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6 days left, 6 reasons to submit

7 December 2014


There are still 6 days to get your design in – and here are 6 reasons why you should.

1. Voting continues for 3 more weeks

We’re keep voting open until 28th January 2015 to make sure that all designs get fair exposure.

2. It ain’t over until it’s over

We’re looking for creative quality, not just popularity. So a design submitted now has just as much chance of winning as one that’s already in voting.

3. You can submit up to 5 designs

The artists with mini-collections stand out more, so don’t be shy – submit multiple designs!

4. New Room Views

There are 4 new room views to choose from in the Submit section, so you can personalise your artwork more than ever.

5. There’s a $5000 prize fund for the winner 

Our $5000 Artist Accelerator Fund will go to one artist. And every design that goes into the shop earns an artist royalties.

6. It’s the toughest month of the year, so why not end it on a high?

You’ll know by mid-February if you have won, so that’ll make up for any January blues.

Submit now at: feathr.com/submit

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