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The Best Designs of 2015 /// Chosen by 28 Design Experts

30 December 2015


We take a look back at the design highlights from 2015, as chosen by 28 design experts from around the world.  Take a stunning journey through modern architecture, luxury wallpaper, art, contemporary living, modern homes and the very best of interior design.


1.  Lorenzo Cereda Furniture /// Chosen by Katrina Burroughs, Journalist

The collection that surprised and charmed me most last year was Lorenzo Cereda’s crazy furniture range. He’s an interior designer, based in London, born in Milan, who launched his first furniture designs at Tent in September. I defy anyone (particularly any child of the 80s) not to smile with delight when they see this Memphis-inspired limited edition coffee table lamp, chairs and chest. It is all hand made in Italy in Carrara marble, polished stainless steel, wood, MDF and car paint. A delicious cocktail of artisanship and eccentricity.

jungle wallpaper for walls


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2. Elyx bar and Restaurant NYC /// Chosen by Nik Fulton of Pad Home

I love wood and details – and this place is full of both. Designed by Absolut for their new luxury brand Elyx, Elyx bar and Restaurant NYC combines together different materials to create a beautiful aesthetic. The rusty finish in the walls and the wood combination in the ceiling giving the combination of Classic Vintage and Contemporary products all mixed together.  Thanks to all these factors this  is a unique place in Manhattan. The level of detail is unbelievable.

memphis terrazzo wallpaper in bathroom

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3.  Line Collection /// by Douglas & Bec /// Chosen by Mel Chesneau of StyledCanvas.com

My design choice for 2015 is The Line Collection. For me the number one decorative piece in the home would have to be lighting and I’m always on the look out for new designs. I think that New Zealand design house, Douglas and Bec nailed it here; it’s a little bit mid-century meets today. I also adore the hand blown glass element with brass and painted wood.

abstract patinated wall mural with red sofa

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4.  Kizu Lamp /// by New Works /// Chosen by Em Fexeus of EmsDesignBlogg

The Kizu lamp by New Works is my choice because it symbolizes the trends of 2015 in an excellent way. The marble in the base was one of the most popular material choices of the year, but at the same time it’s classic and sustainable. The shape is so playful and graphic, the silhouette definitely stands out from the crowd. To me, these are all signs of a future design classic.

Blue & White Abstract Floral Wall Mural Hero Image

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5. Studio Job Suite  /// Chosen by John Richards of Jane Richards Interiors

Studio Job’s transformation of an early 20th century Dutch apartment is bright, bold, beautiful and bonkers – the Dutch-Belgian creative duo never cease to amaze! The self-commissioned interior is an ode to midcentury furniture and contemporary design – a strong passion of ours here at Jane Richards Interiors.

Cream Floral Meadow Wall Mural Hero Image

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6. Alphabeta Light /// by Luca Nichetto for Hem.com /// Chosen by Kate Watson-Smyth of MadAboutTheHouse.com

My favourite object of 2015 is the Alphabeta light by Luca Nichetto for hem.com which has 10 billion combinations (yes you read that right). It speaks of everything that design should do: different shapes, different colours, fully customisable and no two should ever be the same. Unless you want them to be.

Green Abstract Bamboo Wall Mural Hero Image


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7.  Bilou Bilou Chair /// by Promemoria /// Chosen by Greet Lefèvre of Belgian Pearls

My favorite design piece of this year is the Bilou Bilou chair by Promemoria.  The design is so elegant and this chair fits in a contemporary setting as well as in a traditional interior. I do prefer to see it upholstered in velvet.

Brown Japanese Flower Wall Mural Hero Image

Image from Luxe Source

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8.  Palette Table JH8 /// by Jaime Hayon for &tradition /// Chosen by Cathy Strongman, Journalist

Always tricky to find a great coffee table but I love the contrasting materials and colours of Palette Table JH8. There’s a nod to the mid century design that Denmark is so famous for and yet it also looks thoroughly original and modern.

Pastel Beautiful Cloud Wall Mural Hero Image

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9.  Blush & Gold Wall Hanging /// by Gem & Elli /// Chosen by Anna of Don’t Cramp my Style

I saw a Gem+Elli picture few months ago on Instagram and I instantly fell in love with their hand-made wall hangings.  The entire collection of hand woven wall tapestries is just beautiful with all pastel colours and very detailed!

Blue Beautiful Cloud Wall Mural Hero Image

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10.  Current Window /// by Marjan van Aubel /// Chosen by Barbara Chandler, Journalist

Current Window is a modern version of stained glass — using current technologies. The coloured pieces of glass are generating electricity from daylight, and can even harness diffused sunlight.  I first saw the Current Window in Milan in April, and it was on show again for LDF in September.  Here is a poetic fusion of technology and aesthetics by a young designer committed to eco-innovation.

