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Forest wallpaper & wall murals for all seasons: 12 original ideas

28 February 2019


Experience the Great Outdoors from the comfort of your own home. Our diverse selection of forest wallpaper and wall murals feature a variety of woodland scenes in rich shades of green, earthy browns and soft blues, so you can live forever in your favourite season.  Surrounding yourself by the natural tones of the forest brings a calm and natural feeling into the home – and it’s bang on trend as more and more interior designers bring the outdoors indoors.


12 tree & forest wallpaper mural ideas



>> See more Oslo forest wallpaper mural images.

A room with a view takes on a whole new meaning with the Oslo tree wallpaper mural. Style with simple, Scandi furniture to let the soft tones of this trees mural shine. Add this forest wallpaper mural to your bedroom and wake up each morning to the calming mists of this Nordic wall mural.  In soft pink ‘Original’ it creates a romantic mood, or for a crisp modern feel, try the ‘Ice’ colourway.

Oslo forest tree wallpaper mural

Oslo wall mural in Original

Oslo ice forest tree wall mural

Oslo wall mural in Ice



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>> See more Morning Dew abstract forest wallpaper mural images.

The Morning Dew abstract forest wallpaper mural captures a panoramic of a green forest and blue sky.  The contemporary design was originally hand painted with watercolour paints, creating a calm and subtle mood piece suitable as a feature wall, or to wrap a whole room.  We also offer it in the stunning Sunrise colourway, for those who want to wake up to a burst of warmth and colour.

Abstract Forest Wall Mural by La Feature

Morning Dew wall mural in Day

Sunrise abstract forest wallpaper mural

Morning Dew wall mural in Sunrise



>> See more Carpathia forest & tree wallpaper mural images.

The stunningly soft tones of the Carpathia wallpaper myural fade into a beautiful hazy background. The scenic mountaintops in this forest wallpaper allow you to embrace the beauty of nature from your own comfortable living room.    In Original, it captures soft blue light across the mountains; whilst in Vintage the sepia infused tones add a classic feel.

Misty forest wall mural

Carpathia wall mural in Original

Vintage forest wall mural

Carpathia wall mural in Vintage


feathr wallpaper seen in



>> See more Raindrops modern forest wall mural images.

The Raindrops forest wallpaper mural creates the dreamlike feeling of wandering through a leafy wood, rays of sunshine catching raindrops as they fall through a canopy of trees. Painted by renowned Finnish landscape artist Tamara Piilola, the Raindrops wall mural is a truly original forest wallpaper mural.  Hang it in Vintage Green for a classic look, or moody Dusk for rich and dark tones.

Raindrops forest wall mural

Raindrops wall mural in Vintage Green



>> See more Snow & Forest Scandinavian tree wallpaper images.

Our Snow & Forest wallpaper by artist Yuexin Du is a great way to embrace the tree wallpaper trend in abstract style. This stunning design reflects the trees, snow and forest of the Nordic winter, with the mottled bark of birch trees  peeking through winter mists and snow.

Snow & Forest wallpaper

Snow & Forest wallpaper by Yuexin Du for FEATHR (shown a custom extra large size)




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>> See more In the Glade forest tree wall mural images.

Take a stroll through the countryside with the In the Glade forest wall mural. This relaxing scene conjures memories of a misty forests on late summer and autumn days.   Choose the Summer colourway for vibrant shades of green or Autunn for rich brown tree trunks.

In the Glade forest wall mural - autumn

In the Glade wall mural in Autumn

In the Glade forest wall mural

In the Glade wall mural in Summer



>> See more Pastoral Sunset romantic forest wallpaper mural images.

A stunning classical forest wallpaper mural, based on the original oil painting by artist Alexandre Calame.  The sun sets over a river, that cuts between the trees that edge the forest of this painting. Meanwhile, a goather heads slowly towards the river on horseback, where a cow is drinking.

Pastoral sunset tree wall mural

Pastoral Sunset wall mural

classical forest tree wall mural

Pastoral Sunset wall mural


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>> See more Lost Paradise jungle tree wall mural images

Deep in the jungle, aged trees are wrapped in ivy and surrounding by flowers bursting up from the ground.  This verdant and luscious tree wall mural brings a touch of the jungle into the home, with its on trend vintage botanical style giving a subtle shabby chic feel.  The original illustration was found in a 19th century German botanical encylopedia.

vintage jungle tree wall mural

Lost Paradise wall mural in Original



>> See more Ink Blossoms japanese tree wall mural images

The hand-painted Japanese tree wall mural is available in two sophisticated colour variants. An elegant watercolour design that looks stunning in any contemporary living room.

Japanese Tree Wall Mural by La Feature

Ink Blossoms Wall Mural



>> See more Ornament bird tree wall mural images

Finnish painter Tamara Piilola uses magical realism to create startling experiences of nature.  Mixing memory and imagination, the Ornament wall mural captures the breaking of the winter silence in a Nordic forest.

bird tree wall mural

Ornament wall mural in Sky Blue


elle decor feathr wallpaper




>> See more Zephyr watercolour forest wall mural images

The beautiful painted trees of the Watercolour Forest Wall Mural appear as if to sway in a blusterly Winter breeze, leaves falling in the wind. A forest scene depicted in abstract brushstrokes is an artistic approach to this outside-in trend.

zephy forest wall mural

Zephyr Wall Mural in Day



>> See moreDelta forest wallpaper mural images

Originally painted by Finnish artist Tamara Pillola, the Delta wall mural is an incredible centre piece design: full of the magical mysteries of the deep Finnish forest.  As this is an oversize mural at up to 7m wide, it can be used to bring drama to a feature wall or a whole room.

delta forest wall mural

delta forest wall mural

Delta wall mural in Original


Each of our forest wall murals can be sized to your specifications, and with the online mural tool you can select which part of the mural you’d like to feature. Immerse yourself in nature with a unique tree wall mural, and get the benefits of being outdoors when relaxing at home.


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Tree Wallpaper & wall murals to bring nature into your home

Tree Wallpaper & wall murals to bring nature into your home

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