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New Jessica Wilde Botanical Wallpapers: Nature Unleashed

Introducing FEATHR’s exciting new collaboration with British artist Jessica Wilde. Working with FEATHR, Wilde has created seven progressive luxury wallpaper murals inspired by ‘biophilia’ – how we evolved as part of our natural environment and thus humans innate need to connect with nature.

Wilde’s conceptual designs take inspiration from the flora and fauna of the ecosphere in which we inhabit. Both the subject and the colour palette of her designs are intrinsically linked to the natural world, which by its very essence, enhances one’s home and workspace environment. Wilde firmy believes  introducing a biophilic wall mural design is a way of seamlessly incorporating nature into our interiors to both promote and enhance our wellbeing.

The new FEATHR x Jessica Wilde collection is available exclusively from Feathr.

Explore the full Nature Unleashed nature wallpaper collection from Jessica Wilde.


Jupiter abstract wall mural

The Jupiter wall mural reaches deeper into nature to take inspiration from the planets. Wilde created this stunning watercolour wallpaper mural by fusing shades of cerulean and graphite with byzantium that harmonise seamlessly together.  

“Although green is the obvious biophilic colour, I don’t think you need to be limited to it,” Wilde comments. “The natural world offers a diverse spectrum of colours inspired by a range of landscapes and seasons. As well as taking inspiration from warmer climates, I love the changing seasons we have in the UK and I think you can take inspiration from all facets of nature and create both vibrant and energetic lush green and serene calm. Biophilia can be so much more than the colour green, there’s so many more ways you can embrace nature.” This statement mural is the perfect blend of abstract expression combined with a harmonious colour palette.

abstract patinated wall mural with red sofa

Green & Brown Abstract Patinated Wall Mural pattern Image


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Tempestas Dark cloud wall mural

Wilde’s desire to express the environment in which we inhabit draws her to subjects both earthly and celestial. Tempetas Dark is the first of two stunning wall murals ascending us skywards, drawing us towards its inky twilight depths. Mottled hues of pewter and silvered grey ombre together to depict the night sky and plunge us into its hypnotic depths.

Wilde reflects on her need to push herself artistically when creating: “my style is quite varied and experimental, I love combining different mediums and pushing ideas and techniques as much as I can.” Tempestas Dark will elevate any room from the mundane to the sublime with its dramatic tone. 

Blue Beautiful Cloud Wall Mural Hero Image

Blue Beautiful Cloud Wall Mural Detail Image

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Tempestas Light cloud wall mural

Tempetas Light dapples together delicate shades of sepia and amethyst tones into a stunning brume. We can sense the warmth of the sun illuminating behind the nebulous haze as we turn our face skywards and meld into the mesmeric scape before us.

Wilde captures this need to connect with the world surrounding from personal experience: “I’ve always looked to nature for inspiration and very much appreciate it on a personal level knowing how it can influence wellbeing. With so much going on in the world, it’s really important to take some time out, either outdoors in nature or by creating your sanctuary at home. As well as being a design discipline, we can learn from biophilia in all aspects of our lives”. Bring the power of the outside in with this hypnotic wall mural.

Pastel Beautiful Cloud Wall Mural Hero Image

Pastel Beautiful Cloud Wall Mural Hero Image


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Floral Meadow wall mural

Floral Meadow cleverly communicates its message of natural beauty by fusing together a soft mottled background in oyster gray with a fauna motif transposed in an almost negative relief. Oversized vegetation reaches out skywards as the tendrils extend upwards.

Wilde uses verdure as inspiration when creating her artwork. “My process is quite varied and experimental, but I always start with nature photography. I then use these as references for drawing or use them directly by manipulating them digitally”. Floral Meadow will bring a delicate touch of botanics to an interior, subtly bringing all the benefits of biophilic principles into your home.

Cream Floral Meadow Wall Mural Hero Image

Cream Floral Meadow Wall Mural detail Image

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Bamboo forest wall mural

Roam into the jungle with the dramatic Bamboo wall mural.  Wildes’ clever play on size and perspective draws the viewer straight into the vegetation to connect with the boscage landscape personally.  Oversize foliage in soft sage green and argent silver bourgeon across the mural in the foreground, veiling the hidden silvered depths beyond.

Wildes’ belief in nature’s positive impact on wellbeing can be adapted to fit into any home environment.  “If you’re limited on space and can’t fit in many plants, any visual connection with nature can have a positive effect so consider nature inspired artworks and wallcoverings, which are perfect for transforming a space”.  Let the stunning flora and fauna of the Bamboo wall mural fulfill that intrinsic human need to be surrounded by nature.

Green Abstract Bamboo Wall Mural Hero Image

Green Abstract Bamboo Wall Mural Pattern Image


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Dahlia Blossom Dark floral wall mural

Dahlia Blossom is a story of contrasts.  Its background is an expression of painterly abstract sky in striking tones of nighttime blue mottled with grey. In contrast, the foreground and very feel of this wall mural is dramatized by the oversize floral blooms in pencil lines.

These delicate illustrations pick out the fine detail of each bloom as they sit against the atmospheric background. Wilde believes such a striking contrast can be the  essence of artistic expression when decorating a space – “I like to design for impact and wallpaper is perfect for that. You get to transform a space which is really exciting from a design point of view”.

Blue Floral Cloud Wall Mural Hero Image

Blue Floral Cloud Wall Mural Pattern Image


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Verbena Monochrome floral wall mural

The Verbena Monochrome wall mural lends an ethereal timeless feel to an interior. Delicate silver grey blooms wend their way gently upwards, melding, blending and then fading gently into the background. The intriguing play of color and form plays a spatial game, visually pulling forward the botanics towards the viewer.

Even such a subtle presence of foliage in one’s home has a large impact, believes Wilde. “Even small changes to maximise nature in your life can make a big difference. Whether it’s a full design scheme or just the addition of a house plant, hopefully an awareness and appreciation of biophilia can boost your wellbeing in some way.” Verbena Monochrome is the perfect statement piece that can fit seamlessly into many interior decor schemes, bringing stunning visual impact without overwhelming a space.

Grey & White Abstract Floral Wall Mural Hero Image

Grey & White Abstract Floral Wall Mural Detail Image


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Interiors brand FEATHR is on a mission to fill the world with more art and less decoration.  From their base in the famed artists-only village of Fiskars, Finland, FEATHR roam the world collaborating with contemporary artists to create original wallpaper and fabrics. The FEATHR x Jessica Wilde collection is available worldwide, exclusively from FEATHR.

Explore the full nature wallpaper collection from Jessica Wilde.


All Image Credits: Shutterstock/Jafara

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