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10 Stunning Geometric Interior Design & Designer Wallpaper Ideas

4. December 2015

With the ongoing trend for tesselated metallics, geometric designs will feature in many interior projects in the coming year.  And adding geometric wallpaper adds a confident, luxurious look to any modern home.

This new ideas moodboard gives inspiration for getting that perfect contemporary Geometric look - and some designer wallpapers from Feathr that’ll bring it into your home.

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And check out our range of modern & beautiful Geometric designer wallpapers:

Crystallise Designer Wallpaper by Glenn Todd

Keziah Night Designer Wallpaper by Florent Bodart

Department Designer Wallpaper by Sophy Hollington

Polly Gone Designer Wallpaper by Liam McCormick

Geometric Designer Wallpaper by Rebecca Kelly

Click for the the full Feathr Geometric Designer Wallpaper range.



Now check out these 10 stunning inspiration images for geometric interior design & designer wallpaper.


1. Scaleno by Castelatto, Brazil

Cut out wood panels give this fantastic textured effect, or try our designer wallpaper Polly Gone

Geometric Designer Wallpaper Ideas -


2. Diamond Emerald Sideboard - Boca Do Lobo

A bold statement piece to introduce geometrics to a classic look.

 Geometric Designer Wallpaper Ideas -


3. Delta Hex Tiles

Geometric tile patterns bring this bathroom to life, or try our designer wallpaper Keziah Night - inspired by vintage tiles

Geometric Designer Wallpaper Ideas -


4.   Bookcase from Emmemobili

Geometric bookcase against a masculine geometric wall.  For a striking masculine look, try our designer wallpaper Crystallise.

Geometric Designer Wallpaper Ideas -


6. Plywood Collection by Hristo Stankushev 

A stunningly simple geometric table design that'd fit well against plain or patterned walls.

Geometric Designer Wallpaper Ideas -


6.  Bel Air Home by Kelly Wearstler

Ace work with Kelly Wearstler's Pyramid Walls.

Geometric Designer Wallpaper Ideas -


7.  Imeüble by Bjørn Jørund Blikstad

A supercool geometric bookcase, the perfect complement to our designer wallpaper, Department

Geometric Designer Wallpaper Ideas -


8. Mirrored artwork by Matias Kiss

A dramatic addition to a classic contemporary room.

Geometric Designer Wallpaper Ideas -


9.  A Brilliant Chair by Eva Fly

Feminity meets geometrics.

Geometric Designer Wallpaper Ideas -


10.  Meubilair/Cube — FilipJanssens 

A minimalist geometric bookcase, that would complement an architectural wallpaper, like Geometric.

Geometric Designer Wallpaper Ideas -



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