-Ka’s drawings.
“It’s like looking through the ground where you can see the colony of the insects and worms, plants and roots, like seeing different stratums together on the other.”

Martta-Kaisa’s work has been presented in galleries in Berlin, Finland, and in Helsinki Lux-festival. She has created wallpaper to restaurant “OS” in Kuopio Finland, and Festival Designs for H2Ö-festival in Turku Finland. She has studied Graphic Design in Aalto University of the Arts of Helsinki, and Illustration in Berlin Universität der Künste, under the professor Henning Wagenbreth.

FLICKR: Martta-Kaisa Virta – https://www.flickr.com/makav

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