Green & Brown Abstract Patinated Wall Mural Hero Image

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11.  The Hive – UK Pavilion Milan 2015 /// by Wolfgang Buttress /// Chosen by Elisabetta Rizzatto of Italian Bark

The piece of design I choose is actually a temporary architecture and it is the UK pavillon for Expo 2015 – The Hive – designed by Wolfgang Buttress.  It’s a fantastic sample of how architecture can represent the theme of feeding the planet, in this case with a sculptural element that simulated the activity of a real beehive with light and sound. It was also one of the few Expo pavillon with a fast queue for the visitors!

Blue & Grey Chevron Pattern Wallpaper Hero Image

Image by Elisabetta Rizzatto

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12.  Copycat Lamp /// by Michael Anastassiades for Flos /// Chosen by Niki of MyScandinavianHome

The simple, clean form of Michael Anastassiades’ Copycat Lamp is incredibly elegant and the brass touch is bang up to date with this years trends.  At the same time the design is classic and timeless and would look wonderful on a side table or shelf.

Green & Gold Honeycomb Geometric Wall Mural Hero Image

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13. Interior by Helen Green Design /// Chosen by Claire Garner of Claire Garner Interiors

I’ve chosen an interior shot from Helen Green Design.  All of the elements in this bedroom sit together beautifully – the colours, textures, patterns and tones work in harmony, yet with an eclectic feel.  Set against a neutral ground, the carefully placed accessories inject warmth and colour, and tie the whole design together.

Green & Gold Textured Stripe Wall Mural Hero Image

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14. Toiletpaper x Selettti Collection /// Chosen by Sarah Akwisombe, Interior Stylist

My fave design piece of 2015 is the Toiletpaper x Seletti collection of homewares including porcelain plates and a recently unveiled rug collection (OMGGGG it’s so cool!).  I love when the art and interiors worlds collide so fiercely and with such balls. Seletti and Toiletpaper magazine are both massively respected for being cutting edge and a bit avant-garde so they were a natural collab, but the level of ‘not giving a shit’ is what really sells it to me. It’s playful, fun and irreverent. All of the things I hope people say I am too.

green chinoiserie wallpaper in bathroom

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15.  The Asterix Light Series /// by Christopher Boots /// Chosen by Sophie Gargett of Souq

I am a huge fan of all Christopher’s work (my all-time favourite being his quartz Prometheus series from a couple of years ago) and his geometric Asterix series this year really blew me away. Why? Because its unique in a world of lighting design that has been too long obsessed with ‘tricky filament globes’. The angular features are strong and elegant, the design refreshingly original, the crastmanship stunningly executed and the overall effect enduringly breathtaking.

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16.  Table For One /// by Design K /// Chosen Mary-Ellen Paul of The Happy Flat

Quirky, fun and stylish – who said a table for one had to be boring?! Design K founder Byung has an eye for adding a touch of humour & fun into practical design. Perfectly pairing function with fun this table is a welcomed addition to so many interior spaces!

Blue Beautiful Chinoiserie Wallpaper hero image

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17.  Harmony Espresso Set /// by Shanghai Tang /// Chosen by Nikki Hunt of Design Intervention

My choice for the year is the Harmony espresso cup and saucer set by Shanghai Tang.  They come in 4 gloriously vibrant hues. I have all four and use one each morning for an added zing to my daily caffeine shot.  Being an Asian based designer, I have a soft spot for classic Oriental forms and love how the design team at Shanghai Tang have reinterpreted classic motifs making them as fresh and relevant today as they were centuries ago.

Cream Beautiful Chinoiserie Wallpaper hero image

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18.  Clara Adolphs /// Chosen by Lucy Gough, Interior Stylist

I am so inspired by Clara Adolphs’ paintings at the moment. The contemporary colour palette of pastel greys, whites and pale purples grabbed me at first sight and the subject matter has me feeling nostalgic towards my years growing up in Australia!

Blue Modern Ocean Wallpaper Mural hero image

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19.  Concrete Cloud Toilet Paper Shelf /// Chosen by Narelle McNish of Beut

If told last year that my favourite design for 2015 would have to do with toilet paper I would probably have first gasped and then laughed. In Beut’s world great design should not only have form and function but also make you smile.  This year the Concrete Cloud Toilet Paper Shelf made me smile the most, I love it!

