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Beach Wallpaper – Stunning Ocean Wallpaper Ideas To Create That Coastal Feeling

Recreate that ocean feel with a stunning beach wallpaper! We love the sea – the noise of the waves, watching the world disappearing over the horizon, the feel of soft sand under our feet and the pebbles smoothed over by the endless flow of water….

Many people also relish that ocean vibe, but few are fortunate enough to live anywhere near the beach to have that experience each day. If you are in this situation, you can still bring the ocean to you. Interior décor allows many inspirational designs to make a splash in your home. Ocean wallpaper – or beach wallpaper if you prefer – can do just this. Let’s explore how to style a beach wallpaper at home and designs that will bring those ocean-going sensations indoors.


A beach wallpaper is an atmospheric choice

Some rooms are naturally welcoming, with well-chosen décor and furnishings creating a relaxing space. You can achieve this in your own home, while introducing the ocean wallpaper that helps replicate the outdoor scenery you love. You may be surprised to see how well ocean or beach wallpaper works in an assortment of rooms, too. Imagine laying back in the bath, surrounded by walls offering a marvelous view of sea wallpaper. Hang a beach wall mural and you could almost feel as if you are laying there, reading a good book and enjoying a long cool drink.

In sharp contrast, you could also put sea wallpaper to spectacular use in the kitchen. Choosing something abstract could work well here, especially as wall-hung cabinets are likely to give you far less wall space to work with. An abstract ocean wallpaper would fill in the gaps, displaying beautiful tones of blue and white – a calming choice for any room. When the heat picks up during a cooking session, you’ll feel calmed by the more relaxed design around you.

Where else might beach wallpaper come into its own? How about in a nursery? Expectant parents often ponder over how to decorate this room. An abstract ocean wallpaper is a superb choice, offering an innovative design that would go with the ever-changing furniture that is likely to grace such a room. Whether you go for strong shades and wave-like shapes or something more subtle, it’s the perfect backdrop for any nursery.

Blue & Yellow Abstract Sea Wallpaper Mural hero image

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Dip into the big blue with an ocean wallpaper

As you may now have realized, we’ve yet to exhaust the possibilities of beach wallpaper designs. While tones of blue are the driver for this design idea, you can also find examples that include a few other unusual shades as well. Would you consider an ocean wallpaper paper with golden tones running through it to imitate the sunlight, for example? Something to think about.

You also need to think about the level of detail and recognizable imagery you’d like to have in your ocean wallpaper. Would you prefer colors and shades that suggest you’re up close to the waves and the ebb and flow of the water? Or would you rather choose a design that makes it seem as if you’re viewing the water from above, so you can imagine dipping your toes into the waves as they approach. With so many possibilities wrapped into various wallpaper designs, you always have an impressive range of beach wallpaper to choose from.

Abstract designs are popular, of course, but there are other options that give you the chance to introduce a more realistic tone. When you think of the ocean, do you think of seagulls or other birds swirling around in the air, hoping for a treat from a trawler out at sea? Or do you think of the sand beneath your feet? Some sea wallpaper uses such imagery and inspiration to create a repeating design or captivating mural to hang in your home.

Blue Abstract Watercolour Wall Mural interior image

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Making waves with a beach wallpaper!

Another point to think about is whether you’d rather hang an ocean mural on one wall or redecorate an entire room in ocean wallpaper. It’s worth thinking about the amount of natural light the room receives, the size of the room, and what kinds of furniture you’re going to have in there. Sometimes, a room will have a specific feature that almost demands you go for a wall mural. In this example, a beach wall mural would certainly take over that area and stand out… almost as a work of art.In other cases, you can be more daring and hang your chosen beach wallpaper around the entire room. When looking at different papers, think about how light or dark they are. Lighter tones always work better in smaller rooms that don’t receive a lot of light. You can be bolder if you’re in a bigger room.

