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4 Ways to Use Floral Design Wallpaper

Once the preserve of the quaint seaside bed-and-breakfast or the Rococo inspired interior, floral wallpaper has in the past few years began to experience a significant resurgence. Thanks to its newly re-imagined style brimming with vibrant colours, exotic prints and artistic elegance, floral design wallpaper has become cool again.

Looking for ideas on how to use the new wave of floral wallpaper designs as part of your next interior refresh? Say a fond farewell to your paintbrush, and take a look at these four modern ideas to bring a splash of nature into your home.

1. Make it modern

The modern look in floral design wallpaper is gigantic flowers with enormous petals. This type of design makes the perfect feature wall.

This statement bed backdrop would be at home splashed across the pages of any interiors magazine. The layered brushstrokes of the abstract flower wallpaper seem to be at play with each other, creating a feeling of depth. It’s the ultimate statement for the modern home.

English Rose – Midnight by Reeta Ek floral design wallpaper
English Rose – Midnight by Reeta Ek

Modern floral design wallpaper has the ability to create atmosphere in any room, and romance certainly blossoms as this feature wall is brought to life with giant cream blooms set against a moody background.


Cream & Black Floral Wallpaper Mural
Zarafa – Original by Jessica Wilde

2. Take it vintage

When creating a sense of elegance is top of your interior décor agenda, vintage floral wallpaper designs are the order of the day. Transport yourself back in time and add a touch of class to your living space with a floral print that’s reminiscent of the flamboyant Victorian era, when art-inspired wallpaper was as on-trend as it is now.

This eye-catching luxury chinoiserie wallpaper combines cherry blossom with intriguing exotic birds, perfect for the nature lover who enjoys a spot of indulgence. Ideal for a snug or reading nook, or for an entertaining space where this vintage wall art can be admired by all who come.

Art fact: Related to the Rococo style, chinoiserie originated in the 17th century in Europe. The word derives from ‘chinois’, which is French for ‘Chinese’, and originates from the designers of the time attempting to imitate the decorative style of Chinese arts and lacquerware.

Kubla Khan - Saffron Ways to use floral design wallpaper
Kubla Khan – Saffron by Feathr

Cherry blossom features again in this vintage floral wallpaper design, but this time it’s all about serenity. Bring a sense of calm into your bedroom, bathroom or living space courtesy of these beautiful blue Sakura blooms, set against a crisp porcelain backdrop.

Flower fact: Sakura is the Japanese word for cherry blossom. As the national flower of Japan, cherry blossom represents renewal and optimism.

White & Blue Cherry Blossom Wallpaper Hero Image floral design wallpaper
Cherry Blossom – Porcelain by Joanne Charlotte

3. Style it out with a designer floral print

With its creativity, vision and artistic quality, designer floral wallpaper could easily be framed and exhibited in an art gallery. From abstract designs to nature-inspired works of art, these artist-created pieces are the head-turners that are going to help you make an impassioned statement in any room of your home.

If you have a flamboyant feature wall vision in your mind, and floral design wallpaper is proving to be a true temptation, this hand painted wall art mural is a must-have. Proud peacocks perch pertinently on pastel coloured flowers, with the dark background creating an air of enchantment.

Peacock fact: Peacocks have been a token of wealth, beauty and rebirth since ancient times. The birds originally came from India more than 4,000 years ago where they were symbols of royalty. They’ve been part and parcel of Western visual and decorative culture since the 1800s.

Enchanted Garden Floral Wallpaper
Enchanted Garden – Emerald Green by Wallpaper + Folk

Perhaps the polar opposite of flamboyance, this cherry blossom floral design wallpaper transports the beauty of nature into your home, in a subtle and very elegant way. The chinoiserie style wallpaper mural features jade green flowers set against a mildly distressed cream background, perfect for the modern interior, and for highlighting natural textures and materials within your interior design traits.

grey green cherry blossom designer wallpaper
Takeda – Jade by La Feature Wall Murals

4. Go monochrome

Black and white floral design wallpaper is ever-so contemporary. Monochrome need not signify understated, however. Artists love using black and white together because they contrast with one another so well. With black embodying feelings of strength and power, and white signifying light and purity, it’s as if the two converge to close the circle of design.

This monochrome designer floral wallpaper is a real storyteller. Labelled, ‘A Beautiful Thing is Never Perfect’, the piece represents the cycle of life, cleverly incorporating flowers in bloom, with hints of decay. Roses and gerberas take on the leading floral role, whilst supporting parts are played by butterflies and snails, secreted in the undergrowth.

A Beautiful Thing is Never Perfect – Monochrome by Magnus Gjoen
A Beautiful Thing is Never Perfect – Monochrome by Magnus Gjoen

The uncomplicatedness of this black and white floral design wallpaper is its defining selling point. Centred on damask, the epitome of Victorian design, this is a piece that attracts attention through its sheer simplicity. The wonderful thing about such a simplistic backdrop is that you get to use it as a stage for your more colourful inclinations. Think lime green sofa, bright red bedhead or cobalt blue dresser, and there you have your interior design statement nailed.

Damask fact: Damask took its name from Damascus in Syria, which is where the fine patterned textile product first originated. The intricate pattern dates back to the Middle Ages, and was originally crafted wholly from silk, but gradually came to be applied to a variety of fabrics.

Black & White Vintage Damask Wallpaper
Victoriana Flora – Monochrome by Wallpaper + Folk

Floral design wallpaper by Feathr

Here at Feathr, we have a vision of getting more art into people’s homes courtesy of unique, luxury modern wallpapers, wall murals and fabrics created by independent artists from across the world.

Why not use our visualizer to discover how your very own kitchen will look adorned with one of our wallpapers?

Looking to be inspired by floral wallpaper designs? Our excellent free design services, fast worldwide delivery, high-quality materials and top-rated customer service and commitment to protecting our environment mean you are guaranteed to be delighted with a new wallpaper from Feathr. Why not browse our range today?

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