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5 April 2016


There’re two ways to get anything done.

The safe way and the fun way.

If you’re hanging a wire between two buildings that you plan on walking across with a friend sitting on your shoulders, or if you’re building a fortress to keep out zombie hordes – then go the safe way.

But if you’re creating awesome, unique and original designer wallpaper? Then go the fun route.

That’s what we’ve done.  We’ve asked the whole art world to create designs for modern wallpaper- and now we’re working with over 70 artists from all over the world, very few of whom have previously designed wallpaper.  Tattoo artists, fine art photographers, hardcore graphic designers and a cow.  True story.  This means our wallpapers are unique, arthouse, luxury pieces created from original modern minds for original modern homes – like yours.  So we’re always proudly independent of the normal ways of designing wallpaper.

We believe the world is loaded with design and artistic talent and our job is to be a conduit to get that talent onto wallpaper.  Independent thinking, original artists = inspired results.

If you want to meet our wallpaper artists, head here.

If you want to become one of our artists, email us your portfolio here.

And if you want to put some modern designer wallpaper in your home, dive in here.

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