We should also talk about the mood you wish to create in your chosen room. Another popular space to hang ocean wallpaper is the bedroom, where you can drift away to sleep each night dreaming of the ocean beyond your walls. Some people like to be bolder with their interior décor if they’re revamping a space that few others are going to see. In the bedroom, you might choose a design with abstract imagery in many light and dark shades. Something bolder – something more reminiscent of the waves on a dark and stormy day.

Switch to a communal space such as a dining room or living room and you can lighten things up with something calmer. A graded paper looks fantastic, with darker colors swirling around the bottom of the wallpaper and moving through to far lighter ones near the top.

Blue Contemporary Sea Wallpaper Mural in bathroom
Image credit: Shutterstock/Jafara
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We have seen how a beach wallpaper can fit into a myriad of different interiors – now let look at a selection of stunning ocean wallpapers to get that beach side vibe at home!


Island Life beach wallpaper mural

Take yourself away with this stunning beach wallpaper mural! If you are yearning to get that vacation feeling back then enjoy holiday vibes year round with our ocean inspired seascape wallpaper mural.  Layered with soft hues of aqua and white pigments, a cool-toned color palette creates a serene, modern, multi-dimensional painting. Enjoy that hint of sparkle in the soft washes of white foamy waves as they roll onto the golden sands on the beach. Introduce the beach wallpaper mural into your bedroom to get that summer feeling year round!


ocean beach wallpaper with rattan bed
Image credit: Shutterstock/Jafara
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Mystic beach wall mural

Mystic is a gorgeous ocean wallpaper mural in an abstract style designed by painter Jen Merli. The teal & grey abstract wallpaper mural incorporates intricate detailing in gold that flashes across the watercolour background. The colours press against each other to create a backdrop that could be seen while standing on the beach looking out to sea. Choose this stunning sea mural and experience that wonderful sensation of watching the ocean waves from the comfort of your bedroom. 

Teal & Grey Abstract Wallpaper Mural hero image

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Blue Hawaiian blue ocean mural

This modern, contemporary, glossy, ocean wallpaper mural comes from an original piece of artwork created on a wood panel,  layered with turquoise mica, jewel toned inks, and deep green pigments. White foamy waves glisten as they splash against the shore. A cool toned color palette was used to create this multi-layered dimensional seascape. Harnessing all the drama and energy, this blue modern ocean wallpaper mural draws us in to its depths and allows us to experience the power of the ocean. Bring the drama into your living room with this gorgeous beach wallpaper mural


Blue Modern Ocean Wallpaper Mural hero image

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Ocean Spray sea wallpaper 

This Ocean Spray (Japanese Wave) wallpaper can bring a touch of Japanese style to various rooms in your home.  If you want to introduce a beach wallpaper that has a more stylised feel, this green & white Japanese sea wallpaper features a classic Japanese wave motif that is softened into elegance using light pastel colours. Create the illusion of the sea cascading across any room in your home, but why not use this ocean wallpaper to create a soothing reading corner in your living room? 


Green & White Japanese Wave Wallpaper hero image

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Waterfall abstract Ocean wallpaper mural

Why not choose the moody blues with this organic abstract blue ocean wall mural by LA artist Stacy Solodkin. A romantic wash of blues and greys drift across the canvas, capturing the mist at the base of an ocean wave. The sophisticated cool colors ebb and flow together, reminiscent of the ocean waves hitting the beach and retreating back into the sea. Install this ocean and beach inspired wall mural as a breathtaking backdrop in your bathroom and allow yourself to drift away into its abstract wash for a truly relaxing moment. 


Blue & Grey Abstract Wallpaper Mural in bathroom
Image credit: Shutterstock/Jafara
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Shadows of the Deep blue sea wall mural

The original artwork for this ocean mural featured navy blue ink along with soft iridescent mica powder and white frothy pigment.  Capture the energy of the sea in this multi-layered, dimensional sea wallpaper mural. The ombre effect takes us on a journey from the deep blue tones of the depths of the ocean, right the way through to the moment the white waves roll in and hit the beach. Imagine the impact this deep blue sea wallpaper mural could have in your home, whether in your dining room, living room or perhaps your bathroom?


