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Living Rooms (with wallpaper & more): How to Style Them

Your living room is more than just a space; it’s the heart of your home’s design. It’s the space where you’re going to spend most of your time.  Relaxing.  Reading.  Talking.  Maybe even a little Netflix and chill.  The living room is where family and friends come together to relax, which means getting this space working for everyone takes time and imagination.  So we’ve pulled together our top tips on how to style your space, with living room wallpaper and more.

Zone it

Dark floral wallpaper in a stylish cafe

The first rule of creating a liveable, loveable space is to create a different zones.  It doesn’t matter on the room size you’re working with, the different spaces will give you different moods to match yours.  Use different styles and sizes of furniture, focused lighting, rugs and plants to do this.  So whether you’re in a bookish mood and want to recline in peace, or party with friends, you’ll have the space to do this.  Wallpaper can help define the zone as well.   In this open plan home, the sofa area creates an inviting corner, surrounded by dark floral wallpaper.

Get creative with wallpaper

blue abstract living room wallpaper

Wallpaper can define a space, or complement it.  It depends on the mood you want to create.  For a truly dramatic space, you can use a wallpaper as the feature on one wall or more.  Or try framing wallpaper to create a conversation between the walls and the rest of your room.  This is a beautiful and clever use of a Waterfall blue ocean wallpaper in a frame, coordinated with a sofa.

To coordinate or not to coordinate

This is the biggy.  And guess what? There’s no right answer: it’s all about what works for you and your style.  So here are five ways you can look at using wallpaper in your living room

1. Feature wall

floral wallpaper elegant cafe

To create a focal point in the space, a great way to do your living room is to combine a feature wall with neutral interiors. This floral wall mural creates a stunning backdrop for the white sofa area.

2. Go minimalist

cream floral wallpaper white chair

For a classic look, use neutral, light colours and a minimalist living room wallpaper as a subtle backdrop to a calm and cohesive interior.

3. Add a touch of luxury

pink abstract wallpaper for romantic living room decor

According to the trends, feature walls and wallpaper are in. This is a great way to add a touch of luxury to your living room. Choose a wallpaper with silver metallic pattern to make a design statement in your home.

4. Maximalise

The on trend look for rich, luxe, maximalist interiors gives you a great excuse to experiment with vintage wallpapers.  If you choose this style for your living room, think about how to create a conversation in the colours or styles of what will inevitably be a varied range of products.

5. Complement bold wallpaper with furniture

Living room wallpaper clashing

Sometimes, a bold pattern is what a room needs.  So don’t be afraid of using bold patterns but make sure to choose furniture that complements the colour scheme.

Keep it open

nature wallpaper dining room asian fusion interior design

This mid century dining room uses a coffee table and chairs to keep the room uncluttered, but the nature wall mural creates warmth and depth to the interior design.

Layer the lighting

Matsumoto - Pink cherry blossom wallpaper

Use lighting to accent the zones in your living room.  This will make the spaces more distinct and create variation around the room.  Layered lighting also allows you to more carefully control the mood in your living room.  You can also use lighting to highlight features on your walls, whether it be art or wallpaper.  The layered levels in this room are created by a central bulb and a reading light, that complements the pink cherry blossom wallpaper.

Deploy your art

silver floral living room 

A large canvas is a great way to create a feature and focal point of your living room. This statement living room wall mural is a piece of art. Here, metallic royal hues hold the wallpaper and furniture together.

Think outside the box (and the room)

cherry blossom living room wallpaper

A living room isn’t just a place to look into.   It’s a place to look out of.  So as your design your living room, think about how you frame the views from your favourite seat.  We love the way to the doorway has been used to frame an artfully constructed home office table in the classic Scandinavian living room and cherry blossom wallpaper ensemble.

Perk up your room with eye-catching living room wallpaper

Your living room is somewhere you’re going to spend plenty of time. While other rooms are solely for eating with the family, sleeping, or relaxing, a living room can serve many purposes. This can make decorating it harder than usual. Unless you live alone, two or more people need to use the room and feel comfortable in it. Your chosen furniture helps make this possible, but the living room wallpaper you choose plays a huge role as well.

Grey & Green Exotic Tropical Bird Wallpaper hero image

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Abstract and distressed designs often work beautifully in living rooms. It’s possible to go for something more subtle, yet still capable of making a striking impression on everyone who sees it. We have three examples here that prove the point. Remember – you are going to hang this paper in a room everyone will see. Boldness can reap rewards here, and there are many designs that would serve this purpose. Does one speak to you more loudly than another?

Choosing the shabby chic living room look

Who can resist shabby chic when it looks this good? If you wondered whether it was possible to have living room wallpaper that looked striking and relaxing all at once, you can see here that it is. Our  Oh La La living room wallpaper collection is inspired by a triptych of paintings using various techniques.

Green & Brown Distressed Shabby Chic Wallpaper hero image

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While green and brown are the predominant colors here, you can see numerous shades and tones that would be perfect for many living room color schemes. Whether you go light or dark with your furniture, this paper gives you the ideal backdrop.

How about a luscious living room wallpaper mural?

Luscious, luxurious, understated yet bold… we could say all these things about this stunning wall mural. Our Jupiter living room wallpaper uses patinated techniques and features swirls and movements you’ll find hard to pull your eyes away from. The abstract design here is wonderful to use in any room, yet in a living room it brings depth and drama.

abstract patinated wall mural with red sofa

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You can choose lighter furnishings to complement the darker paper. Alternatively, lush velvet cushions, sofas, and armchairs would turn your living room into a desirable space you won’t want to leave. Its wipe-clean nature makes it perfect for a family room, although it works equally as well if you’re just looking for a darker design that feels rich yet calming all at the same time.

Going for a bolder living room look

For some, going dark is the only way to make an impression. If you prefer darker tones in your living room compared with light bright palettes, this Indigo living room wallpaper mural is going to hit the spot.

Blue Indigo Abstract Mural hero image

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The artist has used a watercolor technique to create this design, allowing different shades to swirl together in shades of teal and grey. The deep indigo colors are striking, yet well balanced by the lighter areas of the wallpaper. If you want a living room wallpaper that gives you a cozy feel, this one is perhaps a surprising contender for that role.

Choosing the look for your living room

Of course, a living room is more than just the wallpaper you choose to hang there. Exploring your preferences in terms of light, dark, and shades helps you find a living wallpaper or mural that will give you a superb background on which to build your look.

Red & White Shabby Chic Cherry Blossom Wallpaper hero image

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You may decide to hang a living room wallpaper mural that gives you a backdrop – a piece of art across an entire wall. Alternatively, you may prefer something lighter to brighten up a small room, or something darker for a larger room. Consider too how much sunlight the room receives each day, and how you might create coziness in other ways.

However, it doesn’t matter whether you have a minimalist desire, or you love lots of furniture in your living room. Either way, there are living room wallpaper designs you can choose from that create the overall appearance you want. Distressed designs and those that simply go for a Chinoiserie cherry blossom appearance are equally able to bring you the calming yet inspiring living room you want.

Gold Cherry Blossom Wallpaper Hero Image

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Think about how you can transform your existing décor simply by changing your living room wallpaper. You can see this is possible to do – you just need to find the right living room wallpaper or wall mural that would suit your home, mood, and preferences. You may think this is hard to do, but with so many inspiring designs to sort through, narrowing the range to find your favorite is going to be a thrilling experience.


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