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The 9 wallpapers they *should* have hung in the White House

25 August 2017

Under Donald Trump’s guidance, the White House has been revamped and renovated.  The work has included redecorating the Oval Office, where the Obama-era striped wallpaper has been replaced with a classic damask.


But what if Trump’s wallpaper taste had been a little bolder?  We’ve picked some of our own designs – and some faves from other brands – to give Trump some inspiration for his next decor update.


Get under the skin

This tattoo wallpaper by legendary tattoist Liam Sparkes comes in a classic games room colourway and it also features a host of Trump-related motifs.  Eagles, Jesus and a buxom lass.

Black Cool Designer Tattoo Wallpaper hero image


Gold & Sons

The modern classic tree wallpaper by Cole and Sons does this little trick of looking good everywhere.  But we think Trump would prefer the variant with the golden fruits ready to be plucked from the branches.


cream butterfly floral wallpaper hero image


The guns of Elvis

Does a wallcovering get more American than this wallpaper?  A screenprint of Elvis Presley’s pistols, and the cheque he used to pay for them – created by pop artist Russell Marshall.  It’ll be sure to please both his NRA-loving base and fans of old Americana.


Brooklyn born

As a New Yorker born and bred, a tile wallpaper with a name like Brookyln Tin would be right up Trump’s street (or his tower).  Created by NLXL, it brings some industrial grit to the White House glamour.


Grey Vintage Brooklyn Map Wall Mural hero image


Another brick in the wall

Trump loves a wall and, as a construction magnate, he must love a brick.  So this white brick wallpaper by Woodchip & Magnolioa is surely the perfect setting for Trump to ponder how to lay the foundations for his big campaign promises.



For the ideas guy

Trump seems to more of a broad brushstrokes kind of person.  So he’d appreciate the big wide brush movement of Aoi Yoshiazawa’s Plato wallpaper.  And as it’s a Japanese-designed piece, it’ll be a great backdrop for his next love in with President Shinzo Abe.


Green Contemporary Abstract Bold Wallpaper hero image


The Padded Room

Is it a classic Chesterfield sofa? Or is it some soft cushioning for those angrier moments?  Either way, with Trump’s love of traditional styling and his reported rages at the ‘fake’ news, this wallpaper by Mineheart provides a perfect backdrop.

teal & bronze metallic bamboo wallpaper hero image


Made in America

Created by Kiki Slaughter in Atlanta, Georgia, the Oh La La wallpaper is the perfect fillip against all those pesky foreign wallcoverings.  Designed and created in America, it can make any wall great again – it’s even in Trump’s favourite gold colourway.


Green & Brown Distressed Shabby Chic Wall Mural hero image


Let’s go to Babylon

Trump seems keen to keep American intervention in the Middle East going.  So what better backdrop to sitrep calls with his Iraq-based generals than the Babylon wallpaper by House of Hackney.

brown floral geometric wallpaper hero image



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