Blue & Green Tropical Elephant Wallpaper Mural hero image

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20.  Klong Patina Oil Lamp /// by Mats Broberg and Johan Ridderstråle /// Chosen by Jess Warner of The Only Girl in the House

My resolution for 2016 is to keep our home as simple as possible, in doing so, anything we buy has to be of high quality, excellent design and something we’re going to treasure for years.  Klong’s Patina Oil Lamps, designed by the uber cool Swedish design duo Mats Broberg and Johan Ridderstråle, not only cover the first two criteria but their metallic finishes will tarnish over time, producing layers of beautiful patinas, hence the name.  The iconoclasts have reinvented a utilitarian classic by giving it a luxe-modern twist. I love lighting candles but hate seeing the beautiful containers rendered useless as I burn them, the Patina Oil Lamp avoids this whilst being a super-stylish future heirloom.

Blue & Yellow Ombre Sea Beach Wallpaper hero image

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21.  London Sky Garden /// by Rafael Viñoly /// Chosen by Alessandra Barlassina of GUCKI

I visited the Sky Garden a few months ago and I loved it! It’s amazing, a place over the City where to spend some relaxing time. Like the name says, a garden in the sky. The building has changed the London skyline. It’s fantastic having a botanical garden on the top floor of a skyscraper in the City centre and there is free entrance too! A public garden with an outstanding view! A new way to think about a public space.

Teal Romantic Chinoiserie Wallpaper hero image

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22.  Upcycled Mid-Century Style Sideboard /// by June Olsen /// Chosen by June Olsen of NostalgieCat

The love for Mid Century Modern style furniture has been growing for a while, but 2015 saw a lot of more modern interpretations of this influence furniture design, especially coming out of Scandinavia. One of the trending twists on this style was the use of utilitarian pegboard, adding to the functional aesthetics of the designs.  This DIY project was one of my favourites of the year.

Blue & Cream Shabby Chic Watercolor Wall Mural hero image

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23.  Weather Clock /// by Bramwell & Brown /// Chosen by Laura Sidestreet of SidestreetStyle

One of the things that has really taken my eye this year are these beautiful British-made clocks with built in barometer and mechanically moving art, they are simple and beautiful designed and also incorporate the weather into your homes (as the British seem to love talking about the weather) and it would look great on the walls of a Scandi inspired space.

Purple & Bronze Shabby Chic Damask Wallpaper Mural hero image

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24.  Manchester Victoria Station Redevelopment /// by BDP /// Chosen by Susie Earlam of OldFashionedSusie

I’m choosing the BDP revelopment of Victoria Station because despite my worries that it would look too modern, many of the Edwardian features have actually been preserved. The stunning roof actually enhances the space and its well worth going to visit even if you haven’t got a train to catch!

Silver & White Romantic Pattern Wallpaper Mural hero image

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25.  Line Vautrin Christie’s Sale /// Collaboration with A-Gent of Style /// Chosen by Fabrice Bana of A-Gent of Style

A-Gent of Style’s latest collaboration with Christie’s was possibly of one my highlights of 2015. To be approached by the illustrious auction house to select my favourite pieces by the Poetess of Metal was flattering enough but to have some key pieces from the sale brought to my latest residential projects and to be given carte blanche to style and curate the shoot was surreal. When you handle and even play for half a day with valuable collectibles by an artist you admire like Line Vautrin, you have memories to cherish for ever.

White & Black Minimalist Stylish Bird Wallpaper pattern image

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26.  Marble vs Bronze Coffee Table /// by GT2P /// Chosen by Emilie Jacob of Stella & The Stars

My favourite piece of furniture design has to be the Marble vs Bronze coffee table by Chilean Design Studio GT2P (Great Things to People).  It just looks like a piece of art or even jewellery, and combines two of my all time favourite interiors trends: marble and bronze.  Not only it looks absolutely stunning but the story behind its design is also fascinating -with the designers using digital mapping to select specific areas of marble pieces to cut out and fill the remaining gaps with bronze. Each table is therefore totally unique, as the arrangement of the bronze and marble depends on the veining of the original marble slab.

White & Grey Vintage Stone Aqueduct Wallpaper hero image


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27.  Sofa 210 /// by Red Edition /// Chosen by Amanda Cottingham of The Ana Mum Diary

It’s hard to pin point my favourite design piece of 2015, but if I had to pick it would be the continued resurgence of simple but beautiful mid century detailing in pieces such as Sofa 210 by Red Edition. It’s vintage design with a definite fresh modern twist.  It also couples with the Scandinavia style which has been huge this year.

Green & Gold Vintage Pattern Wall Mural hero image

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And to finish off, we have a great new piece from another wallpaper brand we love and admire – the always excellent NLXL:


28.  Material Series /// by NLXL /// Chosen by Xavier Beaulande of WALPA

To me the new Material Series Wallpaper from NLXL is a standout.  Marble has been done before but not on such a large scale and with this incredible flair.  This wallpaper transcends the fake trends, creating something new from an old material and is just plain incredible technically speaking.

Black & Copper Vintage Peacock Wall Mural hero image



Thanks to all of our experts who took part, have a great 2016!


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