Japanese Aesthetic Wallpapers & Murals

When you think about Japan, you might envision gorgeous landscapes, innovative architecture, cherry blossoms, and an illustrious history, which is exactly what Japanese wallpaper brings to your home. One contemporary wallpaper might focus on blossoms and butterflies while another might feature design elements inspired by kimonos and origami. Japan has inspired interior design in the West since the 1800s and continually adds a spark of creativity and warmth to any room in which it is located. Japanese wallpaper comes in a variety of styles from boho to country, so it can fit any modern home. Try a wallpaper emblazoned with dragons or a bright landscape with pagodas and forests. Japanese wallpaper comes in vintage and contemporary styles to add a touch of the Orient to any living room or bedroom.

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Modern Japanese wallpaper by Feathr™

Whether you’re dreaming of a home that you’ve since moved away from or a vacation you want to take in the future, Japanese wallpaper offers something special for anyone. If you close your eyes and daydream about Japan, what thoughts come to mind? You might think about exciting architectural styles, cherry blossoms, an illustrious history, or the breath-taking landscapes that dot the location. All of these things can become much more than just a daydream when you fit a room with Japanese wallpaper. Perhaps you want a contemporary wallpaper that focuses on butterflies and blossoms or you prefer a design with bright colours that are inspired by origami or kimonos. Regardless of what your own style is, there are wallpapers that break the mould and create a room of luxury and elegance.

Japan is one of the most important inspirations for interior design in the West and has been since the 1800s. Even today, Japanese wallpaper can add warmth and a touch of creativity to a room in a modern home. This unique wallpaper can incorporate vintage or modern design elements to display styles ranging from country to bohemian on a wall. Consider a designer wallpaper covered in dragons and flowers for a children’s room or a landscape with outspoken colours and designs inspired by forests and pagodas for a dining room, library, or office. Add a touch of East Asian elegance to any space when you cover the walls in Japanese wallpaper with a variety of inspiring motifs to get your creativity going.