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The votes are in! What’s next?

29 January 2015


Wow.  What a ride it’s been.  There have been 300 artists taking part, 750 designs submitted, almost 50,000 votes cast and enough awesome to take us to Mars and back.

So – thank you.  Without artists and art-lovers like you taking part, we’d have nothing to do but follow clickbait and shout HEY HAVE YOU SEEN THIS TWERKING PANDA THING YET across the office.

Voting is now closed, so we turn to the massively pleasurable task of looking through the work, the votes and the comments.

From this, we’ll choose the winner of the Artist Accelerator Fund and the artists who’ll feature in our first collection.  They’ll be nuzzling up next to talent like Supermundane, Liam Sparkes, Atelier Bingo and Steve Gorrow.

Over the next couple of weeks, we’ll be getting in touch with all artists individually to let them know what’s next.

After that, we’ll announce* all the winners by shining a large and powerful searchlight into a cloudy night sky.**

Hold tight – and thank you all again.  You rock.

With love,

Tom, Anne, Oli & the other Feathr.com humans


*Definitely will happen

**May not happen

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