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Feature Wall Ideas – Inspiring Ways to Create a Statement in Your Home

If there’s one interior design feature that’s managed to stand the test of time, it has to be the feature wall wallpaper. If you’re looking for a way to transform a room and add instant wow-factor, then the feature wall has to be your go-to solution. But if it’s going to be more wow than woe, it’s got to be done just right. So, join us as we dissect the concept of the feature wall, how best to nail it, and what to do with the rest of the room so your accent wall really stands out. And naturally, we’ll have some amazing feature wall ideas to inspire you too.

What is a feature wall?

A statement wall is a way of adding a focal point to any room of the house. It could be your living room, a bedroom or guest room, a hallway, bathroom or kitchen.

Accent wall ideas are all about bringing personality and style into a space. Use them to showcase architectural features, define zones, or talk about what impassions you. Your walls are like blank canvases, waiting for your creativity to breathe life and personality into your living spaces.

Whatever you decorate your feature wall with, it needs to add to the charm of the room. You’ll want it to add movement and colour, to create depth and interest. What doesn’t constitute a feature wall is subtlety. For example, if we’re talking accent wall wallpaper ideas, they’re not going to be the delicate patterns that disappear in the background. They’re going to be indulgent and eye-catching. Think colour, pattern and texture. And that’s how you’ll inject life – and a touch of the unexpected – into an otherwise blank canvas.

How to choose a feature wall in different rooms of the home?

Where you create your feature wall really depends on what you want to show off, or enhance. Some walls naturally lend themselves to taking centre stage.

Bedroom feature wall ideas

In a bedroom, for example, the wall behind the bedhead is most often chosen as the feature wall, because it’s perfect for accentuating lavish bedding or a super stylish headboard. Choosing the wall behind the bed opens you up to limitless accent wall ideas, where you can go as bold and busy as you like, safe in the knowledge that you won’t be disturbing your line of vision whilst you’re chilling out in bed.

Here are some of our favourite feature wall ideas for bedrooms:

Bedroom feature wall ideas

Green Chinoiserie wallpaper – Kubla Khan Mint by Feathr

Bedroom feature wall ideas

Vintage star constellation wall mural Visible Heavens – Vintage White by Astër

scandinavian bedroom wallpaper

Scandinavian bedroom feature wall Tempestas – Light by Jessica Wilde

wallpaper scandinavian bedroom

Scandinavian geometric wall mural Stockholm

Kitchen feature wall ideas

In a kitchen, you can use accent wallpaper ideas to create an arresting feature against an otherwise clinically white or stainless steel backdrop. One of the best kitchen feature wall ideas has to be the splash back. Choose a resilient, washable wallpaper that’s good to stand up against stains and splashes, and you’ll be able to make as much mess as you like in your working kitchen. All Feathr wallpaper designs are available on a hard-wearing, washable vinyl material.

Kitchen feature wall ideas

Pink kitchen flamingo wallpaper Tropical Shore – Berry by Wallpaper + Folk

Or why not define a dining space with an accent wall using a stylish kitchen wallpaper? Indeed, where better to make best use of accent wallpaper ideas than somewhere you can sit and admire them?

Kitchen feature wall ideas

Beige floral wall mural Stone Bouquet – Warm Grey by Uon Studio

Bathroom accent wall inspiration

Modern accent wall ideas are all about taking everyday items and setting them on a stage to show them off. Taking that concept into the bathroom, it’s as simple as focusing on your bath, and making it stand out against a striking feature wall backdrop. Or highlighting your vanity area with a breath-taking accent wallpaper.

Bathroom feature wall ideas

Mystic – Teal by Melissa Renee

Blue ocean beach wall mural Island Life

More bathroom accent wall wallpaper ideas…

Accent wall inspiration and ideas

Whilst we’d never want to start setting rules for feature walls ideas (because frankly, your feature wall should be all about YOU), there are some guidelines you might find helpful.

If you’re working with a particularly large room for example, or a long hallway or landing, try to position your feature wall at the farthest point. Choose a wall that’s in your line of sight from the entrance to the space. This will have the effect of making you and your guests feel naturally magnetised into the room, captivating interest and making you want to explore more.

Feature wall ideas

Grey Chinoiserie wallpaper Kubla Khan – Mist by Feathr

And now it’s time to talk about the rest of the room. The best feature wall ideas are the ones that work in harmony with the other walls and the features of the room.

It really is so important to make sure your accent wall ties in with the rest of the space so that it looks like it has proper meaning and wasn’t just an afterthought. Try choosing a paint colour for the other walls that picks out one of your feature wallpaper colours, and choose accessories and furnishings that echo the style, mood and shades of the wallpaper.

tropical flamingo dining room wallpaper

Dark flamingo wallpaper Tropical Shore in a dining room

abstract yellow wallpaper scandinavian living room

Yellow abstract wall mural in a Scandinavian living room

Finally, the most endearing ‘rule’ really has to be, if you feel like throwing caution to the wind when it comes to feature wall ideas, absolutely do so. Thumbing through wallpaper sample books or high end wallpaper collections is a great way to pass a Sunday afternoon. The magic comes when you happen upon a design that gives you a tingle, makes you smile, or compels you to keep turning back to it.

There’s no reason at all to hold back when it comes to accent wall inspiration. This is, after all, your opportunity to imprint your unique personality into your living space.

So go for a statement wall mural, a bold geometric wallpaper, or something that’s reminiscent of your travels or communicates your passions. Whatever you do, be sure to make sure your accent wall ideas are all about YOU.

forest wallpaper scandinavian hallway

Forest wall mural In the Glade used as a feature wall in a hallway

nature wallpaper dining room asian fusion interior design

Nature scene wall mural Sunrise River in a dining room

Green and gold bird wallpaper The Swoop has been framed to create a luxurious backdrop in this living room design

Cherry Blossom wall mural Takeda features a hand painted branch reaching across the wall

Looking for feature wall ideas and inspiration?

When it comes to accent wallpaper ideas, here at Feathr, we have all the inspiration you need amongst our extensive artisan wallpaper and wall mural collections. With feature wall ideas that span the spectrum of styles and tastes, you’ll have all the inspiration you need to unlock the full potential of your living spaces.

Ready to buy wallpaper for your feature wall? With our customer promise of excellent free design services, fast worldwide delivery, high-quality materials and top-rated customer service, and a commitment to protecting our environment, you are guaranteed to be blown away with your Feathr feature wall.

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