Blue Deep Sea Wallpaper Mural

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Sparkling Sea ocean wallpaper mural

The shimmer and glisten of the ocean was then inspiration of the artist behind this breathtaking sea wallpaper mural.
When swimming in the ocean, artist Karina Eibatova was so inspired by the blue and turquoise colours and the sparks on the waves that she decided to capture this sensation in a painting.
Originally created with watercolours, this blue sparkling sea wallpaper mural reminds us of the magic when the sunlight meets the ocean. Adorn your powder room wall with this stunning beach wallpaper and combine with metallic fixtures and furnishing to add to the sparkle!


Blue Sparkling Sea Wallpaper Mural in a powder room

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Venice Beach ocean wallpaper mural

Coocoon your baby in warm summer feel with this gorgeous beach wallpaper mural. Created using a soft palette of watercolours blended together, this summer time scene evokes the famous stretch of beach in front of Los Angeles.  The pastel color scheme is perfect for a nursery or child’s room setting, encouraging a deep and peaceful nights sleep.  Let your little one drift away to sleep with this abstract beach wallpaper mural as a backdrop in their room.


Blue & White Abstract Watercolour Beach Wall Mural in nursery

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Arctic Adventure blue sea wallpaper mural

Make a statement in your kitchen! This richly pigmented sea wallpaper mural is layered with hues of indigo and aquamarine pigments in a stunning ombre blend. Depth and movement draw us into the waves whilst a layer of arctic mist hovers above the water creating a sense of chill in the air. A cool toned color palette was used to create this modern resin painting but warmth is present in the touches of mauve pinks that drift across the seascape. Ideal as a kitchen wallpaper, the melded effect of this ocean wallpaper will create a wonderful feature wall in a modern kitchen interior. 


Blue Beautiful Arctic Wallpaper Mural in kitchen

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Waiting To Surface contemporary ocean wall mural

Plunge into the ebb and flow of the ocean in this dramatic ocean wallpaper mural. Shades of deep indigo and shimmering blue inks are layered together to create a contemporary sea wallpaper mural that takes us straight into the big blue. Hints of iridescent violet peak through the waters white foamy waves near the shore as the waves connect with the beach. Why not choose this stunning ocean and beach wallpaper mural for a bedroom feature wall? Coordinate soft furnishings in similar dark tones to create an atmospheric and dramatic bedroom interior.  


Blue Contemporary Ocean Wallpaper Mural in bedroom
Image credit: Shutterstock/Jafara
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Portuguese Seagulls II beach wallpaper

Away from the ocean now, and up into the sky above the beach! The artist who created Portuguese Seagulls II sea wallpaper chose to build a nostalgic design that incorporates a flock of seagulls spreading their wings over the Lisbon coast. The blue vintage sea bird wallpaper lets viewers feel transported to the seaside near nature and the sound of waves crashing on a beach. This beach wallpaper truly captures the beauty of nature at the seaside.  Perfect to ease tension and  bring a relaxing atmosphere into a kitchen interior with is soft colors and rhythmic pattern.  


Blue Vintage Sea Bird Wallpaper in kitchen
Image credit: Shutterstock/ImageFlow
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Finding your ideal ocean wallpaper

If you’re looking for a talking point, a beach wallpaper can certainly create it. As we’ve seen, you could transform almost any room in the home with a carefully selected beach wallpaper design. They create a beautiful and captivating atmosphere, one that you’ll never become tired of.

That’s another part of the charm – this design is timeless. Just as the ocean will always be there, so too could your chosen beach wallpaper. While you could replace it with something else in future, would you ever want to, when this design is sure to charm you and your visitors each day you see it?


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